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  1. “I wonder what the Avanti says about me?” :) They look at each other and then my daughter says slowly “That you’re unique?” “Good answer” my wife quickly replies.

    Somehow I think they mean “odd”. <_<

    FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P;)


  2. thanks tom . also give me some size for the hei piece you need i will make it at the same time for you.

    happy 4th of july :)

    Any idea what that might cost? I have to pick and chose my costing on

    this project, the brakes were first priority, and next up is the bumper

    rechroming, even though the exhaust is more annoying, I need to get

    it more "presentable" for the upcoming show in Sept. ;)


  3. That's the guy that cleaned out my tank and told me it didn't need to be sealed.

    Maybe its not leaking then. Check all your connections, I would pay the most attention

    to the most bottom hose connection, but its possible that the gas is leaking out the top

    vent. Is the cap a vented one? Did you replace it?


  4. Well, I can't hardly believe this!!!! ...So today I figured I'd take the car out for it's initial run on the street, down to get it lubed. As I nosed it carefully down my steep driveway and into the street, I noticed a stronger gasoline smell and heard sloshing... looked back over my shoulder to see gas running out from under the tank below the right hold-down strap!

    What a total pain in the arse! If there is one thing I hate MORE then doing a messy

    draw out repair job on a car, it is doing it twice! I feel your pain, Wayne. My 63 had

    a fuel leak, I brought it to a guy in Goleta on Stroke Rd just past where Kmart is. He

    found that a baffle (yah they actually DO have a couple in that big tall tank) had come

    loose and was leaking at the weld. Very hard to spot. This is why I WISH that some

    one had started making plastic tanks for these cars. I have one in my Impala SS &

    it works fine. I guess this answers my question if you are going to make it to In N Out

    tomorrow night. I dont have any plans on driving my Avanti to work tomorrow, so its

    not a big deal anyway. Been putting more miles on the 223,000 mile Camaro Z28

    this week .. BOY does it need tires though .. cant drive it in the rain! :o


  5. On our '82 the fiberglass panel behind the rear seat was not glued in place. You only had 20 screws holding your panel? ;) I would check for missed screws. If you are sure that none are left, is it possible to get leverage with a putty knife to lift the panel edges? Hopefully some misguided soul didn't really glue the panel in place.

    This thread will be useful, I took a couple pics of "WayneC"s Avanti with the panel off :


    I think that the number of screws that hold that panel on, is closer to 3000, then 20. ;)

    The panel IS sealed with some goop, the goop isnt glue, but it can require a little bit

    of prying to break loose. But I would make SURE there are no more screws!


  6. I drove the Avanti to work on Friday, then over to Wayne's house in S.B.

    to hang out for a while, talk Avantis, and then off to In N Out Burger to say

    hi to the motorheads that hang out there every Friday night.

    Here are a couple shots playing around with the new cam at Wayne's :




    Here is a shot at In N Out :


    As I mentioned before, these are reduced to 25% of the original shot, and

    then saved at 80% resolution. That gives me a file size that most on the

    forums would be upset about trying to load. Anyone wants a "desktop" of

    any of these let me know. :wink:

    These files are about 90k, desktop is about 450k, original shot - 3.3mb!


  7. Well,my lovely wife "green lighted" me on the purchase of an Avanti. I have looked at as many as possible with my search focused on 1963 R-1s. This is a 1963 R-1 289,AT,noAC and manual windows. As this is my first Studebaker and first Avanti I would certainly appreciate any suggestions or advise any of you might have.

    Congrats on your purchase, feel free to ask any questions you may have!


  8. You're welcome to stop by this evening, bring your wife along.

    Wife has to go home and take care of our paralyzed kitty, he was, as far as

    we can tell, thrown from a moving car on the freeway behind my work. We

    rescued him, but he hasnt regained use of his rear legs, or bladder. Its

    not as bad as you would think - he just cant "go" (needs help). So she is

    off to go home after work, and must clean some before the parents come

    up this weekend for the Flower Festival. She is hesitant to clean too much

    since "things" around the house are still as "she" (Kallie) left them. :(

    I was planning on stopping by though, I drove the Avanti, brought the cam,

    thought I might take a few pics around town. Need to wash it, and I need

    a neck strap for the Camera. Too bad you cant make it yet, would freak a

    few people out seeing TWO Avantis at In N Out. Funny, the last time I drove

    it, I had a guy in a Porsche taking pictures of it over at CompUSA!!

    I also brought the Cobra rotors, so you can check them out if you want.


  9. Is my Avanti now famous?

    I did a search the other night on Yahoo images for "63 Avanti", and here is

    a screen capture of what came up! My Avanti is first image on the second

    row, thats before the new rims ..


    Cool huh? Its also now appeared 3 times in Avanti Magazine, and will be in

    the next issue as well.


