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  1. Well, I've fitted a fan clutch "heavy duty". That works perfectly: No screaming belts and a constant 185 dgF on the gauge. For the interested: Hayden 2747 did the trick on af chevy 350 from '69.
  2. Oke, well, today I reversed back to the mechanical fan setup. Works like a charm except being loud and the belts start to scream around 3000RPM. Before, there was a torque limiting clutch, now a viscous drive. This viscous drive is putting to much strain on the belts. I can't find a torque limiting drive that fits my car... The 2000 CFM fan was not enough for my car...I could fit a bigger one but then I would also need a bigger alternator. This route cost a lot of money, time and effort. I'll take the noise of the mechanical fan...
  3. I replaced the mechanical point by electronic version, so no wear. The timing should be about right; 12dg base and 34 max at 3000 RPM. I have an '69 Avanti but no deflector installed...I think. I know an air dam, but what is a deflector?
  4. That could be. I think the dam works a bit different; it creates a lower pressure behind it and therefor pulls air true the radiator. Anyway, I think these deflectors are ugly...
  5. I think there is no dirt in the engine, nor in the radiator. Last winter I rebuild the engine. The hose is good, cap is new. Timing might be a bit early, would that hurt?
  6. And, is she running cool? I have fitted a 2000CFM fan also. It keeps cool at low speeds and stop and go traffic. On the highway she gets warm. In my car, I made an aluminium shroud, you did not. Would this make an difference in (higher) speed?
  7. That makes sense! So probably you are right Jim. I'll try to repair the switch.
  8. Hi, The Safety switch is called the Neutral Safety switch in the wire diagram. Also, in forum discussions here, this switch is referred to as Neutral Safety Switch. Strange thing, my Avanti ('69) only starts when in Park. Did I adjust the switch wrong or is the naming in the wire diagram misleading? Just asking because while the car does not start (in Park). I'll have to work on the switch anyway. Thanks! PS: In the manual this switch is called Starter cutout switch...
  9. It screws in. Find a someone with small hands, it is hard to do. Yes, only light and cable.
  10. Indeed! In my car tape was used to do the same...I'll use your solution in the future if I'm at it.
  11. ...or read the manual. That is how I did it.
  12. I've put the entire cable in a bucked filled with oil...Same for the cables under the dash. Worked great but is a bit rude...
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