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  1. Well, I finally got my tax refund, and I sold a 97 Camaro axle I have had

    in the garage for a few years, so I made the order last night. Hopefully

    they will be here next week sometime. This is what I got for $626 bucks

    including tax/shipping:

    I decided to go with the all aluminum Mach 1 calipers, they are identical to

    the Cobra, but have no markings (price includes pads). Set : $179


    Since I am giving the whole GT front setup to my dad, I needed two new

    brake lines, these are as cheap as stock rubber. They are stainless steel

    braided hoses with teflon inners, and have the correct bolts. Set : $60


    For use with the "Cobra" calipers, I needed 13" rotors, I decided to get the

    most impressive looking, so there would be no doubt that these are some

    awesome brakes. Here is the latest technology/style, zinc plated & cross

    drilled with slots. The zinc plating keeps the surfaces that the pads do not

    touch from getting all rusty looking. Set : $170


    The reason I got this GT brake setup for free was that the rotors were a

    bit scored, which includes the rear rotors. Wanted rotors that matched on

    the rear, I went with the same design/style rear rotors (zinc). Set : $125


    Plan is to go out to a rarely used stretch of road this weekend & mark off

    a section for some 60-0 stops with the GT setup before I upgrade. That

    will give me some numbers I can post. I dont expect it to be much, if any,

    better then the factory setup when it was new, if memory serves an Avanti

    stopped in 139 feet from 60 back in 63?? Anyone have those results? The

    main improvement the GT brakes would have is repeatability. Not sure

    what to expect from the Cobra brakes, I figure that without anti-lock, it is

    going to have a point where the tires will just lock up. I am curious of how

    it turns out, but this is still less $ then if I bought even the cheaper Turner

    front & rear disc kits. It also fills my 17" wheels, which is what I wanted. I

    also found a local CNC machinst that wants to make brackets, his bid was

    the best so far, but he hasnt replied back to my Email - keep yah posted!



  2. Did you try the Parts x-change at Bob Johnstone's site?



    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks 66 Buick Front H.D. 5002 Monroe

    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks 66 Buick Front standard 2003 Monroe

    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks Rear H.D. 5029 Monroe

    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks Standard 2039 Monroe

    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks 66 Buick Front H.D. 45262 Gabriel

    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks 66 Buick Front standard 19017 Gabriel

    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks Rear H.D. 45244 Gabriel

    SHOCK - 62 - 64 Hawk Shocks Standard 19001 Gabriel

    SHOCK - 63-84 Avanti Front Shocks - Gabriel OEM #42446 Gas #68675 Red

    Ryder #42130 Adjustable 'E' #63360 Strider #45836 / Monroe OEM #2066 (?)


    (NAPA number for the front shocks is NS5759 Dec 2005)

    KYB number 1963-85 ALL KG4550 343127

    SHOCK - Avanti / The following Gabriel Shock reference is on the same page but

    no explanation as to the application (front or rear). May infer 1st 2

    columns = regular duty/ 2nd 2 columns = Heavy Duty - Avanti 63 - 85


    SHOCK - Gabriel ShocK - Stude suspension - #s Front: 82087 Rear: 82103

    Front dimensions: extended; 14.71" compressed 9.26" Rear dimensions:

    extended; 22.70" compressed 13.34"

    SHOCK - Rear Shocks Monroe #2039 " Load Leveler #LL492 Gabriel #17175

    Columbus #C139 late 63 thru 84

    SHOCK - Front: Gabriel # 82087--Heavy duty gas

    SHOCK - Rear: Gabriel # 82103--Heavy duty gas (TimJackman@aol.com) 25May99

    SHOCK - KONI -64-83 - 8240A-1011 -------- Front shock

    SHOCK - KONI - 64-83 8240F-1012 -------- Rear shock

    SHOCK - KONI - 63-83 - 82-1425 for the rears and 82-1184 for the fronts.

    The Stude part #'s are 1700703 for the rears and 1700702 for the fronts.

