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  2. I'm writing this in case anyone else in the future has an interference problem between the engine and hood etc. Today I got out "What the Shop Manual Won't Tell You" by Stan Gundry, an interesting book from 1999! He talks about this very issue of Avanti motor mounts, modifying them, or using the thinner R-3 mounts, and the possible interference with the bellcrank and how to solve this problem. If anyone ever needs this I'll scan the two pages and send them or post them. Dennis
  3. Last week
  4. Thank you Rob and mfg. I figured out with a flashlight, ruler and the internet that I have "standard" size mounts. Ordered the shorter ones yesterday. Got to crawl under the car and see what I put under the left rear mount some time ago. The tip about clearance between crankshaft pulleys and bellcrank is appreciated, as I do have power steering. Dennis
  5. You could try Avanti R3 type front engine insulators....they are about 1/2" thinner than the stock ones. If you try this, pay attention to the clearance between the crankshaft pulleys and the bellcrank....a concern only if your Avanti has power steering! For the R3 insulators call my pal Dave Thibeault.....Tel# 978-897-3158
  6. There is a spacer that is under the left rear engine mount. it looks like a 1/2 inch thick round flat washer. This lowers the front of the engine some. Make sure this is in place. Rob
  7. Again soliciting your collective expertise. Years ago pulled engine & stripped engine compartment for painting. Am sure I bought new correct Avanti motor mounts. When reassembled the car, fan “lightly” hit the shroud. Couldn’t figure out why so shimmed up the shroud by adding 1/2” center nut/washer under shroud and less to R & L sides to raise it till fan didn’t hit. Worked fine with no pad hood on, BUT I just installed a hood pad. NOW pad pushes on shroud, causing it to thwack the fan again. ALSO see the imprint of the radiator cap and air cleaner hose clamp. All of which leads me to believe the engine is sitting too high off the frame. Ideas? Anyone have a measurement of the compressed motor mounts? I thought about putting the original motor mounts on but long ago threw one away because it was broken. What have I missed or done wrong?
  8. Ounty

    Fuel tank leak

    Thanks for my marching orders. I'll keep you all posted.
  9. Not sure where you might find that specific spring..........................but if you get to the point of needing a replacement assembly, I have a used piece. John
  10. JLBKY

    Fuel tank leak

    You asked about the "vent line" extending to the bottom of the tank and acting as a siphon. I'm rather certain that it does not extend into the tank as you described. In my opinion, the only certain way to determine the source of the leak in the gas tank, is to pull the back seat and the rear panel behind the rear seat, so as to get a good look at the tank Before I'd pull the back seat etc., I'd look at the fitting on the bottom of the tank that connects the tank to the fuel line. Is it leaking there? Inspect the fuel line around the left rear axle that is/was covered with a rubber tube. The gas line is known to rust there. Once you pull the rear seat and panel, check the sending unit and the return fuel line fitting, as well as the hoses described in the above post. Good time to replace ALL of these rubber fuel lines/hoses. Make sure you use a good quality hose that can handle today's crap gas. IF you have to pull the tank, you MUST remove the fitting on the bottom of the tank to get it out. John
  11. I'll weigh in on this..............I use the exact same Do Nut spare as does Bob in the response posted just above this post. My reason for going in this direction is that I have a Twin Traction Rear End and I was concerned that the rear tires on my car are 215/70 X15 and IF I had to mount the spare to get it off the highway, I needed a spare that is the same overall diameter of the 215/70 X15 tire, as the clutches in the rear end will become "confused" with a smaller tire on one side, and result in self destruction............so I'm told. BTW..........I went to a local Pull A Part and found the same Do Nut that Bob described above for around $10.00 as I recall. Brand New. Never been on the ground. One other thing as long as we are discussing spare tires. My '63 had no prevision for securing the spare tire , jack etc. and consequently those items would rattle. My solution, some 20 years ago or so, was to weld a washer to the bolt ( remove the bolt to weld the washer.........but before you remove it, mark it with a sharpie as to the direction you want the washer when you reinstall the bolt ) in the tire well that goes through the fiberglass tire well and threads into the rear crossmember, and use a "J" hook and Winged Nut, to tighten the tire down. I place the folding jack handle under the tire, so that when the tire is tightened down it holds the jack handle in place with no rattles. I have the original jack, and I keep that from moving around and rattling, by using Heavy Duty Velcro ( from Home Depot ) to cover the bottom of the jack, and the corresponding depression in the tire well. Bottom line .......No Rattles. As I recall the "J" hook and related parts I used to do this came from an early Tarus, John
  12. mfg

    Avanti 63R1457!

