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  1. They all list but never have any stock
  2. Need left headlight outside trim ring. Repo is fine please no cracked originals as I already have them. Thanks Dave
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have purchased as pair from the Chicago area, a little closer to me as I am in Des Moines
  4. In search of a front seat base. Do not need foam, cover, or tracks. Just fiberglass bucket and steel tube. Only need 1
  5. Wasjunk

    Avanti NOS!

    Are you interested in selling the trim ring? If so set a price Dave
  6. Custom with material I supplied to match custom interior. I did prep work and then sent to Custom Craft in Texas to wrap
  7. Tom here are a couple pictures that help show
  8. Tom, I have the front post directly under the cowl mounts. I have also fabricated an extension out front with one support up to the radiator support as I do not like the weight of the front hanging. I cut the orig inner fenders out and built new so I was concerned with the front drooping while I did the inner fenders. With the center open I was able to replace the hog troughs as well with no issues.
  9. Another picture with it on the ground.
  10. This is an adjustable body cart by auto twirler. I use them in my shop and have had my Avanti on this one for months. Works great and very mobile with the large wheels
  11. Looking for the R3 plate on an R3 air box also an R2 air cleaner assembly Thanks Dave 515-975-8970
  12. I am not sure. It was on the car with wheel. I assume it is Nardi part. It is a 73 so it is the saginaw column with AMC keys. I can check Monday when back in the shop to see if there are any numbers on it. The horn button is a stand alone part with contact wire in hub adapter that it plugs into horn button.
  13. This is the original wheel from the 73 I am in the process of restoration. It was a wood three spoke in very poor condition.
  14. Modified my classic 3 spoke wheel to look more like an Avanti wheel
  15. I have had luck with an air powered gasket scraper. They vibrate more than work like a air chisel. A regulator on the air line helps with not being to aggressive.
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