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  1. Hello, I also have the same issue as Steve, on my '78 Avanti II. I Fill the tank and it only reads a bit over 1/2 or 3/4 but never full, gauge flutters radically when driving. Is there 2 problems or just one ? Gunslinger..the fuel sending units on both your Avanti's cured what issue ? The fuel gauge not reading the correct amount of fuel in the tank or the fluttering gas gauge , or both ? I will try the method Mr. Wood is suggesting to determine which one, gauge or sending unit, is at fault. It seems to me that there are 2 separate issues here, 1- gas gauge not reading fuel level accurat
  2. @MCAVANTI This procedure is done to protect the integrity of both our digital magazine provider's system as well at the AOAI website. If you want to read the digital magazine: When you click the link in the email and the front cover appears in your web browser, click the blue “Full Version” button at the bottom of the magazine front cover. 1) A pop up box appears, with a line at the bottom of the pop up box: "Already purchased this publication? Access” Click the Access link. 2) If you previously signed up with
  3. This question is for Jim 78, I received a reply to my question, but the e-mail reply somehow disappeared ! Can you resend it ? Thank you, AL
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