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  1. Thom

    1987 Avanti build

    Thanks studegary, I recently acquired my 1987 Avanti LSC along with the original Customer Order from The New Avanti Motor Corp., South Bend and an order number 84, and a door tag from the South Bend Plant. I was very curious because I grew up in South Bend and my father worked for Studebaker from 1937 until the plant closing in 1963, and the fact that The New Avanti Motor Corp. was located in a section of the original Studebaker Plant.
  2. Just curious. Can anyone tell me how many Avantis were produced in 1987. How many were manufactured in South Bend and how many in Ohio?
  3. IndyJimW, how did the disc brake conversion go? I just purchased my 1987 Avanti on 7-28-21 and i am considering the conversion. I am a "Driver" and in no means mechanically inclined so I will definitely have the work done for me.
  4. Mine has a South Bend tag and I have a copy of the original Customer Order dated 2/16/87. Order number 84, The Customer Order show The New Avanti Motor Corporation 765 South Lafayette Blvd. South Bend, Indiana 46634 I lived in South Bend until 1979 and my father worked at Studebaker for 26 years up until the plant closing near the end of 1963.
  5. Looking for replacement exterior door handles for a 1987. Mine work fine but the handle part is extremely loose.
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