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  2. Way cool! As someone who has a 383 stroker in mine, I just love the rumble of the exhaust. Speaking of which...where are the exhaust tips? Looks like you have an AMC sourced horn button cover. Re: upper grille. If you check out page 27 of Andy Beckman's "Last Dance" book on the Avanti, you'll notice the clay model produced in Palm Springs had an upper grille. Pure blasphemy to most owners!
  3. It is a 259 cid V8. These have been installed in Avantis in the past (not by the factory). The chrome rocker arm covers and valley cover were offered as an option on V8s. I believe that the transmission is a Flightomatic, not the Powershift used in Avantis. If it is cheap enough and you can properly store it, go for it. It will never be correct for your 1964 Avanti. I recommend maintaining and rebuilding as necessary, what you have.
  4. Here are some thoughts from the SDC site. If you don't find your answer here, try the SDC forum. A few folks there can answer http://www.studebakerdriversclub.com/V8EngineID.asp SDC = Studebaker Drivers Club It probably just me, but unless it's an SBC, I like to have a spare setup. I believe the filter location says it's a full flow engine so it's a good replacement for yours. Even a 259 will make enough power to get you down the road and it has spare parts you may be able to use or keep as backup.
  5. 259/auto. It would certainly fit. If it is running and cheap go for it. If not use the money to fix your engine, I'm assuming there is some issue with it,. From the block forward they have different components which are transferable except the you need a long nose crank to fit the Avanti pulley so you may need to keep it a stock 259. Don't pay to much for it, a running 259 is probably $400 plus the auto. As I said if you just want to have some fun then go for it otherwise use the money on the original motor. Spares are around. pb
  6. The serial number is a 1963 but some things look odd. My '63 had an alternator. This one has chrome valley cover and rocker covers. My auto trans had the dip stick tube accessed from the engine compartment. The one you show needs to be accessed through the floor. Someone here will know that tranny.
  7. I believe I have seem GM advertising an electric crate motor for dropping into small block equipped cars. Seems like a no-brainer for anyone wanting an electric Avanti, or any other Stude since we know the small block easily fit into the Lark chassis.
  8. StudebakerEngineNumbers.pdfHi. I have had an offer to purchase a V8 and auto out of a 63' Lark. Engine #V581772. There is not many opportunities for spares and the like in Aus Is this worth my while or is not suited to the Avanti -I have a 64 Auto.
  9. Wow, Is that a Merkur Scorpio parked next to the Avanti? Talk about 2 Unicorns in the same place at the same time....
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  11. arkus

    rear end

    just sent lew my info. thanks
  12. mfg

    rear end

    I have three "44" rear axles out of cars.....one 4.27....the other two are 3.07..... all three are in good shape, and one of the 3.07's I actually used under my own '63 Avanti for a few seasons...I later removed it and re-installed my Avanti's original 3.54 axle because I missed the 'snap' off the line! If your interested in one of these axles, e-mail Lew, the editor of Avanti magazine, he will send me your contact info and I'll respond.....Ed Lew's e-mail............editor@aoai.org (3.07 ratio tags on axles are 43/14) (all axles are NON-TT)
  13. mfg

    Rauen Avanti!

    Elementary my dear Watson!!......The Daytona racer (#28) was built at Dillon Enterprises, then located in North Liberty, Indiana....The Rauen Brothers worked there! (see...TW, Vol 15, Issue #5)
  14. I'm wondering if you should simply cut-off the Tec-M wires first to see what happens (maybe the unit is bad). Removing those wire 'taps' could possibly make the original wiring problematic.
  15. Actually the 1989 convertible was stored indoors so it much cleaner than the wrecked blue convertible. The strange thing is so far all of the electrical items I have checked on the wrecked blue car all work, lights, trunk release and power seats, so it seems like electrically the wrecked car that was stored outdoors is in better condition than the unwrecked white 1989 convertible that was stored indoors. Later today I will go back over to that other shop and take some photos of that Tec-M headlight delay module and all of the vampire taps in the wiring harness around it. I am tempted
  16. With the amount of rust shown on one Avanti, and assuming the other is about the same, I expect that you will have a lot of electrical problems due to bad grounds.
  17. I believe that there has been some confusion between the two race Avantis that both bore the number 28. The chassis for the Daytona car was by Ray Dillon and the engine by Bo Laws. The chassis for the Mid-Ohio car was by Herb Adams.
  18. Herb Adams. I own the Mid-Ohio GT and we are in the middle of a total restoration bring the car back to it's configuration when it raced. Herb has been a wealth of information and inspiration on our restoration project. If I am not mistaken Dan Booth own's the Daytona GT.
  19. Lew, does this edition also have an article on the Mercedes SLC that was mentioned in the original post?
  20. What a thrill!! I want your job, Bob! ๐Ÿ™„
  21. I received copies of the December 2020 French automobile magazine, AutoRetro, and it includes a very well photographed and written 12 page full color feature on Avantis from 1963 to 1982. Copies are for sale from the AutoRetro website at https://www.auto-retro.fr A number of AOAI members and their cars are featured in the article, including members in France and Switzerland, and one from the U.S.
  22. Took a battery over to the shop where the 1989 Convertible is located and tried various things to see what condition the electrical system is in. Things that work: starter gauges hazard lights & turnsignals brake lights power windows power top motor (I can hear when working the switch but I don't know if it actually raises or lowers the top) Things that don't work headlights taillights gauge lights trunk release gas lid release power seats When I checked the fuse box I found three missing 20
  23. IMO, it is a parts car unless you just like to do the work yourself. I base this on a combination of damage & rust vs. final value. EDIT: These Monte Carlo based Avantis sometimes had severe frame rust problems. Considering the rest of the car, I would examine the frame carefully before proceeding.
  24. This silver blue 1988 convertible has a carb rather than TBI
  25. Last week
  26. Ahhhhhh, did I already say Y I K E S !!!!!!!! Interesting you mentioned trunk gas shocks - my August 1988 built coupe had the original scissors-type springs. Guess there were constant running changes made even during the model year (or they ran out of Studebaker trunk springs). I think I had one of the last cars with a carb.
  27. Today I swapped a battery into this 1988 convertible so I could try to get the trunk lid open. After trying the button many times but after I would walk to the back and try lifting up on the trunk lid, only to find it still locked. I finally called Bob at Avanti Parts and Restorations, Inc and he clued me in that I probably have to have a second person lifting up on the trunk lid while I press the release button inside the interior. He told me that he has had this problem in the past and used a handy "sky hook" and some bungie straps to put upwards pressure on the trunk lid while pressing
  28. Wapanzica and I agree that the chassis work was by Herb Adams. What is the source of your answer?
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