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  2. 1 - Not here, but go to Bob Johnstone's website and you'll find a lot of info. http://www.studebaker-info.org/ Just click on tech help and search to you hearts content 2 - Not really, but there a ton of parts that fit all. There are a number of vendors that can handle parts questions and applications. https://www.studebakervendors.com/ 3 - Nostalgic is still in business in Wixom Mi. Dan Booth, but he only does business by phone. Google nostalgic will get you the phone # or see vendors above 4 - nope.
  3. I just bought a 1980 Avanti II here in Fort Worth, TX and I'm new to this forum. 1. Is there a place on this website to search archived topics? 2. Is there a place where OEM parts are listed by specific year for Avantis? 3. Is Nostalgic Motors still in business? If so, how do I get in touch with them? 4. Has anyone considered creating a YouTube channel for information and repairs specific to the Avanti?
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  5. One of the reasons Avanti Motors went under in the '80s and early '90s was the fact they did not have a dedicated and proprietary chassis. They were at the mercy of GM...whenever GM made a model change to the platform a complete redesign of the Avanti body was required. I remember reading (maybe in the AOAI magazine?) an article by the guy who was responsible for redesigning just the door and its internals for Avanti each time a new chassis was sourced. The effort was not small for the doors alone...it must have been an incredible and expensive undertaking for the entire body to be redesigned while retaining the classic Avanti shape. For such a low production vehicle it had to have added a lot of money to the MSRP to be able to amortize those costs across such few vehicles. Eventually sales suffered as buyers wouldn't pay the prices needed to maintain profitability. There were far more problems with the company but constant redesigns had an effect.
  6. If you want the shop manual in order to work on the body of your Avanti, get a 1963-1964 Avanti Shop Manual. There is currently one offered in the for sale section of this forum.
  7. Yup! And be sure you get the appropriate 83 GM manual as this vehicle was "blessed" with the computer controlled variable jet carb that is controlled by the ECM under the passenger's side of the dash. I'd probably start with Camaro/Corvette/Monte Carlo. A thought is to visit your local library. They may still have Mitchell's or other manuals but as they age they throw/sell them away. That would let you see if the manual pertains to your carb/dissy and then they are cheap off Ebay.
  8. Gunslinger - You are correct and for the reason cited. I thought that some may think that the bodies were all the same, which they aren't. I also wanted to interject another trivia question to help settle down some recent turmoil.
  9. I would like the vent cables. Send me details to get you the funds Bill Hanlon
  10. False. My '02 has it on the left side. You can take a look at the 2005 Avanti for sale on eBay right now and the gas filler is clearly on the right side. My guess would be Avanti Motors located it on whichever side the TransAm or Mustang platform had the filler located on the tank.
  11. I don't believe such an animal exists. I've never seen anything official published beyond the Studebaker Avanti shop and parts manuals. Everything since we're on our own on. For the engine a shop manual for that year 305 is about the best you can do.
  12. There were approximately 100 Avantis built for the 2001 through 2007 model years. They all had their gasoline fillers on the same side of the vehicle. True or False and give reason/justification (a simple guess would give a 50/50 chance of being correct)?
  13. 1963r2

    Shimmed Avanti!

    I would have thought the more options the better so I will guess at 9 pb
  14. Need a shop manual for a 1983 avanti 305 4bbl
  15. As to battery drain, power to the engine computer is on all the time unless battery is disconnected. Lou Cote
  16. Head casting #1557582 so that should be an R2 right? I also added 5/16” wheel spacers to the front wheels just to check steering and found that I could turn hard either way without grinding or rubbing. I still have plenty of lug but will look into Wheels with the correct backspacing. I did manage to catch the Slick Street Stuff website online and I agree that it looks almost identical to what I see on the car. Maybe they have record and would be willing to share info. Yes we knew about the repaint. Bill liked red! You guys know your stuff! Randy
  17. ranjo..Your Avanti is breathtaking! As an aside, the early sixties were a time of 'HOT' cars being sold by all the domestic manufacturers, and Sherwood Egbert certainly had a BIG performance push on for his new Avanti!! Be that as it may, I always felt Studebaker should have offered a more sedate version of the car to go along with the Hi-Po jobs. A smooth running Studebaker 259 V8, with a small four barrel carb and dual exhaust piped through QUIET mufflers might have had considerable appeal to the car buying public...especially to female drivers.......259, power steering, auto trans, A/C.....What a car!!
  18. Last week
  19. Excellent appearing car. It did start with a supercharged/R2 engine. The rack and pinion steering is part of the Slick Street Stuff conversion. EDIT: The production order shows a gray car. Are there indications of a color change? Do the body and Serial Number plates match and appear to not have been changed? It was a SOLD vehicle when built and it was delivered new to Nevada.
  20. Thanks again to everyone for sharing their thoughts and ideas. This car belonged to my deceased Father in Law. The family story is that he purchased the car after divorcing in 1964. He lived in or near Salem Oregon for all of his adult life. We have copies of Oregon registration as early as 1972. This car was his passion for many years. He was an engineer by trade and had a critical eye. I can see him trying to improve the handling characteristics of the car by adding all of the suspension and brake upgrades. It's easier for me to see him using a 259 block with improvements than just throwing in a stock 259. I will continue to look for clues. Bill left us with manuals, catalogs and such. I have undated pictures from a car show in Cheney WA. I also found and undated letter with a handwritten reply asking Dave Thibeault about a power steering conversion. Incidentally, the car now has a nice custom rack and pinion setup. To me the work looks to be quality. Several mechanics who have looked at the car agree. Randy
  21. Randy gave his location as “Spokanish”, maybe it’s the same car. Mike
  22. Just a thought but it might have suffered block damage in it's past, usually not a good thing for the internals, but someone might have put it back together with the "right stuff", why not note the casting numbers on the heads and also determine the stroke before we conclude it'd just an older, smaller engine. It an awful nice car with a lot of money spent on it to assume the engine was just thrown in from an older vehicle.
  23. The backup lenses have been spoken for already. I'll be in touch about the rest.
  24. Gunslinger, I'll take the AC Temp Switch for $30.00 Please tell me how you want to be paid. John 502 773 05 nine two
  25. Yes, thanks for the correction. If it in fact has a supercharger on a 259", it would be the second such fraud perpetrated on an Avanti buyer we've heard of. Some years back, a Spokane Avanti member bought an R2 out of the midwest and it arrived with a stock 259" under the Paxton. jack vines
  26. The heading states that it is an R2, not R1. I know that it makes no difference as far as engine dimensions, just compression ratio and, of course, supercharger and horsepower. I agree with the common engine exchange part.
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