    SHOCK - 64-84 Avanti Koni ft shock: 82-1184

    SHOCK - 63-84 Avanti Koni rear shock: 82-1425

    SHOCK - 63-84 Avanti Front 1553986/ Gabriel 42130/ Sears 96902/ Big A

    35346/ Gabriel 69675 / Monroe 6868 / Gabriel B3360 / Monroe 2066/

    Monroe 5801 / Sears 79513 / Monroe-matic 2003

    SHOCK - 63-84 Avanti - 1558550/ Monroe 2039/Columbus C139/Monroe LL 492/

    Gabriel 26177 / Gabriel 17175 Rear After S/N R 1225

    SHOCK - Koni 63 - 84 8240A-1011 -------- Front shock

    SHOCK - Koni 63 - 84 8240F-1012 -------- Rear shock

    SHOCK - 63-84 Avanti Gabriel 82103 --- Rear shock

    SHOCK - 63-84 Avanti Front - OE #1553786: / SEARS - #93902 / GABRIEL - #42130

    SHOCK - 81 Pontiac Bonneville was suggested as a source for front shocks for the 62-64 Hawks

    SHOCK -------------

    SHOCK - Shocks Gabriel Gabriel ShocK #s Front: 82087 Rear: 82103

    SHOCK - Front dimensions: extended; 14.71" compressed 9.26"

    SHOCK - Rear dimensions: extended; 22.70" compressed 13.34"

    SHOCK - Front: top end - stud lower end - bar pin

    SHOCK - LARK (59-62)- Front - Gabriel Classic # 82087

    SHOCK - LARK (63-66)- Rear - Gabriel Classic # 82103(Stud on bottom)

    SHOCK - LARK (59-62) - Rear - Gabriel Classic 82151 (loop bottom)

    SHOCK - 51 Commander - Gabrial Classic Gas 94026(front) 94060 (rear)


    From appplication label on a box from an Ebay Ad (Jan 2003)

    Atlas Brand #82087 140455 ( 18952 on paper tag?)


    F 56 Full size All ( except air suspension)

    F 63 - 64 ALL

    F 63 - 65 Riviera All


    F 57 - 62 All

    F 63 - 66 All

    F 63 - 86 Avanti & Avanti II All


    SHOCK - GABRIEL Gabriel

    Shocks (Red Ryder Gas). Front are #82087, and rear are #82103.


    KONI - Any Stude REAR - 1040-1018. Currently available / remove stock upper mount pin and insert into Koni - Ted Harbit Jan 2004


    July 2005

    SHOCK - c/K 1955 Coupe - Autozone 80260 (Rear)

    62 GT Hawk - Monroe-Matic 31094 Noted to fit rear of 1951 to 1956

    Studebakers. Same as the Type "A" shock in the 55-58 parts book, the ones with

    out the metal sleeves. Use a propane torch to heat up the rubber bushings and

    press the sleeves out of old shocks / fit them to the new shocks. The new shocks do come with a metal sleeve in the box but it appeared to be too short for the GT Hawk.

    dpson1954@adelphia.net July 2005


    July 2005

    SHOCK - C/K 1955 (Gabriel 80260) ( appear to be a direct fit, BUT you must save the "sleeves" from your old shocks. They do fit properly in the bushings of the new shocks.



    Oct 2005

    SHOCK - Avanti 63-64 -Look for '63-'65 Buick Riviera. It's the same application.Gunslinger1@erols.com


    Monroe sensa track 5759

    Reflex truck for a stiffer shock 911186

    Limited Edition LE 10024


    Koni/8240 A-1011/8204 F1012/

    Gabriel/G82087/G82103/"Fruit Ridge Tools"

    Sears Gas/94087/91103/"Sears Classic Shock Book"

    If you have acess to a Arbor press or hyd. press and some liquid Tide or

    wisk you can use

    Monroe matic 31029






    Sensi-trac 37015



    Severe Service 550007

    Reflex truck 911015


    Limited Edition 10005


    All Fronts


    Mar 2006

    87-88 Avanti rear - Koni 8040-1093

    I cant believe it!! No Bilstein?!?! I WANT BILSTEIN!! :(


  3. There is a lot of talk on the Monte Carlo SS site about lids for the console. Mine was trashed so I purchased a new one from the dealer (not available any more)

    I recently ordered a new lid for the '86 IROC we are restoring to sell. I got

    it from the Dealer, I am surprised that they dont still have the Monte one.

