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  1. I just did a 1980 and the clearance was plenty adequate. Do you have the new sending unit yet so that you can see how easily it will go in?
  2. That is the one i would like to find also. Good luck
  3. Exactly. Remember when removing the screws where the longer ones go so you can put them back in the right place
  4. Oxford Georgia. East of Atlanta. Make me an offer
  5. Open the drivers door and and look on the A pillar between the hinges. There should be a plate there with a number starting with RQA or RGB depending on the years prior to 1981, that was the number. On later 1980s models you can also find it on the edge of the windshield on the drivers side in conventional form like is used on todays cars
  6. The previous owner of my 1980 Avanti replaced the front brakes with a Turner upgrade. Anyone want the original parts?
  7. I know Crossville. THere should be other Avanti owners not that far away
  8. Never did o e on an 87 but in earlier 1980s Avantis, just remove the back set and you will see it on top of the tank. Remove the signal wire from the sending unit and ground it with the key on and the gauge should go to full. If it does, you will need to replace the sending unit
  9. Thank you. Mine runs around 190 even with a 160 thermostat when cruising on the highway. Maybe this will help with that. I have seen some that look and fit better than others in pictures. Is the one referenced above the one you used? Thanks Again
  10. I have never seen a gauge fail but many sending units go bad
  11. Well, a lot of the modern security systems do not have enough power to actuate the older style door solenoids. I had to add a relay to mine to get the locks to work
  12. So is it helpful to make the car run cooler or just decoration?
  13. Well, it is for some things. Thanks. But that link still doesn't tell me if it was truly beneficial. Also, I have seen others in pictures that look like a lot better fit. I would like to know what year cars those came on so I can search the next time i am in a junk yard
  14. No one can answer these questions?
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