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Plug wires


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Silicone jacketing. Regular Studes had neoprene wires. Also, they seemed to leave off the shielding covers on Avanti equipped R3s


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6 hours ago, Nelson said:

Without looking at old Paxton sales literature probably no one will get the question totally right. Yes they were 7mm diameter orange/flesh color silicone casing with BRAIDED STAINLESS STEEL CORE.

I assume that the stainless steel conductor was used for SS's higher resistivity (vs. copper).  That would reduce current like resistor wires do, although less.  I also remember that they were rather "leaky", meaning a lightning show when running the engine on a dark night.  You're right on the color, a very light orange/flesh.  This was on the R3 engine I bought new in the crate about 1967 (B86).


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