    If you need any GM parts, then contact Dal, he sells at 10% over Dealer cost,

    to give you an idea of the savings, LT1 Opti - Dealer 600/Dal 200.


    Discount GM Parts Source

    The legendary Dal Slabaugh has been outstanding in his support of GM Car Clubs, Groups, and List Members. Standard Pricing is Cost + 10% + Shipping & Handling. This special pricing applies to all GM products.

    Dal Slabaugh

    Manager, Internet Sales

    Van Devere Oldsmobile

    300 W. Market Street

    Akron, OH 44303

    Toll Free 1-877-448-5451

    8 AM - 5 PM

    Fax: 1-330-658-4065

    E-Mail: lockitup@bright.net


  4. "happy" .. thats funny you say that. I think that ALL Studebakers have a "happy" look to them,

    the Avanti darn near "Stay Puff Marshmellow" happy! No where is this MORE apparent as with

    the 63 Avanti, with its round "eyes" and that rounded smile under the bumper air intake. Can it

    be bloted into place? I hate using rivots, since replacement is a pain. How is it on road dipps?

    My Impala SS scraps the stock 3 piece air dam on almost EVERY rain gutter, its stock height!


  5. I don't want to cut open the entire harness to trace that power supply wire, but it wouldn't be the first time.

    I am not sure how sensitive they get, but I got a spark plug wire tester from Walmart, that would

    glow when near an electrical field. If something was made that could "sense" 12 volts then that

    would work nicely to see where the power "ends". I know that the early cars used some circuit

    breakers inline. I wonder if Avanti motors did the same??


  6. Well the electric gremlins finally won today, my '87 is completely dead.

    Wow .. that totally sucks. What were the events leading up to this? Just one day

    you went out to start it, OR it was running and died and nothing?


  7. Usually always, a bad frame Avanti has a multitude of issues - of which the frame is just the worst issue. Reality check: the current pace of new Avanti production is zilch - and will probably remain that way until the next rich dude with car dreams comes along to scoop up the remnants of the company at a liquidation sale.

    My Avanti is a 63, and the rear of the frame has the bottom separating from the "hat". Some might consider

    it a parts car, but if you look at the pictures - it certainly doesnt look like a parts car. As with Corvettes, the

    first thing to go is the frame - to have replacements available would benefit all. Thats the point I am trying

    to make here. Avanti USED to be more profitable, and that was back when they supported all the existing

    Avantis on the road, the current Avanti Motors doesnt have anything to offer the restorer or driver of cars on

    the road today. If this was an option, it would increase the revenue that Avanti takes in, and there by giving

    them more breathing room between car sales. Its not a pipe dream or a fantasy, its a REAL sales tactic that

    would assist Avanti in being profitable again. Going back to the original body, and making an updated frame

    that uses C4 Corvette suspenion components, but the original mounting points would give Avanti a sellable

    item like Art Morrison. Sure the market would be 1 or 2 a year, but thats extra cash, since those frames are

    used in the production model. Headlights, taillights, door handles, window regulators (priced on lately?) all

    would become available to the aftermarket - which is what Avanti did back in the N&A days.

    Modern-Retro is in ... and you cant get much more retro/modern then an Avanti. ;)

    Too bad the "idea" people never have any money. :rolleyes:


  8. Thanks to all for your advice. It does not sound like conversion is an easy thing.

    It all depends on if you can find the manual shift parts, which I doubt is easy.

    Its possible that some Lark parts might work .. but I dont know. That Avanti

    I posted above sounds very tempting ... and you can build it how you want!

    I would buy a 93-97 Camaro/Firebird engine and T56 trans and drop it in. B)


  9. Sorry, but you have entered the dreamland zone. Kit cars are different, and I'm not sure if that format would appeal to the late model Avanti clientele. Not all of those Cobra companies have the cakewalk you might think - not all states welcome such cars with open arms.

    I agree that a kit car Avanti would be a hard sell, but its not without merit.