    No thoughts on this one?
  13. mfg

    Avanti Starters!

    And Gary is CORRECT!
  14. Never seen this problem before...It's a 'hairspring' that possibly could be found in a Grainger or McMaster-Carr catalog. I've recently seen NOS complete door lock assemblies for sale by different Stude/Avanti vendors...If your driver's door lock is worn, as most are after fifty+ years, it might not be a bad idea to replace the whole lock assy. with a new one.
  15. mfg

    Fuel tank leak

    It's possible that the fuel tank sprung a leak....Avanti fuel tanks have been known to leak at the spot weld locations (these welds secure the inner fuel tank slosh baffles) However, I'd first take a close look at the two rubber hoses that vent gasoline fumes from the tank....These two 1/4" hoses are notorious for cracking and allowing fuel odors to escape......with a full tank, the liquid fuel itself can leak out. Also, check the condition of the large rubber hose connecting the tank to the outside filler neck....That hose can also split open allowing fuel and/or fumes to escape.
  16. That's been sold. Sorry...I should have marked it as sold.
  17. The outside door key lock on the driver's side does not lock/unlock the door. Looking into the matter further, the spring broke causing the problem. Going to the Avanti parts catalog, this spring is on Page No. 187 (Plate 21-10), part number 1351173 'SPRING, left door lock control lever' Trying to find this part, I checked SI and performed an internet Google search with no results. I'm hoping someone can guide me to a replacement part. Thanks.
  18. Sold....please contact gary 951 776- 2026. Or text 951 218-6710 Thanks
  19. After filling the fuel tank on the way to SDC meeting the tank started leaking. Could the vent line, if it extended to bottom of tank, act as a siphon?
  20. I am need a complete power steering reservoir tank for 63-64 Avanti. Thank you...Mike
  21. I used a temporary spare for my 74 as in this post. As Ed said, it will leave room for the jack and other tire tools. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?111352-Avanti-Temporary-Spare
  22. If the tires on your Avanti are in good condition, chances are that you'll not ever have a flat......especially if it's a 'limited use' vehicle. I'd look for a 'donut' type spare tire at a local auto graveyard (with the correct bolt pattern) and use some of that newfound extra space in the spare tire well for other things.... (tools, etc)
  23. What new item became optional on Studebaker Avantis beginning with serial number 63R-1457?
  24. Starting motors are interchangeable between Studebaker Avantis equipped with three speed and those equipped with four speed manual transmissions.......True?
  25. The subject has come up before about trying to fit a 670-15 modern tire in the Avanti's spare tire well. I searched for quite a while among literally hundreds of tire offerings for a full size spare that would fit in the spare well. All of the 670-15 tires I looked at were just slightly too wide when inflated on the factory 5" rims. Tires needed to be less than 7" [actual measurement, not "list" measurement] to fit and allow the spare cover to close. Finally, I found a tire by Coker that would work . It is Coker American Classic Collector Radial Tire 6.70-15 Radial 700312. Price is very high at $250 delivered, but I've spent worse money. The tire has the bias look, but they say radial construction. Section width is listed at 6.59", but I think mine is very slightly larger, but just under 7". I believe they offer a similar tire [maybe the same number] in bias construction. Sorry, no whitewalls. Several vendors sell the tire on ebay, amazon, and the Coker website. All seem to be the same price.
  26. 9/13/19 wanted 63/64 woodgrain A/C console panel with diffusers and switches
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