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  1. Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Anthony, mfg hasn't posted in a while for some reason. Do you have any info on the R5? We'd love to hear about it.
  3. If i understand your question correctly, it's not even close to one inch wide. It's "much" narrower.
  4. Mark, thanks for sharing your experiences. I am getting ready to restore my gas tank and would appreciate any additional tips you have.
  5. I have a lid but I need the base. If you have one available, I would be interested. Also, if you have the lid and base, i would be interested in that also. Please send a private message above or a note here. Thanks
  6. aardvark, your 02' is an "Avanti", not Studebaker Avanti.
  7. Wow, that is really great Bob. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I hope "regnalbob" isn't blocked. He has a wealth of information to share. Not sure who the moderator is but I think he/she should seriously consider blocking "mfg" for his poor forum decorum.
  9. Spray can with high temperature engine paint after everything is assembled.
  10. A union strike ? Just a guess.
  11. Good luck Terry. It will look awesome.
  12. The white with red interior R3 sold at auction a couple years ago. Not sure of the serial number.
  13. Tom, your posts are very helpful and informative. Does that heater hose have a molded in 90 degree bend in it? Where did you get them? Any part number?
  14. Peter, I have never seen that combo before. If the rest of the interior is tan/turquoise or all turquoise, I don't think the black dash will look good. Just sharing my opinion.
  15. Maybe the motor mounts are too thick/high?
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