    The basic math on production numbers rules out an Eleanor/Avanti. Shelby can find thousands of old Mustang shells to use in building the Eleanor models etc. Total Avanti, and Avanti II, production through 1983 was maybe 8,000 units. Not all of which are currently extant. Only a portion of the remaining survivors suffer from rotten frames that need a total replacement. The business case for continuing Avanti in this manner is weak.

    I dont agree, keep in mind that Avanti makes about 50 to 150 cars a year, Avantis needing

    repair up to frame replacement are getting MORE common, not less common. Just about

    any Avanti back east needs at least the frame reinforcements replaced, most have rusted

    rear frames. It seems like I read about yet another Avanti being parted out because the

    frame is gone - yet the body is easily salvagable. Keep in mind, this is as a alternative to

    Avanti completely going out of business ... if they continued in this form it would benefit all

    the Avantis on the road, and sales would be more then just complete cars. Wouldnt you be

    happy to buy some LED taillights that are as bright as todays cars? How about headlights

    that fit your car, yet do away with the sealed beam? I would buy them!

    Take a look at what has happened everytime someone tries to make modern parts for the Studebaker engine - they go nowhere. Too few real buyers among the several that talk about alloy cylinder heads, a new big bore block, new cams, etc.

    Your preaching to the choir on THIS one:

    Avanti Forum original post :


    Avanti Forum followup (after rear installed) :


    Now if a moneyed individual wants to take on any of these causes without the economics to support it in the business sense, then it would be interesting. So far I see little such activity.

    I tried .. but I have no money. :(


  10. I don't think any manufacturer can sidestep any regulations. There used to be an exemption for "low volume" manufacturers, like Avanti during the early years, but even then the exemptions were temporary and allowed small companies additional time before having to comply. To have a dedicated chassis for the Avanti would be great, but many problems exist that only large amounts of capital would fix.

    How do some of these 'Cobra' manufacturers get away with it? Also, Shelby is

    making remanufactured Mustangs that look like the Eleanor from the remake of

    'Gone in 60 Seconds'. He is obviously side stepping, most likely because its

    based off a VIN that already exists? Maybe the key to the Avanti surviving, is

    to BUY Avantis (most likely Avanti IIs) with rotted frames, and then rebuild

    them with new chassis like Shelby is doing. I read TOO many times about an

    Avanti being parted out because the frame is gone. The bodys are always in

    good condition. Figure you can pick up a 'basketcase' Avanti for 3000 to 6000

    just about anywhere these days - sure beats the 25k the new Mustang costs.

    The chassis isnt really a big issue, like I mentioned Art Morrison already makes

    a chassis for the 53 Studebaker, and Stude pretty much used the same frame

    under all their cars (with slight differences). It wouldnt be hard to get Art to

    make a chassis that fits the Avanti - then there is the aftermarket for all the

    OTHER Avantis on the road. My 63 Frame isnt exactly pristine! If the company

    was open to adapting to the market thats available, they COULD really make

    a killing, with designing parts that will fit the 63-89 models on the road now!

    They could sell remanufactured cars like Shelby and Foose, and then sell the

    goodies to US!! Modern taillights, headlights, wiper assemblys, seats, and etc.

    This isnt a pipe dream - its a reality. B)


  11. Beyond the city of Villa Rica moving into the Avanti Motors Corporation land/buildings, the current status of Avanti seems lost in the vapors of the early morning dew. Only parts of their website are functional, the last "news" was from October 17th, 2005.

    They had an ad in issue 133 showing the new Avanti with the Cobra wheels like I had suggest

    they do, but its odd for a whole company to disappear without notice. I would guess that the

    "Studebaker XUV" is bringing them down. It would be ironic for the "Studebaker" to "kill"

    Avanti, since the Avanti was the last nail in the coffin for Studebaker! :blink:

    Each new Avanti has to "absorb" the cost of a new Mustang, which means it STARTS at a cost

    of 25k (or so). I really dont understand why a low production company like this, is not able

    to side step some of the standards, similar to a kit car company. If Avanti made an almost

    "turn key" car, then people could "build" their own. Art Morrison makes a frame that could

    be used under an Avanti body .... but then I suggested all that before!


