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  1. I received the 1 1/4 inch ID hose today from McMaster-Carr. The hose fits very well. The hose is flexible but a little heavier than the original. This is a rubber hose with spiral core. Part number 53145K19 and is sold by the foot. I think it will do the job just fine as I have no concerns of turbulence in this hose. Dave
  2. I just ordered some today. I will receive it tomorrow and report if it is correct and going to work. Dave
  3. I tell my customers it is easy to shove the first domino over but it is hell getting them stopped.
  4. Looking for dash inlay that gauges mount through. Am only concerned of condition of outer edge. Inlay color or condition does not matter. Dave 515-975-8970 or d.carnock@carnockcreations.com
  5. someone ask about bumpers. Here is the rear I modified for this car. This is my ideas as to the way it should have been built.
  6. Yes to new hog troughs. Installed with epoxy and avex rivets for more strength. Chassis is custom fabricated using Art Morrison components. This is a 73 that I have modified to look like a 63 as I prefer both the original rake and round headlights.
  7. Yes chrome with slight modifications
  8. Modified Avanti’s are not everyones cup of tea but this is my 73 coming together
  9. I have removed all of the square headlight parts and installed round on my project. If you are interested I will make you a deal on all removed parts. I will send pictures of all parts if interested. Dave
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