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  1. So what do you do when you want to put the top down? Ken
  2. Still having trouble with passenger side quarter panel window regulator repair. It was rebuilt about 10 years ago by Window Motor World, but they are out of parts and can not now repair. Have been told it uses 1988 Chrysler Chrysler convertible regulator, but can not find such a unit. Motor is OK, cable and bakalite part are not. Would like to get car back in operation, any ideas? Ken, Deltaville Va
  3. Thanks, Window Motor World is trying to fix. They used to have the part to fix these, but have run out.
  4. Good info, do you have any connection to who did the work? If so please forward. Did it require modification, the rear quarter glass is a tight fit. Ken
  5. Window motor world has my 89 convertible failed passenger side quarter window and has asked if I know anyone has a motor or at least the black backlight top as shown in the photograph. They believe it is from Renault but built in Germany. Has anyone had this bakelite part manufacture? Ken, Deltaville Va
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