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  1. For whatever its worth, my 1993 Camaro power windows seem to be effected

    by temperature, colder it gets slower they move. Very cold .. will move and

    than stop moving - dead. Wait 30 seconds and they move again. I had the

    window broken by some inbred kids a few years ago, and at the time they had

    got to the point of barely working. The shop greased everything and it worked

    fine for the last year or so, just now deveoloping the problem again.


  2. I just got the results back this weekend for the brake brackets I have

    designed from the FEA engineer. The Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    was completed on the SolidWorks 2005 platform.

    Setup Data :

    Using projected performance data :

    60mph to 0mph in 135ft.

    And equations based on projected performance data :

    vfinal=vinitial+a*t (vfinal=0)

    d=dinitial+v*t+0.5*a*t^2 (dinitial=0)

    Creates a calculated a=29ft/sec^2 deceleration which is about 0.9g’s

    Round up to 1g for a safety buffer.

    3500 lbs @ 1g braking = 3500 lbs braking force.

    Front tires produce about 70% of the braking force:

    3500 lbs * 0.70 = 2450 lbs

    Force per front tire: Ftire = 2450 lbs / 2 = 1225 lbs

    Force applied to caliper:

    Fcaliper=Ftire*(Rtire/Rcaliper)=1225lbs*(13in/6in)=2650 lbs

    This load will be applied evenly to the two caliper bolt holes.

    Results :

    The peak Stress Results show 12,000 PSI at the top mounting bolt

    and is considerably lower than the yield strength of the material

    (the 6061-T6 is 35,000-45,000 PSI depending where you look). This

    is a 'worst case', in reality the stress would not be quite as

    concentrated as is shown in the model, so you would only see peak

    stresses around 10,000 PSI.

    The Displacement Results show we get around three thousandths of

    an inch of deflection at the front caliper bolt and around one

    thousandth at the rear bolt. Since in reality the steel caliper

    bridge ties these two together the caliper (and bracket) should

    experience a deflection magnitude somewhere between these values.


    Clarification on GT bracket vs Cobra bracket :

    Six Grade 8 bolts are used in the middle (Stude used only 3) & Grade 10.9

    bolts for the caliper (same as Ford). The GT bracket is what I tested, it

    would be the "weaker" of the two. Technically that bracket wouldnt see

    the level of stress that was found, unless it was used with a Cobra caliper.

    The GT bracket only uses a 11 inch rotor, which would reduce the leverage

    the caliper has. I figured lets see the worst case, and I will know it is that

    much better off. If you notice the twisting on the bracket and the deflection

    would both be less if the caliper bolt holes were better tied together. That

    is not a problem since the Cobra bracket doesnt have that half moon cutout

    in between the caliper mounting bolt holes. That will stiffen the bracket. If

    the later 2 piston GT calipers are used for the GT size brakes, the "Cobra"

    bracket can still be used, since the only reason the half moon is there is to

    clear the early single piston GT caliper.

    Further reading:


    "The ability to model a structural system in 3D can provide a powerful and accurate analysis of almost any structure. 3D models in general, can be produced using a range of common computer aided design (CAD) packages. Models have the tendency to range largely in both complexity and in file format depending on 3D model creation software, and the complexity of the model’s geometry. FEA is a growing industry in product design, analysis and development in engineering. The trend of utilizing FEA as an engineering tool is growing rapidly."


  3. Sorry, I thought that might be a little confusing. Cobra uses the same 5 on 4.5

    bolt pattern as Stude, Corvette uses 5 on 4.75. To use Vette rotors on a Stude

    you have to redrill the pattern - then they have that swiss cheese look. What I

    was getting at is the calipers are the same between Vette and Cobra, at least

    the C5 and the Cobra. You are mentioning "80s" so thats a C4 I believe, and it

    would have smaller brakes. I use the 13 inch Cobra front discs, the ones I got

    were from StangSuspension.com. My third article will be in the next issue of the

    Avanti Magazine - which should answer most questions. Keep in mind that if you

    can get the weight low, the Avanti is 60/40 weight distribution, so lightening up

    the rear end might not get the desired effect. That extra weight from the Stang

    subframe might be a welcome addition once the heavy leafs are gone. Unsprung

    weight it what you want to limit. With some Bilstein shocks & a larger rear sway

    bar you can control over 4000 pounds pretty easily.


  4. David,

    I am in Santa Barbara, California.

    Have you looked into the 03/04 Mustang Cobra rear end? Its an IRS and will

    keep the factory 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern that Stude has. If you get the whole

    rear end, you can hit me up for the Cobra front disc brackets I designed to

    have the matching front disc setup. Actually, the Vette uses the same rear

    brakes, so my setup will match those as well. Chances are the Mustang has

    a width similar to the Avanti - or at least closer than a Vette.

    Just a thought.


