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Avantis At Auction!


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The other night I watched a you tube video which highlighted Avanti automobiles....The narrator stated that only two of the nine 'production' R3 Studebaker Avantis have ever crossed an auction block...and each one sold for over 80K....Is this true?

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54 minutes ago, Nelson said:

I think it is but it very well was the same Avanti, R5642. I know it saw two auctions just not sure of others?

Perhaps he meant R4130 as the other.

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I might be looking at this from an angle not everybody is able to visit. Or maybe they can but like my step-dad whose brain is "stuck in the good ol'days" and not only remembers when a pound of butter was 67¢ … but thinks it should still be 67¢.

Okay, that's all well and good. Congratulations you saw the inexpensive days, but the Federal Reserve has been out of control in their dollar printing. Especially after Quantitative Easing started late 2008. I totally understand, while the Fed. Res. has been hyper inflating our money, we mere peasants aren't the ones to reap the rewards of that. However unfair that might be, that factor must still be entered into the equation because that cash is finding its way to some people.

R3's base price of $5,980[+] superimposed into 2023[*] is $60,005.39. That's just new price to new price passing through time, that doesn't include any other factors. For R3s to exceed $80k through auction (purely dependent upon year), that might be about right. On the other side of the coin, it could also be a bit low.

How did the "Black Ghost" Challenger clear $1.07 mil. after auction fees earlier this year? Hype, and more than one person wanted it, *poof* bidding war. I am not shocked. How many people can say the same? It's a Hemi 4 speed, R/T SE, triple black with the gator grain roof. 1 of 22 for 1970 only.

[+] https://theavanti.com/r3.html
[*] https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/

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