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S Egbert nickname


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Unless you were a personal friend, his first name was "Mister" and it always preceeded his surname!  Just like in the military only the "Mister" is replaced with your rank.

I'll bet there were a very few in a very tight knit circle that got to call him anything else.  It was a different era with different social practices.  To bad we have let that slip.

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"Nearly two decades have passed since burly Sherwood Harry Egbert, the flamboyant and forceful president of Studebaker Corp., learned to fly as a Marine Air Transport officer. But "Woody" Egbert is still as fascinated with flight as ever. In fact, says a friend, "the only time he can relax is when he's at the controls of a plane." Last week Egbert's predilection for planes became more than a hobby. Subject to CAB approval, Studebaker announced its purchase of Trans International Airlines, Inc., a profitable California nonscheduled carrier that grossed $6,000,000 last year. The price: $10 million in Studebaker stock."

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Thanks for all your replies so far.

I thought I would pay ohmage  to the father of the Avanti by having his name on my licence plates ie "S Egbert".

My preferred option was "Sherwood" but I remember seeing a P1800 years ago that had that plate so it's not available.

I don't mind "Egbert" but thought there might be something less formal out there like a nickname .

Keep them coming .






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According the E.T. Reynold's biography that was published in the defunct Car Classics magazine, he stated, "Where everyone referred to Harold Churchill as 'Church', Sherwood Harry Egbert was always MR. Egbert, from the sweepers to the Vice President."


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