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  1. Windshield seal, wiper pivot seals would be where I would start.
  2. It appears you have some modifications to the car. If it as a gm automatic that could be the TV cable to improve shift points.
  3. c-clamps work well. Use one on each piston. Remember that the fluid will be forced back into the master cylinder as you compress them and could overflow.
  4. These appear to be replacements made up by a hose shop and use many incorrect fittings. If you order new hoses from one of the vendors they will come with the correct fittings. They need to be fitted and secured as shown in the manuals to prevent kinking and chaffing. you may need to tweak some of the tubes to get them all in but they work well when finished. Getting them all fitted to the valve can be a lesson in patience but they fit. Compare the fittings you remove to the ones you get in case someone added adapters on the threaded ends.
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