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  1. The ball on the shifter threads on to the rod. Be sure it is screwed all the way down so the button can go all the way in.
  2. While chasing odd noises in my wife's '64 I found that the radius rod bracket was broken. The welds that hold the stud into the bracket had failed. I have searched here and Bob's Resource pages and haven't found any articles and wondered if anyone else has dealt with this? Is there an easier way to repair than to cut the bracket and rebuild? I replaced the bushings 2 years ago so this has occurred since, although it could easily have been cracked at the time. Because the bracket mounts to the top of the frame I can't remove it and find another without removing the body. Any suggestions appreciated. Rob
  3. I have a couple horn bars that we were looking into reproducing but there is so much hand labor in them they ended up needing to be $300 to the re-sellers. Very nice though. Rob
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