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64 Avanti resto mod

Garrison 64

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I am trying to help a friends widow sale his car collection and one of the cars is a 1964 Studebaker Avanti. I’m not familiar with the values on these cars so I’m looking for some feedback. The car has been totally stripped down and completely redone. It has a laser straight metallic black paint job, multi port fuel injected Chevy 350, with aluminum heads and serpentine pulley system,  new updated air conditioning, backed by a 700R4 transmission, dual exhaust, interior completely redone. Car sounds awesome, runs and drives great, super clean. I know the paint job was over $12k. Does anyone think $30k is a fair price to ask? I have a lot more photos but can only load so many at a time.





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This looks like a beautiful car....probably worth serious money.....I'd suggest a 'super' detail job, and then entering it into a 'high end' auction.....Best of luck.....Ed

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I agree it's a nice car but it has a couple of negatives - 350 SBC in place of the Stude engine takes it's value away from the folks that like original. Secondly, clean up the engine compartment and reshoot it.

You also need a couple of shots of the underside as rust is a major concern with these cars.

As far as $30K, one couldn't reproduce it for that money but that generally doesn't matter with these cars.

It might also be worth getting it detailed or spend a couple of hours spiffing it up inside and out. In the price range you are suggesting, shine and presentation are necessary.

Now, I'll agree with Ed to a point. Put it on Ebay with a low starting bid and a reserve of $30K if that is what you want and see what happens. Forecasting prices on modified 63/64's is a crap shoot at best.

But good luck it is a beautiful example of a car I admire greatly.

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It is a nice Avanti with what looks like an excellent paint job.  I am very surprised that with that modern drivetrain there wasn't some upgrade to the brake system, at least a split system/dual master cylinder.  A critical part is the condition of the frame and torque boxes.  

Where (in general) is the Avanti located?  I could be interested, but not at $30K. 

I suggest putting it on eBay with an honest description and very low starting bid to get interest and the auction started.  Place a reserve that you can live with.  The market will tell you what the car is worth.  

What has been put into a car does not equate to price/value.  There is a good example currently on the SDC Forum.  The guy bought a very nice car, had a $10K paint job, $8K interior work and much more.  The high bid on eBay was $8K+.  AFAIK, he did not get any offers above this from the Studebaker community.  He does not expect to get anywhere near what he has spent.  I think that he would be happy with $11K (about the cost of the paint job).

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As with many cars, money spent rarely translates into high market clue.  As much as I hope I'm wrong, I think a $30k asking price is highly optimistic.  While Avantis are much loved cars within a very small population of car enthusiasts, they simply don't bring much money outside of a few special models and they're almost all well known.

I'm thinking upper teens to lower $20k area is where you can expect to find a buyer.

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I met the owner and saw the car several years ago when I bought the original R1 and powershift trans. that was taken out of it.  I was very impressed with the car. He was someone who like cars and modified them to his liking.  He said he just didn't like it in white. The car appeared well done and very striking.  I believe he had just retired and seemed to know everyone in town.  I am sorry to hear that he has passed. 


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