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  1. Kodjo

    Avanti Gauge!

    Hi mfg, Can you please stop using the exclamation mark, especially in the topic? Now we're at it, maybe start using punctuation marks in general as intended? Thanks!
  2. I used plain old red bulbs, no LED: https://www.lampengrossier.nl/epages/61796212.sf/nl_NL/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61796212/Products/501233RK
  3. That it suck make them cool in my opinion. I will never change them for new ones. Just clean the glass and paint the hand. Like new!
  4. No, it is not for an Avanti but a general layout. Indeed, the valve should be in the supply. In most cases this is the lower hose. But, as your system proves, it can also be the upper hose.
  5. Hi Adam, is the valve in your pictures in the right line? I think it should be in the supply, in my case the lower line.
  6. Dive into the passenger footwell and you'll find that valve on the left hand side. It is easy to replace.
  7. Should not be possible as the float bowl has an air vent above the fuel line. I'm with Ron. Check fuel pressure while driving. If to low, it is probably the fuel line from tank to pump clogged-up. Did you check/change the float level in the bowl?
  8. I bought "modern" hoses, made from papr and aluminium foil like these: https://www.leader-pieces-auto.com/?/catalogue/fiche/LPAQJHF2AAABA/tuyau-flexible-alu-carton-universel-diametre-40-mm-vendu-au-metre#nav Worked fine for my Avanti, probably also availeble in the states?
  9. I know. I took my clock and other gauges apart to clean the glass. Went well but took a lot of time. How it the ring attached to the new clock? Not crimped?
  10. Would it be possible to put the old hands, dial and ring on the new clock?
  11. With a computer? Does not the computer control idle? If the computer does control the idle, I would say a temp sensor fault. If the computer has no function for the idle, it is indeed the carb. When your "mechanic can't figure it out", I would suggest finding an other mechanic.
  12. 🙃 Looking back, things like this are always easy to explain. After all, the technology is simple. But just imagine that your ventilation hose is being squeezed shut and your car is driving crazy as a result. That could become a reason to eventually sell the car...Lucky you!
  13. This is the switch integrated into the light itself right? Like the switch on the lights for the pasengers? Or is it an extra switch?
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