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  2. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the subject. Perhaps I should have added a little more information in the beginning. The car Is a 63 and it has a 7/8 inch sway bar on the front and a stock 5/8 inch bar on the rear. From the input I have seen I think I will install a heavier rear bar and possibly some performance shocks before I go to the quick steer arms. Does anyone know who can supply the heavier rear sway bars? Thanks John C.
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  4. I'll have to try that the next time I tear an engine down Ed. Thanks for describing the trick!
  5. The original poster, John C, lists a 1963, not 1983, Avanti in his profile, so I assumed that is the Avanti that he is referring to.
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  7. Gary, I'm quite sure '83 and '85 Avantis share the same type/make steering box.......so my comparison concerning shorter steering arms would be valid!
  8. My 1984 Avanti #3872 has an engine compartment Body Color.
  9. Unless your Avanti is equipped with the forklift steering box rather than the Ross unit don't waste your money on the quick steering arms. The forklift steering box added in the late '70s was detrimental to the car's steering and Steve Blake had the quick steering arms made to return the original geometry. In an earlier car they make no appreciable difference other than to make the steering more "darty" to coin a term. Ask me how I know. I would not recommend the change for an earlier Avanti.
  10. RQB3263 81/305 AVANTI II.... I installed the quick arms about 2 yrs ago....2 hr job ....i used an air hammer (actually an aircraft rivet gun) to knock them loose. installed the new ones with anti-seze...yes they do make steering quicker....thats just geometry....but you will get used to it and not even feel the difference after a mile ....worth while.....have fun.....BILL IN FLORIDA
  11. In a 1984 was the engine bay painted black or body color? Thank You in Advance Bill
  12. Didn't your '85 come with the different steering gear box which was the reason for the different arms? Your '85 would be different than installing these arms on a '63. The net is, I do not recommend the change on a '63.
  13. Thanks. That is a new one to me. Much of my Studebaker mechanical info I got from working with a friend who had been the head mechanic at a Studebaker dealer. He used Paul's method. It does seem that this method would work.
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  15. Thanks... I added a "Maybe" to the questions.
  16. You didn't put a maybe, depending on how it is constructed. I own a Tesla and would look but no firm answer to this survey question until more info is presented.
  17. Avanti Magazine Issue 192 featured several futuristic designs, and there is talk about the possible build of an electric Avanti. For a future Avanti Magazine feature, we would like to get your opinion which of these designs for the future would be best. Please let us know and click to participate is this short, four question survey: Avanti Marketing Research Questionnaire
  18. Instead of purchasing the quick steering arms, I think money would be better spent buying the thicker diameter front and rear sway bars from one of our club vendors.....To me, the thicker bars really do make a big difference in handling.
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    Pushing Avanti!

    That "old timer" I referred to's name was Carl Hayden...Carl was the lead mechanic at Boston Cadillac on Comm Ave for several years, and even made contributions to various years GM Cadillac service manuals....His pushrod trick worked well on the early Cadillac OHV V8's, and he showed me how it worked equally well on the Studebaker.
  20. mfg

    Pushing Avanti!

    ANSWER.....Kind of hard to explain....but here goes!....Using one hand, you take the cylinder's two pushrods between your fingers and squeeze them towards each other as close as possible....Then simply lift up and withdraw both pushrods together....The slight angle which your hand motion puts on the pushrods binds the lifters in their respective bores, and keeps them there!.....An old timer showed me this when I was a kid, and it always seems to work!
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    Pushing Avanti!

    That's interesting!!
  22. My '85 came equipped with the quick steering arms from the factory...These arms are indeed shorter, as they are more 'curved' than the rather straight standard arms...To me, although the steering seems a bit 'quicker' on my '85 than my '83, (with standard arms)....it's not really a very noticeable difference.
  23. @MCAVANTI This procedure is done to protect the integrity of both our digital magazine provider's system as well at the AOAI website. If you want to read the digital magazine: When you click the link in the email and the front cover appears in your web browser, click the blue “Full Version” button at the bottom of the magazine front cover. 1) A pop up box appears, with a line at the bottom of the pop up box: "Already purchased this publication? Access” Click the Access link. 2) If you previously signed up with
  24. Hello all, I am considering installing the quick steer arms on my Avanti. It currently has stock power steering and I think it feels a little over compensated. My question is are the quick arms shorter than stock and if so about how much? I'm sure many others have installed them, could you tell me your thoughts on how it affects the steering. Thanks for
  25. I'm not sure what you are asking but don't all mid-80's and up Corvettes came with a torque tube setup albiet the trans is rear mounted with swing axles.
  26. 57Wayne.....welcome to the AOAI forum!
  27. You need to have a Joomag account. Due to increased security online, you will need to log onto your free Joomag account after accessing new issue. If you do not have a Joomag account, simply click the "Full Version" link on the cover, then click the "Sign Up" link at the top of the pop up window to create a new "Newsstand" account to give you FREE access to the new issue.
  28. Just received the latest email issue of AVANTI MAGAZINE (issue 193)...I notice that when I tried to look at the digital version it only let me see the first 4 pages. If I wanted to see the full version I had to pay $30.99. The email said the digital form was free. (The Avanti Owners Association International made our quarterly magazine available in digital form to all current members at NO ADDITIONAL COST.) Is this an error or something new?
  29. Thanks! Was hoping to find another car that paired a GM sourced trans with the torque tube that was more common (still unusual) than a one only car! Ferrari 400 and 412 models used a turbo400 with a torque tube setup. Was thinking that if designed in the mid 80's the Avanti II might have used a 700R4. Thanks again for the reply!
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