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  1. Front trans seal started leaking, soon as we have some free time in the shop I'm going to replace the front and rear seals, bushings and install a B&M shift kit.

    Until you get a chance .. throw in a can of "TransX" ... you will be amazed. Did that

    on our 78 Camaro to drive it home 150 miles. Before TransX it leaked like crazy &

    would only rev and not move, after TransX, leaks are gone, and 2 years later is still

    moves ... with a little "warming up" first. Not bad for a "bad" transmission!


  2. From these pictures taken YEARS ago, you would never guess that the Avanti

    had just been resurrected from a mud grave a few months before. I had got

    the car indirectly from the previous owner, who had it shipped from back east

    where it have been a "show winner". The car had been "fully restored" in the

    mid 80's, and then apparently won a few shows. The guy had it shipped back

    here, and paid around 12k for it (kinda high for late 80's?). He drove it around

    Santa Barbara California until blowing up first gear, and parked it. There is sat

    on the side of his house for about 5 years, when my brother spotted it on his

    Postal Route. It was sitting under a tree, 3 flat tires, sunk into the 'mud' on a

    dirt driveway. The paint looked like black primer, completely dead, and there

    was transmission parts on the floor, and in the trunk. I truely wish I had some

    "before" pictures of it. Over two years went by after contacting the owner (he

    didnt want to sell it, was going to fix it) before a friend of mine was looking to

    buy an Avanti. I found the old phone number and he still had it. This was

    about 15 years ago. Knowing that an Avanti parts car was over 6000 at the

    time, my friend was uncertain what the guy wanted to get for it. We found out

    that the car "had to be moved", and was in a storage yard downtown. During

    a phone call, the owner asked if he would give him 3500 bucks for it. He agreed.

    After paying back fees, my friend decided it was too much for him, and he

    wanted a running Avanti. He sold the car to me for $4000, and then bought a

    67 Avanti from Wayne (small world). Anyway ... here are some pictures of the

    car after MANY hours of waxing with Meguiars three stage system :







  3. In my case, I am much more concerned with a smooth quiet ride, as my

    driving habits are rather sedate in my old age

    Sounds like I need to egg you on!! Dangit! Lead foot and hard through the turns

    till the day I die! :PB)

    I was going to give you a call on friday, I drove the Avanti to work, and then went

    to In N Out Burger. That car gets big time attention. I chickened out on calling you

    though, I just dont trust that car driving on that road to your house, not the brakes,

    but that darn transmission, groaning power steering and I think I heard Chewbacca :o

    A Camry? Wayne, Wayne, Wayne ..... gone to the dark side. :unsure:

    You still havent replied to my reply to your post about repairs ...... :blink:


  4. The SSB calipers replace the stock calipers with no modifications needed, worked great with my drop spindles and stock 15" rims. These will stop the Avanti in a hurry. Now for the rear brakes.

    Cool stuff, its nice to have options. There are no aluminum calipers available yet? How you like

    the drilled and slotted? I have been going back and forth on ordering the 13 inch d&s or just the

    slotted. I have read that repeated hard stops can cause stress cracks, but then thats regular

    autocross kinda stuff. Another thing that I am not so sure of, there are only slotted rear rotors

    available, not drilled & slotted. So I would have drilled and slotted front, and slotted rear. I dont

    know if that will bother me over time ... LOL. The Monteavanti came with rear drum right? That

    question came up in a phone call tonight. :huh:


  5. The A/C relocate kit costs $289.00. Go to http://www.bowersrodshop.com/home.htm.

    Nice find on that A/C relocating setup! THANK YOU! I might have to order one of those

    up once I get complaints from the wife its too hot in the car. I need to shoot them an

    email and find out if the lower delete pulley is the same as the GM one, I mean I know

    its one they made, but I already bought the GM one!!

    Nice exhaust, looks like you might have a leaking front main seal, or the back of the

    intake manifold. Sure is nice to order -off the shelf- items! ;)


  6. Here is a picture with the new 16x7 wheels and P225/60R16 Yokohama AVS db tires- I have put about 500 miles on this setup with no rubbing problems yet. The larger tires really make a difference!

    I hear that ... wait til you get the 17's! Interesting problem with the inner fender "thingy". The 63 Avanti

    doesnt ave anything like that. Are you having trouble with width AND height?? Height you can fix with a

    lower profile, but width ... ick! It might be time to break out the cut off wheel and wave bye bye to that

    funny looking inner fender. I am enjoying the 245/45's ... but the steering is TOO SLOW, and the front

    sway bar is truely laughable. With the reminder of how these cars handle with the stock setup, its not a

    surprise my big heavy Impala SS can run circles around this in the twistys! Driving the same road to work

    on friday I do in the Impala, I was concerned on a few turns. The Stude likes to "plow" into the turns. Feels

    very heavy and slow. The Camaro can outhandle the Impala, and the Avanti would be in the weeds!

