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  1. Nice to see it translated into English in the latest Avanti Magazine 194! Craig
  2. 8E45E

    Prototype R2!

    The Production Order for the Studebaker SS: I question why it is 'Avanti trivia'. It has a Jet Thrust engine as used in an R2 Lark or an R2 G.T. Hawk; not an 'R' engine as used in an Avanti, and received a non-Avanti serial number. Craig
  3. 8E45E

    Toll Avanti

    Then they should have used a matching pair of '47's. Craig
  4. I tend to believe it was a Beechcraft. There is a photo of Sherwood Egbert who often flew the plane himself near the cockpit. Does anyone recognize what make it is? Craig
  5. The Mercedes Benz article is in the November issue. Craig
  6. It appears the French publication, Autoretro magazine will be doing an article on Studebaker Avanti in an upcoming issue. Hints of that is when they solicit reader's photos of their car in the current issue, which they will feature when the article is published. Craig "We plan to discuss the Mercedes SL / SLC and Studebaker Avanti soon. You who own (or have owned) one of these cars, your user or restaurant testimonial interests us. Tell us about your joys and sorrows behind the wheel of these cars, the maintenance budget or even the points to be inspected in priority before purchase: your experience interests our readers who would in turn like to take the plunge but are still hesitant! Each participant will collect their photos and receive a copy of Autoretro in their mailbox ... As long as you mention your postal details!"
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