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  2. Need to make room in my garage and have the full front bumper assembly and rear bumper assembly. Selling both for $700 ill pay shipping depending where to. I am located in Dallas, Texas. They are in pretty fairly good condition. If interested I will send pictures.
  3. Do you really believe that or are you just arguing? All designers "borrowed" from each other. The Avanti combined design features of some of the most popular designs of the time, including the E-Type Jaguar and the Continental (both 1961 models released to the public in 1960).
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  5. The casting number you are looking for will be at the center of the three central cylinder head bolts, which are arranged in a' pyramid'.....(and NOT under the rocker arm cover!)
  6. I say cleverly adapt......as the rear edge of the Cadillac (?) 'V' no doubt needed to be re-worked to properly align with his Studebaker Avanti's nose panel contour. This gave R3422 a unique frontal 'look'....... Like NO OTHER Studebaker Avanti! If Mr. Loewy simply wanted to copy what General Motors did, he would have also installed a 'V' on the rear of R3422....and no doubt thrown in the Cadillac 'crests' for good measure! I believe you'll find it quite difficult convincing Avanti fans that Raymond Loewy was a copy-cat!
  7. The casting number pictured is on the block, not on a head. Look midway on the head, like in Bob's picture.
  8. I designed my own system back in 2006 using a modern caliper, a slide over 11 rotor and an option of a 13 inch rotor. Its all over each of the Studebaker forums if you do a search. I havent been posting much recently, but I have lots of content once I start again. My brake setup was featured in a few articles in Avanti magazine. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/83439-rad-ideas-mustang-gt-and-cobra-brake-adapter-bracket-update I still have some in stock. Tom
  9. As Ed and Gunslinger said, here's how I fitted a newer mini spare.
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  11. Did Raymond Loewy cleverly adapt or copy from Cadillac?
  12. Can you be more specific about where to look? Do I need to remove anything to see the number? I found the number you can see in the attached photo, but I don't think that's it since it doesn't end in 582 or 570.
  13. Thank you very much - no cutting or new screw holes?
  14. I'd bet the original R2 heads were left on the engine.....not a bad thing as the 9-1 compression ratio afforded by those heads is just about 'right' for today's gasoline!..Ed
  15. It will be the casting number above the two center exhaust ports. Verify both heads. jack vines
  16. My 1963 R2 had the supercharger removed at a Studebaker dealership early on, and air conditioning was installed instead. In a recent conversation with the knowledgable folks at Myer Studebaker parts, they asked me if the head was replaced when the supercharger was removed. I don't know the answer to that. They said that I can look at the raised numbers on the head and if it ends in 582 it is a head from an R2 and if it ends in 570, it is the head from an R1. Can someone describe exactly where I should look for that number? Thanks for your help.
  17. Yes, be careful of the mechanism when you unbolt the motor! it is under heavy spring tension!
  18. On the '70 I owned I purchased off eBay an unused, still in the wrapper space saver spare from a Jeep that worked...fit the tire well with room to spare for storing other items. It cost me a princely $30 including shipping.
  19. He used to have a 2003 (I believe) Avanti that one of our members on the west coast purchased from him.
  20. Thank you. I ordered the Jeep motor. Any special modifications or cuts needed to install the motor?
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  22. If not mistaken, Dave Thibeault has them. BTW he is home post op after having hip surgery. He is going well and in great spirits. Mark
  23. Your assumption isn't true Gary!....the "piece in question" definitely IS the actual piece. Your Chrysler steering wheel center design example does not 'hold up'!
  24. mfg

    Avanti RQA-0042!

    Good thought, however that's not it!
  25. I will make a guess - first factory sun roof.
  26. Not the actual piece, but the piece in question is not the actual piece - I will say 1960s Chrysler products that used the hood ornament design as a steering wheel center. There are probably others, but not that come to mind and I will not research it (as usual).
  27. I did purchase the Jeep Motor for for 68.00 from Parts Geek. Is there any special cutting or modification to install and fit the new motor? Thank you.
  28. So what's so special about Avanti ll # RQA-0042?
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