    I remember my Hawk handling better then this ........ maybe its because I didnt know any better.

    Those rims give the car a look similar to the race car that was built in the 80's.


  7. The clutch is operated hydraulically.

    Ya know that brake fluid is absorbed directly into the skin and can affect the brain. Be careful with that stuff!

    Thanks for the clarification, thats what I thought you meant, but when I read the part

    about the broken rod :o , I was thinking the shaft between the pedal and the bellhousing,

    since that broke on my dads 63 Studebaker truck! Good point about the brake fluid, I

    need to stop pouring it on my head ... but, its just so sooooooothing. :P


  8. I found this on a different forum:

    "It means the link you used as the image url is not actually an image, but a website. Check it again to make sure it ends with .jpg, .gif, or whatever. If it's a picture, it will end in that. If it's a dynamic page, it won't. To get the url for the picture, right click on it and go to Properties. Then, copy and paste the url shown."


  9. I would suggest looking at a 70 series, or a 65 series tire. A tire shop can tell you

    which tire size will have the same rolling diameter as the 205/75. It may ride a

    little more harsh, but you will like the quicker response from the steering wheel.


  10. The exhaust note is a bit too aggressive for us right now. Sure it is a thrill the first five or six minutes of driving but after that it can overload the eardrums.

    Your telling me .. my 63 has the glasspack mufflers, between the drone and the popping, its bends are so

    poor, that some of the diameters look to be less then 1.25 inches. :o:o:o Thats Honda size! :blink:

    The clutch pedal is very smooth and easy to operate. No thunder thighs or reinforced seat back needed.

    To clarify, you DO have the hydraulic clutch, or the manual clutch setup? You stated that Myers had

    provided you with the manual parts, but the mechanic went with the hydraulic for ease. I confused :unsure:


  11. Looks great!!! Not sure of the availablity of early Avanti performance suspension parts but have you considered air bags in place of the springs?

    By the way, I am having trouble posting pictures, how are you doing it?

    Its magic!! Its difficult to explain here on the forum, because the code tries to insert a picture

    if you type out the proceedure. Basically you have to put [*img*] WITHOUT the * at start and

    end of the text "img", and then after the http address you put [*/img*] without the * .

    so your text would be:


    I am not big on airbags .. something about them makes me worried.

    Dittos on the looks great...really a nice car.

    Thanks ... the pictures are deceiving .. the paint isnt as good as it looks, but its passable. Its

    amazing what you can do with lighting and the 'right' angle. Its a 10 footer. ;)


  12. Mike Myers favors the mechanical clutch linkage and provided all the parts needed. The mechanic who performed the swap decided to go hydraulic in an attempt to keep things simple for himself.

    No offence taken about the hijack. Any Avanti interest is always welcome.

    Well .. thats a GOOD thing, since now I have to ask about your exhaust ... whose is it? size? ;)

    By the way, we featured Joe & Judy's Avanti with Tremec conversion in Avanti Magazine last year, during the summer, in issue number 130. When I get around to doing this with my 63 R2 (currently an automatic), I plan to use a manual clutch linkage.

    I didnt realize it was the same car. I read that article, but its not enough info for me :( I would suggest the

    hydraulic setup, because of the flexible transfer of force, the alignment of the linkage doesnt exist. Also, the

    hydraulic setup makes for a more smooth, & EASIER application of the clutch. So there is less pedal effort.

    The seat bolts on my drivers seat in my 3spd manual Avanti are busted from the force needed to push in the

    dang clutch pedal! I can not wait to get away from that. Its a workout driving the car.


  13. Keep the Stude engine in your Avanti, and just put the Tremec behind it!! That's what I'm going to do with my R2 Avanti, but I'm still some bit away from doing the job. Anything is possible.

    True. I am ready to go as soon as a kit is being developed, I bought the

    entire T56 trans from a 97 Camaro Z28, I have everything from the flywheel

    to the tail shaft. I also have the complete hydrualic assembly. Its not a

    "Tremec", its the factory Borg Warner.


    Mike Myers was a big help in pulling parts together for the conversion. Between the skills you displayed in the beautiful Cobra brake work and Mike's extensive experience in manual tranny conversions it shouldn't prove too difficult to get a T56 mated to the Studie motor.

    Its funny you mention Myers, I contacted them last year, they were the third

    outfit that I contacted, first being McLeod. McLeod I contacted over 2 years

    ago and they totally blew me off. I dont see how they get the high praise of

    the car magazines (kick backs?).

