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R4 Issues!


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The one verified 'production' R4 powered '64 Studebaker Daytona Hardtop was completed and left the factory without any mechanical 'issues'.....True?

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7 minutes ago, Gunslinger said:

It wouldn’t start when it came off the assembly line due to the distributor or coil being incorrectly wired…in front of a magazine writer and photographer.  So…false.

FALSE is absolutely CORRECT!😁

(and there was one more problem reported with the car...anyone remember what that was ??

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32 minutes ago, Nelson said:

It burned lots of oil on its trip to California. 

Ha ha..OK that's two!!.. But there was one more major issue needing correction...thoughts??

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7 minutes ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

Junky, damn shifter that would lock itself in two gears simultaneously?  I had one of those in a '67 Firebird 400 once.  I became proficient in climbing under with a box-end wrench and popping it out of gear.


Good thought.... but no!

ANSWER....The clutch would not release correctly...The Daytona had to be  pushed to a back shop at the factory for a clutch job!

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