  12. I have noticed a bit more power in first and I'm wondering how this may affect my fuel mileage. <_< I can't tell when the electric fan is on and I really enjoy driving the car more now without the engine fan noise. I would highly recommend this fan kit.

    Well .. it makes sense that it would work better all around, I doubt that ALL the new car

    manufacturers went to electric fans just to make things more complicated! ;)


  13. Iam looking for a '63 Avanti in near pristine condition. I have found 2 that seem good, but both have automatic transmission, and I much prefer a manual. How "easy" and costly is it to change from an automatic to a 4-speed manual?

    Changing a auto car to a manual is not easy, it requires sourcing all the parts needed to

    setup a manual car, and for the Avanti, they wont be common or cheap. For a manual

    trans, its best to start with a manual car.

    Does anyone know if more modern 5 or 6 speed transmissions exist that can be coupled to the studebaker engine?

    Currently no one makes a kit to adapt anything by the GM autos to a Studebaker engine,

    you can find tech info to adapt a T-5 trans, but that requires legwork to find a certain

    year bellhousing (a truck?). The T-56 trans is what I am currently working with Fairborn

    to adapt, but its anyones guess if they will follow through ... or give up. I will have to

    make one myself if that happens.

    I find the same problem when I look for an Avanti II - all were made (Ithink) with automatic. Is there a manual transmission available for the small block chevy 350 engine, and does anyone know if that is "easy" to do?

    There were SOME manual Avanti IIs. It would be easier to adapt a modern 5 or 6 spd

    trans to a GM powered Avanti II, since the mating of the engine to trans is not a problem.

    You would still have to source the clutch pedal assy. Or you can just buy THIS Avanti II:


    Have for sale or trade my late father's 1971 Avanti II. It is equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission from the factory, as well as 350 V8, p/s, p/b, a/c. The car runs and trans shifts in and out of gears. Restoration was started by my father. We have had the car about 13 years. He drove the car regularly for about 6 years until the paint started to go south on it. It has always been either garaged or covered. Recently it has been off the road about 3 1/2 years. The car has been media blasted. Has a nice set of bumpers that are off the car as well as headlight rings. Needs interior work as the front buckets are worn and have tears. I have a couple of sets of buckets- high backs and low backs that are in excellent shape as well as an excellent rear seat. Hog troughs are solid.

    Has had a brake conversion kit? installed by Zari Brothers Northeast Avanti in NY. Was installed at 11,432 miles.

    From what I remember being told it is 1 of 4 or 6 that rolled off the assembly line in 1971 with a 4-speed. My mother and father were the 2nd owners. Have pictures of the car coming off the assembly line at the Avanti factory.

    What it needs:

    Interior work

    Brake work

    paint prep and paint

    Asking $6000 OBO. Located in Massapequa, NY 11758

    New Pictures 4/9/06:


    Email me at Silverbullethawk1959@yahoo.com

    PS ... this is NOT MY car .. just a deal I found on the SDC site.


  14. System works fine so far. The only thing I don't care for is the way the controller works, on at 200F, off at 185F. I'm looking at a controller from http://www.dccontrol.com/ you set it at the temperature you want and the controller adjusts the current to the fan to keep that temperature.

    Keep us posted .. I am sure there are many here (not bothering to post) that

    are interested in what you end up with!


  15. For what it's worth-- (pun intended) I picked up a Camaro dual fan with shroud from the wrecking yard. Same dimensions as the Avanti radiator. Not in yet but the trial fitting is perfect. Cost? $50.00 !!

    More details are required, what year Camaro? You said dual fans, so it must have been a 3rd Gen or a

    4th Gen 350 V8. I have a 93 Z28 (4th Gen) and I have thought that the dimensions looked darn close!


  16. Tom, I emailed Fairborn, and they emailed back with a set of instructions on how someone had converted a Ford Motorsport T-5 into their Studebaker.

    Make sure you check the torque ratings on those, I was amazed at how weak the T-5 was!

    I talked to a guy a few years ago that had installed a T-bird T-5 into a Lark, his setup was

    pretty simple and straight forward. I already have the T-56 in the garage, if Fairborn is not

    going to come through, then once I get to that point - I will make my own. ;)

    My solution on the late model LT1/LS1 F-body cars is to install a tubular K member.

