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  1. Auto parts stores generally have it on the shelf.
  2. Chevy orange is a near perfect match. Supercharger and fan are same color.
  3. The pins on most of the Studebaker repro scripts are off. Best to find NOS if you can.
  4. Tom, wouldn't that be in "cm," not mm? If so, you better change the ad.
  5. Jerry, I sent you a message yesterday. I'm interested in the steering wheel. Thanks
  6. Thank you Bob. I left you a voicemail. Jeff
  7. That forging number is correct for your car.
  8. Avanti1963!

    Paxton R4!

    Yep. And the air cleaner on the R4 grew legs and walked away also in the museum.
  9. Rick Allen's pictures show clearly stamped numbers just like the original blocks. They are NOT raised.
  10. How many horsepower does it add at that rpm?
  11. Pete, the soda dust particles are very fine and gets everywhere. If anything is left inside, cover it well.
  12. I have independently thoroughly reviewed the evidence and 1016 is positively the Hot Rod car. Sometimes the stories that you hear all these years are hard to let go but, for accuracy and prosperity, 1016 should be recognized as the actual Hot Rod car, without dispute. I understand that 1025 is a unique car in its own way also and the owner should be very proud of it. Both cars are really cool pieces of history.
  13. Just sharing what I have come across. I have personally owned at least 4 real Super Larks over the years. Not one of them had the fan shroud. This doesn't mean that they didn't have them originally and were removed. Also, because of my interest in these cars for the last 50 years, I have seen many R1 and R2 cars at car shows. Very, very, very few had the fan shroud. Based on this, I am "guessing" that the shroud was an option for these cars and many owners chose not to order one. Again, just a guess.
  14. Tom, will the outside rim portion be polished like the Real Rodders wheels? Will we be able to mount the original 6.70 x 15 tires on these rims? Thanks
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