  10. In some ways it's easier than other cars, but still a PIA. For example, in a midyear Corvette you have to remove the spare tire pan, the exhaust pipes, and a crossmember to remove the tank... I did it the "easy" way, I removed the body

    Great tech article Wayne! What a pain in the arse job! I am not looking forward to

    changing the fuel pump in my 93 Camaro, to get the fuel tank out, you have to drop

    the WHOLE rear axle assembly .. which includes a torque arm to the trans!

    Sorry I didnt get by last week with the Digital Camera, but you know the story of

    how emotional my weekend was! I plan on bringing the camera tomorrow, so far

    the wife is giving me the OK to go hang out at In N Out tomorrow night, though I

    am worried about her since SHE is now feeling the loss (reality is setting in). I am

    not sure if I will drive the Camaro or the Avanti .. leaning toward the Avanti. Is

    yours along far enough to get it over to In N Out?


  11. Nope I meant TPI, Chevy used TBI and TPI on the Camaro and Firebird 5.0L and 5.7L in the late '80s and early 90's. The TPI system would bolt right up to my 5.0L. :) First I'm going to modifiy the 5.0L, after I wear it out in goes the LT1. In between I get it ready for the LT1, that way the cars not down for a long time. ;)

    Ah ... OK .. I keep forgetting that you are going to do the TPI setup first! I would

    go head strong into the LT1, but I think thats because of my continuing headache

    that I have had with our 86 Camaro IROCZ28 350 TPI engine. The Bosche system

    is prone to sensor errors and MAF issues. If you got the later Speed Density one

    then you are doing OK. That 86 IROC was my introduction into modern EFI. :rolleyes:

    Here is the wife helping put the new fuel injectors in with her small hands, this was

    prior to the new paint job.



  12. ;) thanks tom id say their worth what someone is willing to pay.

    i dont what to insult you in any way. i have enjoyed what you have reported to us fans

    for the last year. im interested in reproduce it, i am motived to craft. i have the s.s. the brake,and the tig welder, with a machinist skill level..................................


    really: my wife wont let me send our money . id say its worth 350.00 for set or 150.00 for the center cover. it seams its never the right time!

    im interested in doing a good if not better job than the oringinal. still on the look out for some demensions and some pictures

    Well .. maybe I can sell it to someone else, and then have you make me center

    piece that will fit the HEI distributor? B);)

    I can arrange some pictures.


  13. When I pulled out my tank years ago, I dont remember it being that difficult, as a matter

    of fact, it was simple compared to cars I have done the same on since. The tank is not

    under the car, but behind the rear seat. You must pull the seat bottom, then the back out,

    then remove the 3000 screws that hold the fiberglass cover on. Behind that is the tank.

    I think you mean "F.I." not "TPI". TPI is refered to "Tuned Port Injection", which is the

    earlier GM Corvette engines of the 80's. Its the one with that "octopus" looking intake

    manifold on it. If memory serves you are putting in an LT1, which is refered to as FI or EFI.

    BTW Wayne .. I dont want my sock back. You didnt SAY what you needed it for! :P


  14. We are working on installing 13" Corvette C5 disc brakes on our stainless Avanti chassis.

    One of the things necessary is to remove the cast Corvette logo from the calipers.

    You could start with the Mustang Mach 1 calipers like I did for my 13" "Cobra" brake

    setup for the Studebaker chassis. Its the "same" caliper & plain black - no logo.

    Since you already removed the logo .. just have it anodized black, or heat paint.


  15. Tonight when I got home from work, I finally brought the two front drums

    into the garage and pressed the hubs out. I cleaned one of the hubs up a

    bit and then the moment of truth - will it fit inside the Cobra rotor without

    any modifications?! The answer?? YES!!! :lol::P:D :wink:

    Here are the pictures to prove it ...

    Stock hub, just removed from drum :



    Sittin on the edge of the Cobra disc, thank goodness that ugly rusty thing

    is covered up by the sexy Cobra rotor!



    You can see ... NOT modified :D


    SUCCESS!!! The assumption was correct ... wheeeeeeew!


    Dead on from above :


    Little off to the side :


    Fits perfect ... couldnt ask for more!


    Closeup to show the rusty untouched surface, plenty of room!


    Thats a big load off my mind. Now to order the longer wheel studs, drill

    my holes for the inference fit for the knurls. Then to drill the holes in the

    rotor to the next SAE size from the stock metric. There is an option here,

    you could have each stud turned to fit the rotor, but I would rather drill

    the rotor holes a little larger, it goes MUCH quicker! :wink:


  16. Based on your comments, I apparently didn't describe my fuel lines clearly enough.

    OK ... now I think I got the fuel lines, yah, its opposite of the Stude, but as you mentioned

    the Stude goes back to the tank. I dont remember where it goes after that, its been quite

    a few years since I pulled the tank from it. I dont have any of that venting stuff, since my

    tank uses a vented gas cap. I agree its strange for it to only go back halfway!

    on the photos, the camera doesn't always make the right setting...

