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  2. Please keep us in the loop, I'm looking forward to an impressive build. Pictures are really welcomed. BTW - A belated WELCOME!! Avanti, Bob
  3. JUST LISTED ON EBAY https://www.ebay.com/itm/164401975856
  4. Avanti 83 thank you very much for the numbers I need. I realize my view of the members here on the forum is most likely distorted by my membership in some other forums populated by much younger members than me. I hope as we "senior people" go to our rewards we pass our cars and our passion on. I hope to get the Avanti done before I'm gone so it can go down the line to one of my great grandsons thanks again for the numbers, I can now establish a datum and get on with the suspension mods
  5. I suspect by now you realize you are the youngest contributor to this post. I just went out and measured my 74 because you finally gave me the approximate sections you wanted measured and as I'm two years your senior I wasn't about to spend several sessions crawling under it. My suggestion as I said above in my last post is to understand the knowledge, age and methodology of the forum and adjust your expectations to our capabilities. If you go back through the forum you will see that we will do about anything within reason to get/keep these cars on the road. Frame height front acros
  6. In 2006 I bought a remanufactured Quadrajet for my '71 from Recarbco.com, and about 4 years ago I rebuilt the Quadrajet on my '80 myself. The remanufactured carb looked and operated like new, it was much nicer than I imagined and certainly far better than the one I rebuilt personally. But it was expensive at the time: $280. Here is a pic of the '71 carb when it arrived:
  7. Like studegary, I am past 80 years old and have owned '63, '66, '69, '71, '80, and '89 Avanti's over my lifetime, starting at about age 34. Only the '71 remains in my "fleet".
  8. I will bear with you. I am in the next decade after you in age (80s, not 70s). I have owned three new and used Avantis and worked on many others. Good luck on your Avanti quest.
  9. Last week
  10. RQB 3263 81 Avanti II I replaced the OEM electronic q-jet with a rebuild NON electronic (one wire) ...bolted right on, hooked right up, and after one minor internal adjustment with phone assistance it has worked perfectly for 4 years.......no complaints, easy swap....BILL, MELROSE, FL
  11. I have 2. they would need speaker cloth and repainted. $25 shipping included?
  12. RQB 3263 81 Avanti II i switched out the steel wheels 4 years ago and installed 07 to 09 Mustang 16 inch and they have worked great and look great also.... i purchase 5 and so I have a full size spare that fits in the well.....i did have to fab an 1 1/2 inch fiberglass blister cover due to the added width....of course going from a GM pattern to a Ford necessitated a machined aluminum adapter available on line....the front req a 1 1/4 in. spacer/ adapter to clear steering/suspension components due to the different wheel center set back on the Mustang rims and the rear 1"..... there are sev
  13. This is just what I'm talking about . how hard is it for someone to walk out to a car, open the hood and measure from the frame to the ground. I don't care what tires, wheels or year of the car is, it doesn't matter if I get a good reference to work from I 've been told a lot of " stuff " I know is BS measurements from xyz to abc and mean nothing unless they are from a known datum to a repeatable location. realize we are dealing with a car with a lot of history and many changes through its life but how hard can it be to find a common point of reference?? I have read the reference at the
  14. Ten hours, Whoo! He's some reading for you from the SDC site. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/6307-avanti-ride-height If you need more, my 74 sets on different tires and wheels but I can get you a picture of how it sets and the dimensions as it sets now including tire size. My guess is that while you are asking about stock ride height, in the end you are going to see what you like and go from there so mine might work as a start. Let me know. As an aside, while there may seem to be some wandering in the discussions, it's q
  15. brad

    ride height

    If you have the Stude shop manual, it gives the frame dimensions. (same frame). It's a good idea to have one because most everything except the drive train is the same, and it can help a bunch.
  16. I had no way to previously know your abilities or experience. I was not trying to be an armchair quarterback. I just wanted to put a general caution on something to check out there for all. Someone else can provide the numbers for you. EDIT: The front track/tread width on a 1963 - 1985 Avanti is 57.1 inches (based on '58 dimensions that I have handy - same suspension) and on a 1984 Corvette it is 59.6 inches. This is a difference of 2.5 inches, closer to my "about...three inches" than your "less than an inch". EDIT II: I understand that some of the difference may be in different
  17. I currently own 3 corvettes (1985,1984 and 2006) and know the "apparent width" is different from the actual hub to hub measurement the corvette has very wide wheels compared to the Avanti but the hub to hub is less than an inch different. As a side note the frame inside measurement at the straight area behind the Avanti xmember is with in 1/4 of the same as the corvette. having built street and circle track chassis I know all about akerman ,bump steer etc I have the skills, I just need the numbers off the Avanti so I can use them. so please rather than armchair 1/4 back me, just get the
  18. Not an answer to ride height, but I caution you on the use of the Corvette front end. I believe that the Corvette has about a three inch wider track than the Avanti. You will either have to narrow the Corvette front end or use weird wheels to get the tires in the correct place to make the Avanti look correct. Edit in wrong place -moved
  19. OK I give up.. I have burnt up 10 hours of internet time trying to find what the "stock ride height of a72 Avanti is. I found all kinds of answers as to what springs to use and mod to make but I still haven't found the basic numbers I need! on my project I acquired it with the motor and transmission out, and as am doing a c4 corvette front subframe install I need to know the measurements from the front frame near the radiator body mount (straight area of the frame) to the floor, the same for frame at the firewall body mount to the floor and just for giggles the distance from the straight
  20. I think the speakers are a 5" or 6" diameter screw-hole to the opposite. Whatever they are you can find most any aftermarket speaker grille that diameter and use them. If you buy new speaker kits the correct diameter they usually come with new grilles.
  21. Hey. Dan doesn't have any. Although I'm picking up a nice dashboard from him. Any other after market source you know of? Seems hard to find. Thanks for reply. Matt
  22. The picture is not like an '05-'07 Avanti taillight. Perhaps it is just a generic picture.
  23. Just saw this on the SDC Forum ( don't really know if it applies) https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/find/avanti-tail-light-assembly.c9668
  24. Contact Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors (1-800-AVANTI-1)...he bought out all the leftover inventory from Avanti Motors when they moved from South Bend to Youngstown in the late '80s. He would probably have them before anyone else. If he doesn't, you can simply buy aftermarket and paint them to match.
  25. Hi all. Anyone with access to Avanti II speaker covers? Two needed. Not picky on color. Please see attached. Thanks, Matt
  26. got a 2nd wind and did some research. according to the tech at summit, they carry 4 american made distributor manufacturers, fast, pertronix, davis and edlebrock. many choices!
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