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  1. Did you use the HD adhesive, 3M number 8090? 3M makes two or three different similar products, but only the #8090 is designed to hold headliners and under hood pads. Also, the instructions must be followed exactly.
  2. The part numbers I provided above are Studebaker part numbers; they will work for SI and other Stude vendors, but nowhere else. Automotive body fasteners are often used only for automotive applications, so will probably not be available in small quantities anywhere except from Auveco. They do not sell retail, one must go through a dealer. However, you can drill down on their catalog to ID their part numbers. For example, here is their body bolt section. Bolts (auveco.com)
  3. I do not have a post-Altman Avanti, but the original 63-64 Avanti shop manual includes instructions for emergency opening of the hood on the earlier models. Copies are available from many vendors. Studebaker Vendors Web Site Parts Directory
  4. Good job. That's how a lot of us learned it.
  5. I checked my stash of hardware, but don't have any of those. You might have better luck finding them with the part numbers. The hood hinge bolts are 1905x18. The door hinge bolts are 1926x627 and 1926x628, The washers are 3142x3. Did you try someone who carries Au-Ve-Co products? COMPLETE AUVECO CATALOG
  6. Both Maryland and DC demand/issue titles, so the car must have had one at one time. Presumably, Senator Bayh received enough paperwork to register it and get a title, too. The Stude Natl Museum can provide you with a production order that might indicate that the car was set aside as a special gift for a VIP. Not sure that would help much though. Registering a vehicle without a title always depends on the laws of the particular state. They all have different procedures.
  7. This will probably not answer your question, but: about 20-30 years ago I bought a 60 Lark that obviously had had a seriously leaking power steering system. The previous owner had removed the PS belt but left the system intact. As a result, steering was sloppy, presumably due to the lack of hydraulic pressure in the control valve and ram. There was at least a little fluid left in the system, and that may have provided enough lubrication. I drove it that way for a little while until I rebuilt the control valve and ram. They both worked satisfactorily after that.
  8. If it's the original, it's 12 volts, only a few amps. The fuse amperage will tell you the max allowed.
  9. From memory: on my 74 it's on the inner left fender, near the master cylinder.
  10. Agree with Leo. Somewhere in my fading memory is the supposed fact that the factory put them on the right side, so the shop manual said to do it the same way.
  11. The illustration shows the proper order of assembly. The backing plate is illustrated in the brake section 11. It goes on last. The gasket is a sort of a absorbent paper-like material so it doesn't add to any adjustments. I haven't checked, but I'm sure they're available from most of the vendors.
  12. 3M makes an adhesive for this application and headliners. Super Trim Adhesive, product 8090. Any auto parts store can get it.
  13. Agree with Pantera. The one that fits my 74 best is the 26R, which is a group 26 with the posts reversed.
  14. Interesting data. Studebaker must have had a lot of AM/FM radios left over. The 1966 accessories price list shows the dealer price for an uninstalled AM/FM had dropped to $97.94.
  15. As Dwight said, there are plenty of Dana 44 axles with tapered axles from Larks around. Occasionally they are available for free if you're willing to pick them up.
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