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  1. I have a early Avanti II ('69) so it might be different. I took the duct and motor apart, cleaned all parts, lubed the bearings. No change, still a lot of noice and almost no wind. To get there, the dash has to come out and the heater core drained. It is a real pain. btw: the filter should be reached from the bottom and sits on the far right in the car. So, against the right wall of the car in the heating duct. If someone knows a good replacement for the blower motor, I'm interested.
  2. I just figured, our cars have the same interior! As in color and no headrest for example. Do you have the original carpet or is it replaced recently?
  3. Hi Jred, Looks like new! Did you fit the new shocks and springs? I am curious what does the most for enhancing the ride.
  4. Hmm,I'm lucky then! In the Netherlands I do not have problems recieving FM without ground plane.
  5. I have a standard antenna (12 euro only) too but no ground wire. Works perfect. Why should I run one?
  6. It should not be a problem, fitting new insulation. I would like to know; what's the benefit? Noice reduction? Less hot cabin?
  7. Informative! Yes, my '69 is almost a Studebaker Avanti. Indeed, the lighter is connected to the courtesy light. Indeed, I want to use it for a charger. So far, that did not drain the battery in my other cars with the same wiring. W'll see. It's fused 10A I think. Should do the job (charging, light) nicely.
  8. I've replaced the switch twice. Worked both for a week or so. I would make a new brake light switch on the pedal like: New mechanical Brake Light switch It is easy, one hour job max.
  9. Yes, I have found some on the net. But a temperature or current fuse? It is broken and I want to leaf it out. Would that be a problem?
  10. Hi, Do you know what this is? It is in the positive connection from the cigaret lighter. It seems broken, it was the cause that the lighter did not get any juice. Maybe a fuse of some sort?
  11. Why not rebuild yours? It is really simple with a kit. It does not help for steering that feels lose/sloppy though. nor will a new valve do. Are your tires good? Ho are the king pins?
  12. AutomotiveInteriors.com does list saddle tan. To me, it looks to dark but I could order a sample. Also, Camel does not match what I have. I'll ask for samples and visit my local store. Saddle tan and Camel:
  13. Yes, I could do that. I thought it might be cheaper to buy carpets from a company that has produced the carpets before. I'll visit the local store.
  14. Hi, my carpet need to be replaced. According to the born report the color is a "Swathmore tan". This color is not offered by https://www.automotiveinteriors.com/. Does someone knows what color comes close? I am attached to the current color. Ernest Loga from Loga Enterprises quest it could be Camel. That could be right but how can I be sure?
  15. Does it work? The amount of HushMat seems overkill to me.
  16. In my 1969 Avanti II the connector is in the trunk. The backseat does not have to come out.
  17. Oh man, yuu have to let go of all beauty for extra safety. Pontiac is no match for the original low back buckets. I would repair the old ones!
  18. Search youtube how to open a speedometer. I did it this way and it worked well. Cleaned the dail with a brush and mild sope. Then, packed the meter in paper except the needle. Used a spray can to paint the needle. Re-attached the glass after cleaning and tada, ready.
  19. I've cleaned the glass last week. Great improvement! I used red bulbs only and removed the red screen in the clock. No new paint except on the needles. Did clean up a lot and enhance the visibility. Note the difference between speed and rpm meter and the surrounding meters. Before and after cleaning:
  20. Thansk, I'll contact Jon and Dan.
  21. Hi, I am in need of a grille for my 1969 Avanti II (RQ-A 0324). According to Studebaker international the shape changed around 1970. Can someone point me out what the differences are? I thought of two openings for a cow bar. My car did not have this so I should have a grille without openings? Thanks!
  22. Hi Dan, I'll send you a PM.
  23. I'm looking for a grill for the 1969 RQA Avanti II. It seems not availeble from a reqular source. A decent used one would do! thanks, Kodjo
  24. Oh, wow, that worked! i'll have it filled with 1371 grams R437a next friday.
  25. Thanks! I don't know how to search for a topic number. Tried but failed. Is there an easy way?
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