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  1. Search youtube how to open a speedometer. I did it this way and it worked well. Cleaned the dail with a brush and mild sope. Then, packed the meter in paper except the needle. Used a spray can to paint the needle. Re-attached the glass after cleaning and tada, ready.
  2. I've cleaned the glass last week. Great improvement! I used red bulbs only and removed the red screen in the clock. No new paint except on the needles. Did clean up a lot and enhance the visibility. Note the difference between speed and rpm meter and the surrounding meters. Before and after cleaning:
  3. Thansk, I'll contact Jon and Dan.
  4. Hi, I am in need of a grille for my 1969 Avanti II (RQ-A 0324). According to Studebaker international the shape changed around 1970. Can someone point me out what the differences are? I thought of two openings for a cow bar. My car did not have this so I should have a grille without openings? Thanks!
  5. Hi Dan, I'll send you a PM.
  6. I'm looking for a grill for the 1969 RQA Avanti II. It seems not availeble from a reqular source. A decent used one would do! thanks, Kodjo
  7. Oh, wow, that worked! i'll have it filled with 1371 grams R437a next friday.
  8. Thanks! I don't know how to search for a topic number. Tried but failed. Is there an easy way?
  9. Hi, I have a 1996 RQA and want to have my aico filled with R437a. Does anyone know how many grams of R12 goes into this Avanti II? I can not find this info in the workshop manual... Thanks, Kodjo
  10. After 6 weeks, my trunk still does not close. I've used http://avantiparts.biz/trunk-seal-avanti-1963-to-1985/
  11. I bought new seat belts for my Avanti. There are nuts in the floor of the car. The question is, how do you fix the seatbelt now. I thought with a bolt. On pictures, I see a kind of eye on the floor, holding the belt. In that case, that eye should already be on the belt or is the solution different? Can belts with this eye be bought somewhere? Thanks!
  12. Sweet it is 🙂 300 bucks for grille is too much. Do not forget, I have to pay import taxes and transport also. In the end it will cost me at least 400 dollar.
  13. Does anyone has an grill laying around for the Avanti? As you can see it is missing...The car is on its way to the road again after sitting in a shed for 27 years. I live in the Netherlands, that could complicate things a bit. Thanks, Kodjo
  14. Kodjo

    Trunk seal

    Strange. Were should I position the profile? Just snug against the raised edge of the trunk lid?
  15. Kodjo

    Trunk seal

    I bought the rubber from Bob at http://avantiparts.biz/trunk-seal-avanti-1963-to-1985/ Later, I found the rubber that belonged to the car somewhere in my garage. It is much softer than the one I've bought new. So, the material itself could be to stiff indeed. I would use the old rubber if it was not worn out but it is. There are confusing opinions on how to install the rubber. I did it according to the information on Studebaker international: The open portion pointing outward. Personally I do not think that is the problem now. The tip of the lip is laying on the edge of the car body. It just does not bend 😞
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