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  1. James............I see you reside in Kentucky as do I. Where exactly in Kentucky...........I live in Louisville and have a '63 Avanti R1 I've had for 50 years. John
  2. You posted this in the '63/'64 Avanti area. Since you have a '81, I think you would get a better response if you posted it in the '65-'83 Avanti area. Members that follow the year range of '65-'83, will have better hands on experience, and should be able to answer your question. Good Luck, John
  3. For what it is worth...............My Avanti #1348, That I've owned for 49 years has no grill, and when I acquired it in 1972, it had original paint and "the grill area" was painted the body color. Still is. Your car is 1379, so my "guess" is that it did not come from South Bend with a grill. Others on this site that are much more knowledgeable than me might be able to tell you when the grill became factory installed. John
  4. Adam..............my E-mail address is     john@brissette.co     Note it is dot co    NOT dot com

    Is the round glass lens NOS or used? A used lens will have small pits from road rash.

    If used, how much road rash is there?



    John Brissette

    1. adam


      Good call. I had to go look. Its used, but in good shape. Hard to describe the condition. That is very subjective.

      I am asking collectors like yourself for the pricing. That's the reason for posting. 

      Thanks, Adam

    2. John Brissette

      John Brissette

      Adam...........As you said, being used,the price is very subjective. As a reference point, reproduction "glass" lens are available for just under $100.00 each. I don't recall the exact amount, but it is around $95-$99.

      Being used, I'll pass.



  5. Adam, I'm interested in the Round Headlight Glass. I'll send a Private Message to you here on the Forum with my e-mail address. Thanks John
  6. I have not seen the distributors you reference, but my "guess" is that perhaps they will not fit under the stainless steel ignition shielding. Just a guess! John
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