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Rear brake cylinder


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'66 RQA-0108.  Have found the rear brake cylinder at a couple of sites for $89.50.  Considering how much I have in it, I'm not sure why I should try to save a few bucks but does anyone know of a cross-referenced replacement which is any cheaper?  I've tried to recondition the cylinder but the diameter is so small I can't get a brake hone in it and it leaks intermittently.  I have a repair kit that, I think, came from a Toyota but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure if the brake lines have ever been changed.  Has anyone done this and how difficult is it?  Can flexible hydraulic lines be used and has anyone done this?


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Make sure the replacement cylinder is the correct one. Many sites list the cylinder, but when pressed on the size it is not the correct one . It HAS to be the 3/4" bore. Otherwise the brake bias will be wrong, and  you WILL lock up the rears before the front, and possibly spin. 

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In my records I have these rear brake cylinders listed as correct for Avanti, at much lower prices (do a Google search on them).

  Wagner F37782 & F37783 

I believe I've used them in the past on Avanti's (I've owned a half-dozen) but its been quite a few years since I've changed any rear cylinders.

They are listed as having 13/16" bores, but I never noticed any braking issues with them.

...Rockauto.com lists them for $11.26 each and I think I've even purchased them on Amazon, although there are none there at present.

Used on '67 & '68 Mustang, and probably many other cars

Another alternative is to have your old cylinders re-sleeved, at a cost of about $50 each plus shipping.




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Be very careful with any rear cylinders from aftermarket sources that "say" they interchange.  They make look the same and fit the same, but the internal bore is larger and will give problems unless you have an adjustable proportioning valve to dial in the rear pressure.  NAPA has in their application guide the Avanti rear wheel cylinders are the same as those used on some years Jeeps...wrong!  You will experience premature rear brake lockup...like immediate lockup.  Ask how I know.


I believe the problem is from parts vendors consolidating parts numbers for older vehicles to cut down on parts to warehouse.  Just because a part fits doesn't mean it's correct for a particular application.  I've seen it happen with engine belts as well.

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I am having a shop replace all the brakes on RQB1600 with a complete turner 4 wheel setup. I will be offering the original 1971 brake system, power booster and what not. The rear cylinders and the calipers have been rebuilt by Whitepost and are stainless steel sleeved. The brakes have approximately 4,000 miles on them. Accepting offers for all or parts..

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19 hours ago, Max Hughes said:



Do you have a four wheel disc brake set up for a 82? Can you give me the manufacturer contact information, the part numbers, etc. I need to replace the rear brake set up on my 82?


Thanks in advance,


Max Hughes


   See this fellow



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