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  1. Didn't the 87 build on a Monte Carlo? I thought 89,90 and 91 were Caprice?
  2. Just found this listed and figured someone might need parts? Barn Finds listing
  3. That really stands out as a professional job...can't wait to see if all finished.
  4. How exciting for you, looks like your going to have a blast this winter getting it all ship shape. It never seems to be just one thing, once you start it is a constant thing after thing after thing...but is fun....
  5. I too have used POR-15 for well into the many year mark, I know I shot it on frames in 1985 and on many many projects and never had one failure. There are things i coated at least 25 years ago that still look great. I also will have to investigate the failures of that product. We painted the concrete entry way of a building I rented, and with all the walk in traffic it still is there.
  6. I think the answer would have been styling as the reason, so the answer to the question is false.
  7. Stacey

    Avanti '84!

    I don't think so, I think they had aluminum wheels as stock from the factory so false is my answer
  8. You don't specify the year that survey was done, but I think they owned a GM product # 2.
  9. Stacey

    Avanti Hinge!

    To me when two pieces are spot welded together, it becomes 1 piece, not two seperate. But what do I know????
  10. Stacey

    Avanti Bus!

    rubber gaskets/seals for doors?
  11. I get WOW, that is sure a nice kit car you built....
  12. When I lived and worked in the Detroit area, this company was the go to for any speedometer and other gauge repair. Might want to give them a call; Specmo
  13. Well I would have someone ride along in the back seat to see if they can spot the location of the noise. If not I would jack up the rear axle to get the rear wheels able to spin, safely with some stands, and run it through the gears with someone able to move around the car listening for the location. Got to start somewhere and this would maybe give you some idea. My 1991 convertible has zero external noises and rolls like it is on rails.
  14. Great work around, thanks for showing exactly what you found and how you used it.
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