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  1. Thanks for posting that, was enjoyable to watch, Nice Job!!
  2. I guess #2. as the trucks back then could hold 8 cars.
  3. Stacey

    Avanti Tach!!

    Even though Sun was a big name way back then I think it was a Stewart-Warner unit so #2 is my guess.
  4. Stacey

    Avanti Gauge!

    Number 1. Knowing it was not going to heat up and lock up would be important to know. Just a guess.
  5. Thank you and the same to you and yours. Hope you have a fantastic and healthy up coming Year. Thanks for all you do for this forum.
  6. Only a guess, but 35 lbs so #2
  7. Stacey

    Loewy Avanti!

    I think 25% that would make it about cost.
  8. Would hope they spent money in the local town so I guess South bend Exhaust.
  9. Now that is SLICK, love all the work your doing. It is going to be one special ride. Good Job!
  10. I used the word weld, but I think they did braze the halves back together. I do know they used a fine cutting blade and cut above the factory seam, not by much but just above. That way i could clean everything and not have areas left untouched. And if i blasted through a rust area, they could solder it up from the inside or outside if they wanted. Done correctly and they still looked almost factory, at least from the bottom of the car. Used to do many old motorcycle tanks too..
  11. When I had my stripping business some guys would want to keep an original gas tank so they rinsed it out, put water in it and used a die grinder to cut it in half. Brought the two pieces to me so i could use my really fine glass bead at low pressure to blast the tank clean, and if any rust holes found cleaned them up for repair. They then would weld the two halves back together and then seal the inside with a gas tank sealer. As i cleaned the exterior of the tank too, they then painted it so it looked brand new. Some vehicles were impossible to find a new replacement tank so this was an alternitive.
  12. By looking for a 1988 Chrysler lebarron conv rear 1/4 glass repair parts i found this: backlite part and gear Don't know if this will ork for your application, I had the same company repair my 1991 1/4 windows and they also said mine was a 1988 Chrysler lebarron conv part.
  13. The word was nicely done, sorry
  14. WOW, you have a Lot more talent than i do. Very licely done. Thanks for sharing
  15. Great point, I didn't think of that but they are different
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