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  1. Mine wasn't plugged. Still on the car.
  2. Just, do not hit the gas in a corner and you should be safe.
  3. Ow man, awful! It was a very nice car! If it was my car, I would bin it. Too expensive to repair. But, if you are in love, nothing is too expensive right? It is technically repairable but not economical. I try not to drive my 1969 Avanti II with twin traction in the rain. It is plain dangerous (but you already know 😞
  4. Most are not able to remove the elbow below the tank. I just enlarged the hole in the fibreglass and took the tank, with the elbow still fitted, out of the car.
  5. From StudeTech https://www.studebaker-info.org/ https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Brakes/sdc34736m.html
  6. Yes, Peter is right. You probably can't see them with the carpet in place. At least, I could not. Found them after lifting the carpet.
  7. Use a mechanical switch on the brake pedal. The old switch can stay in (but unused) for originality reasons.
  8. I'll give it a try! Could you give me some more contact info of Dave?
  9. I don't see it? It's on the pasenger side of the engine? My main problem is that a surge tank is an inveriour system over an expansion tank. The latter is mare reliable. But, with my leaking expansion tank, a surge tank is the easiest option: https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0001003a&uKeY=AANCO
  10. Seen that topic, did not help. My tank was at a professional shop but was leaking soon after. I do not like the plastic surge tank solution but it might be the only option left....
  11. I have done it, twice. Failed both times. First I tried to solder it. Tried at least 5 times. After that, I tried 2 layers of epoxy...Still leaking. Then, I added an other 3 layers and the #%$%@$%@$ tank still leaks! I was afraid for the bolt to come loose and create a big leak. So I've made some sort of brace, see picture. All the TLC and still leaking? If you know a solution that involves a complete new tank, i'm in!
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