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Fuel tank problems/removel


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Fuel delivery problem to the carburetor; filter is good.  Fuel pump replacement didn't help; this was a lot of fun as the (replacement) outlet is angled a bit closer to the crossmember.  I have a shutoff solenoid under the car right at the bottom of the tank; solenoid is operative as I can blow into the inlet and it opens well when power is applied.  Upon removal of the 'pinch' clamp on the outlet from the tank, I have no fuel flow.  (I know the tank has at least 4 gallons in it as I initially thought I'd run of gas.)

I think I'll have to remove the tank and go from there.  I've read that apparently the baffles can let go and possibly fall above the outlet.  I believe the car has always been garaged.  Is it worth trying to remove just the outlet fitting and trying to 'root out' the plug there?  (I know this has to come out anyway if I decide to take the tank out.)

If the tank seems 'a mess', is a replacement tank the way to go or have it opened up and repaired.

Anybody got any ideas/advice?  Thanks in advance.

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To get the tank out you need to remove the 1/4" NPT angle hose adapter from the bottom of the tank. If it is blocking the fuel flow and not something above you can dump the current contents of the tank directly out of the opening.

I would personally assume that the gas would drain when I removed the fitting and be prepared for the contents to flow out. If they don't come out you can screw a 1/4" pipe plug into the hole and remove the tank.

It sounds like the tank needs to come out but be prepared as you do it. There are a pair of baffles welded to the front and rear walls of the tank and if you could get the fuel sender out you might get a good look inside before you pull the tank. I just don't recall how difficult it could be to pull the sender.

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On 11/14/2022 at 4:41 PM, Kodjo said:

Most are not able to remove the elbow below the tank. I just enlarged the hole in the fibreglass and took the tank, with the elbow still fitted, out of the car.

I've had to go that route myself before.

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I just cut the connection off of the brass elbow and installed a new on prior to re-installing.The elbow is going to be plugged solid with sand and carbon from all the dirt and old fuel and should be replaced anyway.


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