    Wow .. Wayne! I didnt know you were a closet photographer! You are right, sometimes it

    needs to be forced to flash, but compared to the pictures I WAS getting, I am doing much

    better now! :P

    Maybe I should bring the Canon tomorrow and we can take a few pictures of the venting

    and then others can get their input, its hard to picture - without a picture. ;)


  17. Yeah, that's what I figured, except I would have thought a pressure return line would run all the way back to the tank, otherwise it seems to me it could be incorporated right into the internal design of the fuel pump itself. Doesn't make sense to me.

    I must have misunderstood your post, yes the line goes from the tank, along the drivers

    frame rail on the outside, and then over the lower control arm, and zips up under the

    fuel pump. Its connects to a "Tee" off the pressure side of the pump. You are correct

    about the modern location of the fuel pump, and regulator. I would love to put a better

    tank in my Avanti, with better control of the fuel (baffles) and an in-tank pump!

    When you say you bought lines from Napa, do you mean you replaced the main fuel line, or the pressure return line, or both? What did you do to cap the end of the pressure return line in the engine compartment? (or is it actually used for a return in your car)

    I got the longest, and the second longest lines in the same diameter, and then connected

    them with a union (roughly under the drivers seat). I found out after that I needed a

    little more length to reach the fuel pump, so TWO of the longest would work best. I had

    put a new return line on .. I think it was 5/16?? Fuel line is 3/8?

    ... the shop manual does not show that pressure return line at the junction block, it shows a plug, and it shows the fuel line running along the left side of the frame rather than the right side, as does the parts manual.

    I think what has happened is, the original line has a union roughly under the drivers

    seat, chances are whoever capped the front of the line, removed the rear of the line

    and capped the tank. So now it looks like the line used to go to the drain plug on

    the main fuel line. Thats what that is as far as I can tell, its to drain the fuel

    out of the line (its at the lowest point).

    On which side of the frame is your fuel line? Perhaps the return line was only used for R2 or R3 cars?

    My fuel line is on the drivers side rail, on the outside, above the little supports.

    I have an R1, and it has the return. I think that even the Larks started getting

    this by 1963, Hawks too.

    But, since Avanti Motors must have moved the fuel line to the right side of the car for the Chevy engine, it seems strange that they wouldn't have replaced that line with a plug at the block... they must have had a reason for keeping it in their new routing, or Studebaker moved the line to the right side sometime during Avanti production, and Avanti Motors was still using up pre-assembled chassis left by Stude, all the way into 1971 models?

    This part I am confused about, you are saying that your fuel line is on the pass side?

    I dont see why they would have moved it there, if memory serves the fuel pump for GM

    is on the drivers side also ... no?

    I looked at the pics... nice shots, I may have to get me a dslr next time around. I might suggest, though, that you try two things to enhance the photos the next time you shoot your car: turn on the parking lights, and try using flash when you are shooting the wheels/brakes. What lens were you using with the camera?

    Thanks, they werent planned at all. I stopped on the side of the road, ran out and

    took a couple pics. No sun to product placement. Totally on a whim. I had taken the

    camera with me on the Gtech run just "because". I didnt want to turn on the parking

    lights, because the front ones dont match, and so having them on in the shot would only

    emphasize that! I also dont usually care for the lights on look, as for the flash, it

    is controlled by the sensor. The processor in the camera will automatically use a

    "balance" flash to help out. It deemed it not to be necessary. The lense is an digital

    EF-S 18-55, but the camera can use any EF lense, or since I have an adapter, a T-mount.

    This is a high end camera .. I figured I should buy a GOOD one! Canon has made the "XT"

    as good as the "D20" for the most part, only its cheaper.

    Cars do tend to photograph better than they really look in person... that may be why I haven't bought a car off eBay as yet!

    I am shocked how good it came out. Makes me like the camera even more!


  18. dear fellow avanti lovers. i have been hunting for a s.s. distrubutor cover for my 64 r2 avanti for 10 years.

    it seems the whole world is had some run in with a mechanic that forgot to put all the parts back. on mine it was taken by such a mechanic. he asured me he would find it in his shop. then died.

    Ah!! The old "died before he could give it back" trick! I actually have two sets of

    these stainless steel parts, and I will be installing an HEI distributor, so I cant even

    use the stock cover! The HEI is a bigger diameter then the Stude unit. Any clues

    how much these are worth? I want to be fair, but I also need my bumpers to be

    rechromed! Gosh darn chrome bumpers!!! Are the R1 parts same as R2?

    Lemme know.


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