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  1. my 79 had what looks like a canister to adapt a CB radio antenna combo jack hung from the grille location (the antenna has a CB coil on it). The CB is long gone of course...
  2. I would think if one can find a slightly shorter uncut spring, that's not really any different than adjusting a coil over type. A realignment may be needed at the new ride height. Note- Body on my 79 was lowered and wheel wells re-arched but that may have been facilitated by the c4 front suspension that was grafted in...
  3. I'd actually like to know more about why they raised the II's, is the SBC taller or ? Why can't you just set it up to 63/64 dimensions? I'm sure there were sound reasons, I just don't know what they were...
  4. After seeing discussions on front air dams i figured it was time to post. In November we bought RQB2978, a 79 Avanti II, from a garage selling for the estate of Roger Tanner in Coeur d'Alene ID. We have named her Veronica (Ronnie the Avanti). Her round headlights caught my eye. I was hoping to hear more about her past at the Northwest Avanti, but didn't have much luck. Roger also had a nice '63 R1 in dark green, which I saw in CDA when I went to check Ronnie out. The headlights aren't quite right but I can work with that, we bought this to be a driver. Note the air dam underneath. The openings feed nicely made dual ram air ducts and a dual snorkel air cleaner. Also note the Ford type coolant tank... but there's more! the front wheel well arches are high like a '63. Turns out she has Corvette c4 front suspension! Handles great, rock solid. Stock rear springs aren't stiff enough to match the transverse Vette leaf, but that's easy to change. Due to the wider c4 track, offset wheels are needed. Fitment on these is 98-02 Camaro. It had mullet c4 wheels on it but they stuck out another 3/4". The rear axle is an 8.2 GM 10 bolt 3.08 with discs, and track width matches the front. There's a 700R4 behind the 350, and a Torker/AFB on top. lots of other tweaks too, like Studebaker script on the trunk lid, battery in trunk, a fully braced class 3 hitch that fills half the spare tire well. I.. and Electric-Life window lifts that absolutely suck. So at some point Ronnie got a LOT of love somewhere. One guy on the NWOD said he didn't think Roger did the mods. Is there anyone out there that remembers this car, in any capacity? She's a very enjoyable and capable tourer now but the story is often as interesting as the car. Thanks!
  5. that's funny, I had a (aftermarket Electric-Life) right window lift fail, and bought a pair of these from Bob Ziff. But I bet I'll need one for the left soon enough.Note Bob's price is WELL below the online price direct from NuRelics. (RQB2978 btw)
  6. I had a friend install one in a brand x and he had that problem.
  7. with only 65k, if the engine has good compression and doesn't burn oil, the freeze plugs and oil leaks can be attributed to age. Pull it and pull heads, look at cylinders and measure taper and/or significant ridge. Check a couple bearing caps for wear/scoring, gotta pul rear main to replace the seal anyway. If you don't see anything amiss I'd replace gaskets and freeze plugs and timing chain and run it. If you do see issues, rebuild or crate it.
  8. does it have a CHM /3rd brake light installed?
  9. Looking for a used good green tint passenger door window 63-85, thought I'd ask here before I bite the bullet and order new. it would be nice if it had channel and trim attached to save me a little work. On our '79's maiden voyage my lovely wife slammed the door and shattered it... yes I have a witness lol. In WA state 98258, or willing to ship safely. John 425 293 2985
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