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  1. Bending any pipe is a breeze.. Just fill it with fine sand, tamp it in, tape off the ends and you could even use a pegboard with nails to get some tight curves....
  2. there was a 56A and 56B
  3. There's a bunch of replacements at https://studebaker-info.org/rjtechdec2017p2g.html#7484
  4. I tried to put an FI Tech inside an R3 airbox. Altho Jeff Rice did show pics of this in a kind of dummy'd-up situation, I found it a bit challenging... was getting fairly expensive and taking a lot of time to sort thru what was available to make workarounds. I gave up. I believe Brad uses a Holley setup.
  5. It used to belong to Dan Skidmore....
  6. They still boil those pine trees down there?
  7. It was my understanding that grease was supposed to be packed up inside the opening where the lever contacts the pushrod to keep it from falling down while inserting the pump arm (Avanti II)
  8. Yeah, I fat-fingered that one...
  9. The water from the grate below the windshield empties into the hog troughs. There are places it can drain, but if they're clogged with leaves or debris, the water will stand and rust out the steel. It's a good idea to drill two or three 3'8" holes in the bottom of them. By doing that, you can partake of the best Avanti rust preventative measure ever thought of. That is, to plug up those holes and pour a quart of used motor oil down the opening at the kick panel ,by removing the grille and lifting out the flapper door. Do this on each side every year or two. Let it stay in for a week
  10. It has a Lincoln engine
  11. Here's the manual for a Dana Cruise unit/ Might help... https://studebaker-info.org/Tech/CruiseC/ESC/ESC.html
  12. So there's a conflict on info / Have you seen the Build sheet?
  13. true!!! https://studebaker-info.org/avantiX1.html#r1003
  14. 15 X 7 inch rim is actually 8" wide / At 4 1/8" backspace you have a +3mm offset / The original Magnums on my 70 Avanti had a +15mm offset / Your tires will be pushed out a little bit, but be fine / That should also be fine with the Dunlop brakes.
  15. Hard to find now, but 1998 Pontiac GTS(?) had blow up lumbar & side wing supports, multi facet adjustable seat and thigh cushions.
  16. I mentioned on FB, that chat occasionally with Owen and emailed him when this came up. He responded with a somewhat detailed response that I have yet to publish, as he asked that I withhold anything until he goes back to his sources and verifies what was said. Nothing as of today however, so let's just wait and see.
  17. Unfortunately, lost in the "Camp" fire in California - November 2018
  18. Here are the choices... https://studebaker-info.org/Tech/Brakes/Boosters/avantiboosters.html
  19. Look through these entries https://studebaker-info.org/avantiRQBx1.html#rqb1600 1971's started at RQB-1600 and ran through RQB-1776 All production Avantis are not listed however
  20. silverstude


    The scenario could have been .... They were going to 350's anyway, as the 327's were going away. Probably were using up the stocked 327's in normal production and made a 350 optional to the buyer at the time. The one thing that was a real change then, was that they were changing the exhaust from 2.25" down to 2" and getting away from the 2.5" dump Corvette manifold. Installing and securing a 2.25" exhaust through that frame must have been fairly time consuming and work intensive (IMO).
  21. Replace your Power Shift with a later (67-73) FMX? I'd think you'd have to use your Stude input shaft to match the converter and that would be about it. The current starter is fine. The dimensions are the same, so the Driveshaft should work ok. I believe the FMX was also used to develop the Ford AOD, so you might be able to go further with this.
  22. Your Power Shift is basically an FMX Fairborn or Myers have adapter plates for a Stude engine Exhaust has to be modified, as the 700/200 are wider Driveshaft length is around 54" Works well with a 3:54 rear 200 has better gear ratios than a 700
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