  5. I live in California, so we dont have a "winter", its really just to seasons,

    summer and summer with rain. Prior to buying my new wheels a year

    and a half ago, the Avanti sat outside all the time (years). Recently its

    been in the garage getting ready for shows, and more recently because

    the power steering took a dump. I need to get a new cover for it ....

    any suggestions? I was figuring a 65-68 Mustang Fastback cover? ;)


  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_Drive

    "By 1955, Studebaker was forced to abandon Automatic Drive because of high production costs. Studebaker replaced Automatic Drive with a less expensive Borg-Warner unit built by the Warner Gear Division, ironically based on Ford's Ford-o-Matic, that Studebaker called Flight-O-Matic. Borg-Warner continued to build Studebaker's Automatic Drive and market the unit overseas. It was used by such British firms as Jaguar, Daimler, Humber and Ford Zephyr/Zodiac."


    "The Flight-O-Matic transmission used in 1959-64 Vehicles is, for the most part, the same as that used on Ford vehicles of the same vintage. Often referred to as a "Ford Iron Case" transmission, the only major differences are the valve body & torque converter. A local transmission rebuild shop should have no difficulties in repairing one (especially if they have a staff member that has actually seen a Studebaker automatic). "


    This is what it looks like :




  7. I was running a 3:31 axle in my Hawk (lighter car) with a 700R4, and a built

    Studebaker 289 - got around 25 mpg.

    I think its MORE likely that your Avanti has a Flight-o-matic Stude trans, and

    they blocked off 1st gear since the FOM only has a selectable "L" & "D". It is

    a 3 speed trans, but it takes off in 2nd gear. Most people thought that the FOM

    was only a 2 spd trans. It also shares many parts and looks with a Ford trans.


  8. Well ... when you take out that "heavy" Dana 44, and swap in your new IRS,

    send me an email and I will come by and get it out of your garage. :D;)

    Keep in mind that for most driving, and on most roads IRS & a live axle are

    going to be almost impossible to tell the difference. The IRS shows its its

    colors most on a turn with uneven surfaces. A live axle will skip, but the IRS

    will hold the road. Unless you are a spirited driver, chances are you will not

    ever see the benefits of an IRS. You might also notice a slight improvement

    on straight line driving, but thats questionable.

    I am looking into a way of modifying the live axle with coil overs (eliminate

    the leafs) and trailing arms with a panhard bar and upper arm. Its in the

    dreaming stage right now, but this is done fairly often in other makes. I feel

    that a true "bolt in" 3 arm system might be fairly popular.


  9. What happened to the GOOD locksmiths??? I bet a homeboy could have

    that Avanti key made in 60 seconds!! I could post a question on the Impala

    site, some of those guys have questionable pasts. :P;)B)


  10. http://www.tvmadeez.com/article/index.html

    The above link explains the proper TV cable adjustment. I didnt do the swap

    for my dad, so I dont know how much trouble they had. He didnt report back

    to me that they needed to cut anything. He just had a local garage in the tiny

    town he lives in make what was needed. He used my 89 700R4 that I took

    out of my Hawk. When I didnt my Hawk swap, I just went a salvage yard

    and measured driveshafts until I found one the right length. You should also

    be able to do that with the Avanti swap. I have read that others have had a

    few issues with floor and servo contact, my dad didnt mention anything about

    that being true with the 69, some claim after that the floors were changed?

    The lockup converter is easy to take care of, B&M made (probably still does)

    a converter lockup device that ran off the speedo cable, you put it between

    the trans and speedo & adjust the converter to lock up at an indicated 45mph.

    Very simple stuff. The TV Cable needs to have a spot on the carb to connect,

    so you need to remedy that, I just bought an Edelbrock carb, and made my

    own bracket to bolt to the intake. That was on a Stude engine, you have a

    lot more options available for the GM powered Avantis.


  11. Wow, an AMC trans??? I dont see how that could have happened. Regardless,

    if you are running something that oddball, and its only got 2 speeds, and you are

    planning this GearVendors OD unit, might I suggest a much easier swap? The

    TH700R4 is a 4 speed auto trans, will bolt directly to your GM engine, and its an

    all in one piece. Get one from 1987 to 1993 and you are good to go, make sure

    you add a cooler if you dont have one already. If you want more longevity, have

    a local shop add extra clutches to the 3/4 pack, and add a "Corvette" servo. Its

    probably the single best upgrade you can make. My dad just did his 1969 Avanti

    and loves it (thats your old baby Wayne! ;) )


  12. Your post came through, so you did it correctly. If you are not a member

    of AOAI yet, then I suggest you join up! I think that Lew might be able to

    tell you if those back issues are available, or you can check the backorder

    page on this site.


    There are benefits of independent suspension, but also many negatives.

    The Dana 44 in your Avanti is a very good unit, and if you are looking for

    improvements in ride and handling, there are things you can do.


