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  1. Thanks Stacey. It does appear that it very well could be a Beretta color. I am doing some research with Dupont and Sherwin Williams to see if I can verify the color.
  2. I need to do some touch up painting on the bumpers of my '87 coupe. Original build order show color code B8402 Silver Metallic. That code number does not appear on any color charts that I have found. It does not match any GM color codes for that year. Any help in finding a matching color ???????
  3. Jim S I have a portion of the window seal that is what fit the windshield pillar on my '87 coupe. It is about 27" long. I would be happy to send it to you so you can try fitting before buying the complete window seal. If interested please private message me at tbar10der@aol.com or cell # 702-205-0247.
  4. Good looking Avanti. I am in the process of updating my '87 coupe and I am curious where you were able to find weather stripping for the doors and windows? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Jim, as an addition to my previous reply and before the experts correct me, I do realize that your convertible does not have roof rails. The OPGI part than I am referring to is a one piece strip, however it can be trimmed down to fit only the windshield pillar. The section that you would be using measures 1 1/4 " wide and 1" inch deep. It does fit perfectly into the recess of my windshield pillar. Hope that helps you out.
  6. Jim, I ordered the Monte Carlo roof rail weatherstrip from OPGI and it does fit my 87 LSC. It does have some excess that has to be trimmed but it does fit properly. OPGI part # AMS5400 $69.99 a pair.
  7. Thank you wdaly, appreciate your help.
  8. Previous owner of my '87 Avanti LSC replaced all the door weatherstrip with what appears to be the incorrect weatherstrip and I get an annoying wind sound when driving. I have located and purchased the correct Roof Rail Seal but cannot locate the door weatherstripping. Could anyone having an '87 Avanti possibly send me a picture of their weatherstripping. I also noticed that there appears to be a generic strip of rubber running down the inside edge of the front frame (car body). Looks like it may have been added to reduce the wind noise. Is that an Avanti design or is it an aftermarket addition? If needed please fell free to direct contact me at email tbar10der@aol.com
  9. JimS Where is the HVAC box located?
  10. Thom

    Avanti Pieces!!

    I believe it is 128 pieces.
  11. Hi MFG.....my "87 LSC has a glass rear quarter window. This may have changed in later models but the '87 model.
  12. My 1987 Avanti is a LSC model and yes it is about 9 inches longer than the standard coupe. And it does have the rear seat console with color TV. Of course the TV does not receive any signal since at that time television was broadcast in analog. This is my first Avanti so I can not compare the ride to any other model but I can say that it is an extremely smooth ride with very responsive steering and handling. If anyone else has a 1987 coupe or LSC I would like to hear from them as I have many questions about window and door seals.
  13. Can anyone tell me how to remove the windshield washer reservoir on my 1987. And where I may be able to find a replacement. Got a really bad leak !!!!!!!
  14. Thom

    1987 Avanti build

    Thanks studegary, I recently acquired my 1987 Avanti LSC along with the original Customer Order from The New Avanti Motor Corp., South Bend and an order number 84, and a door tag from the South Bend Plant. I was very curious because I grew up in South Bend and my father worked for Studebaker from 1937 until the plant closing in 1963, and the fact that The New Avanti Motor Corp. was located in a section of the original Studebaker Plant.
  15. Just curious. Can anyone tell me how many Avantis were produced in 1987. How many were manufactured in South Bend and how many in Ohio?
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