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  1. None of the dash has to come apart, it’s mounted behind the dash to the support with two screws. Good luck all, Jim Wood
  2. My 87 is located on the passenger side behind the dash pad. Cardone 77-8330 for 5.0L, 77-8746 for 5.7L. Prom chips have to be transferred from old ECU. GM # for VIN E 5.0L 88999158, VIN Y 5.0L 88999156. Good luck all, Jim Wood
  3. The way we check steering here at the shop is with engine off and the tires on the ground. Have someone move the steering wheel back and forth while you look at the steering for movement. The resistance of the tires on the ground with no power steering will cause the play to show. Most times you can just grab a part of the steering linkage and feel the play in the steering. Also look for rust around a part. Good luck all, Jim Wood
  4. You don't say if this is a cold or hot issue or both. If its a hot issue, install the relay kit. If its a cold issue look at the flywheel teeth. You may have a place on the flywheel where the teeth are bad and not letting the stater gear drive fully extend to spin. That would sound like just the solenoid engaging and would only happen when the flywheel was stopped at that point. Good luck all, Jim Wood
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