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  2. Replace it with a dual M.C. and be done with it..................not to mention a whole lot safer. Your car, your money. JB
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  4. Bruce the car looks great in the ad. I'd be bidding if I didn't already have two Avantis in the garage. Good luck with the sale.
  5. So Rob, have you had this problem on your Avanti? And what you’re saying is just to put up with the seeping and keep a eye on it.
  6. mfg

    Odd Avanti!

    ANSWER....Actually Brad you may have worked on this one....It's EX2946....(R5653).... Engine# EX2123....Although the above description is its 1981 configuration....By the time it got to you the interior may have 'morphed'!!
  7. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    No clue, but it sure sounds pretty!
  8. Thanks for your info...that's a beast!! The Evans coolant and switching out to a six blade fan has helped some, but I gotta take the next step with a radiator change out and electric fan(s). Anyone know where Studebaker did high temp testing? (tongue firmly in cheek)
  9. MARK

    blower hoses

    Give Dave thibeault a call, he has an amazing ability to get the best stuff...........978-897-3158, having restored 3 cars, one of them 3 times, I know for sure Mark
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  11. I think it helps but I have never had one that didn't seep some. It would be nice if it were sealed but that wasn't the design. Rob
  12. I tried to place it on BaT but they rejected it. They said they had many cars for sale and didn't think mine would be of interest to those that frequent their site. Sounds strange but if they don't want my car advertised there that's up to them. The actual phrase I said to myself I won't repeat here.
  13. I see 1104-8 & 1104-5 that are" less No Rol" I just have 1104-8 with "No Rol" So...do I need "1104-5" also? Thanks for your time and advice!
  14. It simply pries off. Just be careful...don't try and pop it off from one side only. Just pry a little bit from each side until it pops off. If you have any, use a nylon or other non-metal tool just to be sure. Such tools are available at most car parts stores.
  15. One of these lights is burned out in my 63 Avanti. How exactly does one remove the light cover to replace the bulb? There are no screws or obvious clips. Do you just pry it off? And if so, from what side should I pry? I certainly don't want to bend or damage the chrome trim. Thanks in advance.
  16. Gunny, You really didn't have to explain. Not buying from a Cowboy was a meant as prevarication. All Avanti-dom knows how much you care about the mark. You have often advised me.
  17. There is an exploded picture of the setup in the parts manual on plate # 11-2. Page 108
  18. I'm no cowboy though I grew up watching westerns and still enjoy them. The "Gunslinger" name came from being a cop, firearms instructor, competitive shooter and a firearms collector. I've been retired for some time and my instructors certifications have expired and rarely get to the range. The eBay name came about due to my account having been hacked some years back and I had to change my previous and original eBay ID. Pretty much every name I could come up with was already taken...I ended up using my initials added to "ranch" more out of a sense of frustration. I live on 8 1/2 acres so I guess it could charitably be referred to as a ranch. I never thought that would need explaining.
  19. mfg

    Avanti Pulley!

    Studegary & Brad are both correct here....Brad is also correct in mentioning the factory H.O. Avanti crank pulley was made of aluminum.
  20. Then why oh why is he GUNSLINGER and his eBay moniker is "double-b-ranch?
  21. For sale: 1977 Avanti II. Garage kept. 350 CID Corvette engine. The engine was completely rebuilt about 7,000 miles ago. No leaks. It runs perfect. A/C converted to R134A. Everything works as it should except the interior A/C fan behind the vents. Needs a paint job, as the current one is peeling. The tires are like new, only about 500 miles on them. No issues with the hog troughs. 125,104 miles. Located in Milton, Pa. $11,000 The site would only allow me to upload so many pictures. Contact me for more info and pictures. 570-713-5945
  22. brad

    First Avanti!

    All the EX cars are documented on John Hulls book that was in Tacoma.
  23. While my 83 bumper is drilled for the Hella lights, a close look shows a bumper bolt almost above the location of the drilled hole. It wouldn't be difficult to make an "L" bracket that was drilled to accept the bumper bolt and another hole to hold the light. You may need to slot the hole for the bumper bolt as the bumper is close enough to the body that the nut may not come fully off. There would be plenty of room to slip the bracket in with the nut loosened, though. BTW, want a screaming deal on a set of Hella lights off the 83?
  24. Get in touch with Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors. That's where I got the Avanti Motor Company factory driving light mounts. While you can fabricate something yourself there's no point in going to the trouble when originals make it easy. I can't say absolutely he still has them in stock but try him first.
  25. Has anyone come up with a mounting design or an actual mounting device, for "under the bumper" road/running lights without having to drill the underside of the bumper. I'm looking at the radiator core support as a base to bolt on some kind of a mount either manufactured or fabricated. thx
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