  13. Years ago my brother lost the keys to his 64 Lark Daytona. We called up

    a locksmith and he MADE the keys right there in the street. This would

    have been around 1990 or so. It was funny actually, he was out there

    for an hour or more, and we came out to check on his progress, he was

    upset that he couldnt get the door key to work in the trunk. he was less

    than happy to hear (at this late stage in the game) that Stude trunk keys

    were DIFFERENT than the door/ignition. The scary part was, he got SO

    close to getting ONE key to fit all three locks! What a trooper! The key

    would work fine in the door/ignition, but you had to jiggle the trunk! It

    must have been due to age, since those two keys are quite different! My

    point is, a GOOD locksmith should be able to make it right there and get

    you on the road! ;)B)


  14. OK, first off you should have a 3 speed trans, the Avanti auto was a 3

    spd until they used the 4 spd OD until in the early 80s. You should be

    seeing a "Powershift" automatic in there, which is a Borg Warner unit.

    Its possible that someone put a 2 speed Powerglide in there, though it

    is very unlikely. From your description, it sounds like a "Powershift".

    It is a very good transmission, and cream of the crop for Stude. It is

    loosely based on a Ford trans, so many parts are available still. It is

    highly unlikely that the gear INSIDE the trans is damaged. Most likely

    the gear on the end of the cable, is skipping teeth on the gear in the

    trans - which causes your speedo problem. It also could be a combo

    of needing to pour some speedo cable lube down from the top side. I

    would guess that if the gear from the cable isnt too badly damaged, it

    would be possible to go to your local (preferrably one around for more

    then a few years) and size up the gear with what they have. Once you

    compare it to one, you should be able to find out how many teeth it

    used to have.

    I hope this helps.


  15. Oh man thats ripe!! Losing faith really fast in the new Avanti company. They

    "Lie" (give false info), "Cheat" (rip off investors), and "Steal" (take ownership

    of others ideas). But I guess thats Par for the Course in todays Corporations!



    The "History" section of the new Avanti web site says Avantis were made in Canada! Does their web site writer suffer from the common misconception that Avantis were made in Canada after Studebaker shut down in South Bend, or do they know something we don't know?
  16. Thanks Wayne, yah they came out nice. What you are looking at it a

    taped on piece of paper with a concept for a 'company' name. I have

    been considering making a number of parts for my Avanti, the brakes

    are just the beginning. I didnt want to call them "Rautio Brakes" like

    "Turner Brakes", since I have ideas for other things. I want to make

    some adapters to mount Bilstein shocks for example, an idea for front

    turn signals (with LED) CNCed from aluminum and 8 bolt headlamp

    rings. What I came up with was "Rautio Automotive Design Ideas."

    Which spells out "RAD IDEAS" on the top and bottom. The CNC shop

    is supposed to be getting back to me on font thickness, and it will be

    etched into the leading edge as shown. B)


    Lookin' good! Can't quite make out the lettering on the bracket... looks like -something- "automotive device"
  17. In an attempt to get my 3rd article finished for Avanti Magazine, I figured

    it would be nice to show the CNCed parts on the car. So today I went out

    and installed them. They fit perfectly, no issues, just a simple swap. I am

    not sure how consistent Stude was between their spindles, I will find out

    from the feedback. Please excuse the oil, when the powersteering went it

    got EVERYWHERE. This is after 3 high pressure cleanings!




    After I got them on the car, I went out to a local business and took some

    shots for consideration for a magazine cover. These are ones I took along

    side of the "portrait" pictures. "Landscape" allows the best angles.





  18. Removal of the XUV from the site is a plus as well..it was not ready for production, the photos of it were poorly retouched, and it is too late for it to capture a slice of an already flooded and dwindling market.

    Not that its much surprise now, but made this point also in my Email to

    Avanti Motors back in 2005. AvantiDan came on the site and made it

    very clear that SUVs were selling like hotcakes, & they had a long list

    of potential buyers for the "Studebaker" monstrosity. I told them they

    would do MUCH better to use the rights that Avanti bought years ago,

    and remake the Lark Wagonaire with sliding roof and Mustang chassis.

    Sport Wagons have really caught on, and the Magnum sales are good.

    Certainly makes sense to join a growing market and not a dying one.

    Karl, just order a set of the 18 inch wheels from AFS and put them on

    the Twin and you HAVE one. I wonder why they keep "hiding" the rear

    of the coupe? I see they removed the side windows of the Mustang. I

    think this was a BIG mistake. They could have reshaped them and did

    a design similar to the original rear quarter window. Now they have

    made a bigger blind spot. Ouch.


  19. Interesting how they state its got 18 inch wheels, but the 03/04 Cobra wheels

    they are using are 17 inch. The company that I told them to get the knockoffs

    from "AFS Wheels" makes the 18 inch version. The Ford factory ones were only

    17 x 9, not 18 x 9. They where only made for 03/04. Sounds like even MORE

    proof that they used the info from my email!! Also, the last Avanti Magazine

    with the feature on the new Avanti clearly showed the rims the donor Mustang

    comes with, and they are NOT the wheels shown below. I should contact AFS,

    have a chat with Samantha & see if they are getting orders from Mexico? ;)

    Heres coupe shot Karl :


    Oh yah ... and MY Avanti .....



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