    Then I contacted Bendtsen, he was a real jerk, and his kit has a few safety

    issues. Then I contacted Myers, at first I was told that they were currently

    developing one, and to contact Mike. I sent Mike a few Emails with no reply.

    Then I contacted them again, and they told me that they didnt see the use

    in adapting the T56, as it wasnt very popular. That was shocking, since its

    only THE most popular manual to install these days. Then I contacted Dave

    over at Steeltech, he and I went back and forth on a few ideas, but he was

    not interested in developing a kit. In our discussions we decided that a

    custom flywheel is the key. Then I thought of Fairborn, since they offer an

    aluminum flywheel for Stude. Fairborn is currently researching it, I hope

    that they decide to go through with it. I am sure that I could come up with

    a flywheel, but I dont really have the facilities to make it. They must be

    balanced and such, a massive high speed spinning piece of metal is a whole

    different animal then some stationary caliper brackets.

    Did you use the hydraulic clutch assembly, or convert it to the old style?

    Sorry for hijacking your interior thread. :unsure:


  14. I drove the Avanti to work today, the GT brakes are working quite nice.

    I havent had any noticable clearance issues with the car at this height.

    I am feeling the need to lower it about 1 inch though. Once that happens

    its probably going to have fender clearance issues. I go back and forth

    on whether or not to lower it. The frame isnt exactly sitting "high" off

    the ground. I can have special lowering springs made by eatonsprings,

    but I dont know what "stock" height IS for an Avanti. Mine has most

    likely sagged, and the rear springs are not original (station wagon). The

    Rep at Eaton, is going to contact old customers, and see if they will send

    me an email with input about height.

    As far as ride and control, the car feels very responsive, turn the wheel

    and the car turns - no lag. The swaybars are too weak and the shocks

    are old. The ride is what you would expect from 45 series tires, but its

    not as bad as you might think. You DO feel "bad" roads.

    I would have to say that I am very happy with the way the car looks,

    and feels with these wheel/tire package. I have done research online &

    this is the size tire that you see most often used on 60's vintage road

    race cars. Pick up a copy of PHR, Car Craft or the like and you will

    see 17 x 8 and 245/45 are the choice setup.

    My Avanti is the inspiration for the 2006 Avantis choice in wheels, even

    though I received no "thank you" from Avanti, at least I know its true. B)


  15. Thats pretty nice, and its a 6 speed. SWEET! I am fighting the temptation to

    pull the Stude engine from my 63 and put in an LT1. I am as familar now with

    the LT1 as I was with the Stude ... but I want to keep the Stude engine. The

    problem is getting the 97 T-56 mated to the Stude block. Fairborn is looking

    into it .. hopefully they come through. Nice looking interior! Good work!

    (bring over some others from the Yahoo site - this is the place to be! B) )


  16. I am looking for a rear window defogger switch for my '87 Kelly Avanti. A post from two years ago said to contact the factory or a Mr. Weldon Critcher in NC. Can anyone update this info?

    Well ... I usually assume I am on my own on things like this, so I would start

    by removing the switch, and seeing if it can be opened and cleaned. While

    you have it out, look for any signs of markings, chances are its a GM part.

    I dont know about contacting Avanti Motors .. they wont reply, but steal any

    ideas that you present ..... without even a thank you.


  17. I am laughing my A$$ off .. and also a little bummed at the same time. I searched

    and searched for the "right" rims for my Avanti, and finally decided on the Cobra

    wheels. The I suggested it to the Avanti Motor Corporation though a direct Email

    (which was never replied too) and then an open letter here, and was replied to by

    "AvantiDan". He was not too happy about my XUV judgement, but its OBVIOUS

    from the latest picture of the new Avanti, that he took MY advice and used the 03

    Cobra wheels on it. Never got a thank you (not surprised). I bet that he got a few

    pats on the back for "his" idea. Now when MY Avanti gets seen at car shows, people

    not knowing about my friendly advice to AMC about the rims, will think that I have

    copied the new Avanti .... when in reality I was the originator. Looks like I made a

    mistake ..... though SOME relief is known since my Avanti is featured in the Issue 133

    of Avanti magazine, with my Cobra brake article ..... AND a picture of my Avanti

    with the 03 Cobra rims on it!


    I guess I should feel that imitation is the best form of flattery....


  18. If you have one for sale, or know of one, location of car is not an issue, please contact me...

    If you are not a member of AOAI and SDC, I suggest you go ahead and join both,

    that way you can look through the for sale ads in the club magazines. You will want

    to be a member anyway, to make sure you can get parts and such. You might also

    try Ebay, I already checked www.recycler.com, the only Avanti listed is an 87 vert.






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