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  1. Cabin filters are the first thing that came to my mind too.
  2. You can keep it as a Christmas gift.😆
  3. Is this an automatic or manual? If the wheels are turning, just hit the brakes to stop them and then you can out it in gears.
  4. Please post photos of the end result. Thanks
  5. True. I posted this yesterday but it did not post. I must have not waited long enough between posts🙁
  6. I hope never to have to test that statement!
  7. Well, there was a Gordon Y Mills in Upland, California who died in 2001. He would be 91 if still alive
  8. I have seen this on other cars with automatics. Can you stop it with your hand or a board?
  9. I figured it was something to do with curing. THat makes sense. Thanks So what year did he change the body process/composition?
  10. Blake did try to make too many changes too fast. Some of them were good. THe Deltron paint thing surprised me as I never had a problem spraying it on fiberglass.
  11. Although it is yesterday's technology, one of the things about my 1980 Avanti that I really like is that it is reliable transportation unlike my much newer Jaguar which I would gladly sell if my wife did not love it. Of course she just drives it and rides in it(the Raguar). I have to deal with its constant issues
  12. That is kind of what I thought. I saw a 1984 car that looks like it still has the longer arms on it. Did Blake make this change immediately or later on?
  13. Did any of the 1980s Newman and Altman Avantis come with short steering arms? I have heard the Blake put them on his cars. True? Was that using the same steering box as the 1980s N&A cars?
  14. That was going to be my second guess!
  15. While I cannot tell everything in the pictures, this looks reparable. Regarding the 1981, Avant used the same frame from the beginning up through at least 1985.
  16. Might be more than i want to do at this time. I have a lot of projects going on. Yours is over 1 inch lower to the ground than a Stude version? Thanks
  17. How much modification was required to do all of that? Got any pictures? Is the front end lowered?
  18. I have a unit from retrosound. Fit right in. No CD but it has USB and bluetooth
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