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  1. I had sent you a message expressing interest in the steering wheel and dash. But I really don't want to arm wrestle for it so I will move on. Thanks, John C.
  2. Terre Haute,IN. Where are you? Check your messages for contact information.
  3. Hello Jerry, Just sent you a PM. Thanks John C.
  4. Hello Tom, The wheels really look nice! I think the non coated wheels do have a sharper appearance but I think they would require more maintenance than a coated wheel. With no coating on the aluminum they would tend to oxidize and require frequent polishing. My preference would be a coated wheel because I don't like to polish wheels that well. I would rather just clean them. Let me know when we can order some. I think they will look great! John C.
  5. I believe it was a2005 thru 2012 Ford Escape spare. The bolt pattern is 5 x 4.5 inches as is the Avanti. I don't recall the OD of the tire but it was very close to a stock Avanti tire if memory serves me well.
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