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  1. My rear disc brake conversion. Good luck all, Jim Wood
  2. Mine is a 7.5" Posi-Trac. Forgot the original gear ratio, but there are lots of options. The one thing you have to look out for is that at about 3.42 gear ratio and higher it takes a different carrier to fit in the housing. Good luck all, Jim Wood
  3. Shop is quiet so we started the rear brake conversion. Most everything is bolted on. We had to make new brake lines to the brake hoses and weld the brake hose holding tabs to the axle tubes. We're ready to button it up, add the gear oil, bleed the brakes and go for a test drive. Good luck all, Jim Wood
  4. Hopped in the 87 Avanti a couple days ago and the drivers rear wheel is locking up when the brakes are applied. So I went back into the shop, got on the Summit Racing web site and ordered a rear disc brake conversion kit. Arrived today. Should have them installed by the end of next week if all goes good. Good luck all, Jim Wood
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