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Hydraulic Brake Switch


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I've performed a lot of brake work on my 1963 R1, keeping it all original. A couple weeks back I was driving at night on a main business street, looking at the shop windows for my tail/brake lights. I noticed that the brake lights did not go on unless I put heavy pressure on the brake pedal for a hard stop. This concerns me for safety reasons, so I bought a new brake switch (Standard Product # SLS27) and there was no change. I then bought a brand new master cylinder and bench tested the hydraulic brake switch, even bleeding the air out of the new switch - again no change. BTW, I'm using DOT 3 Brake Fluid

My goal is for the brake lights to go on when, at minimum, medium pressure is put on the brake pedal. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone recommend fixes? Thanks in advance.

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      I  had the same issue with the switch so I soldered a piece of #14 wire across the bottom of the switch which jumpers the switch. After that I mounted a new switch at the brake pedal then disconnected the stop light wire at the fuse block, connected it to the new switch and then connected the other side of the switch to the fuse block terminal. It all works well and has a stock appearance.

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