    Thats a lot more work then I want to do just to make spark plugs easier. I have found the

    "sweet spot" to get my arm in there, the only drawback is being able to read the exhaust

    manifold casting number off my forearm! :P


  17. The first thing that I noticed is how quiet it made the car. The fan is no louder then the heater blower fan on low speed. Seem to have more power off the line too.

    Cool! Looks factory. Good work. I have read that those mech fans can rob quite a

    lot of HP. Now .. the REAL question ... how does it cool?? ;)


  18. Tom, I'll have to look up Fairborn Studebaker to see what they have.


    They dont list it yet ... and I havent heard an update in a month or so. I will shoot him

    an Email this weekend and see whats up. He was going to find one to take dimensions

    off, and see about making a special flywheel. Just send him an email and tell him that

    you heard from me that they are looking into it, and are very interested. ;)

    Which brings up one of the sad facts of classic car ownership for the non mechanical owner: it is hard to find a shop that gives you your money's worth.

    Being a mechanically inclined owner who has worked on cars since he was about 11

    years old, and who just designed his own disc brake setup for the Avanti, I can say

    that I completely agree. I am currently dealing with a transmission shop that rebuilt

    my wifes 4L60E trans in her Camaro 2 years ago, and their answer to "why wont it

    shift to 3rd" is "rebuild it". I ask whats wrong with it, they say "needs a rebuild". Its

    got 39k on it, and its not slipping, its just not shifting to 3rd. I found what might be

    the problem, and they give me a song and dance about checking that, and then the

    tech says "nope ... we didnt check that" and they had the thing apart! ITs not just

    the old cars ... its mechanics in general, and know that pisses off the ones that ARE

    actually honest .. but the dishonest ones are the ones that get burned in your mind.

    Needless to say I had the car towed here, and I will check it out myself!

    Yes, the Avanti is very servicable. Its just that I can already see that I need to add some stubby wrenches to my tool chest - there are some suprising tight spots in the engine compartment.

    Sorry, but as a person who has changed the spark plugs in a 4th Gen Camaro Z28,

    I can honestly say you havent seen a tight engine compartment. ;) The EGR valve

    needs a special wrench, and the rear half of the engine is under the dash! :blink:

    Regardless, some things can seem a little overwelming, and its a learning situation.

    The more work you do on the car yourself, the more you will understand why some

    mechanics seem overpriced, and will also add to the relief in finding that honest one!


  19. Welcome to the site! Glad you found us. I am up in SB county. Sounds like you are

    on your way to a fun project. These are very servicable cars, so you should be fine.

    At least you got the T-10, I have the base Avanti, so mine got a T-86 truck 3 spd. ick!

    I have a T-56 waiting in the garage for a kit that (hopefully) will be made by Fairborn

    Studebaker (if you are interested I suggest you Email them NOW), because the car is

    SO annoying to drive with the gear spread, slow shifting, gear whine, and non sychro

    first gear! If I had the T-10 it would be a VAST improvement. The T56 will add two

    OD's ... which will be nice for the $3.30 a gallon we are paying up here now!


  20. I would definitely consider selling the 78 if it was going to a good home. .. Have all the chrome bumpers rechromed and not in flood, have a complete rubber weatherstrip kit. Would be glad to talk to any prospective purchaser.

    I will pass on the info. Thanks!


  21. went by the factory in Villa Rica on Friday and the place was empty. Guy inside said they had moved out six weeks ago and moved everything to Cancun Mexico. Thought they might be back in business in next several weeks. Stay tuned.

    FYI I'm looking for a driver or a parts car that is complete and running but could have major damage. End in mind is to salvage off of it to restore my 78 coupe which flooded in Katrina---or just a replacement car.

    They got evicted? Bummer! :blink:

    About the 78 Avanti .. if you are planning on replacing it, I know of someone considering a complete resto-

    update for an Avanti thats a good base. The body/frame/glass make it through OK?


  22. I saw it a couple of weeks ago...looks pretty good but it's not all on-line yet. Still a ways to go to be fully functional. Let's just hope they become more reponsive to consumers than they have been.

    Well, according to the latest picture on the inside cover of Issue 133 of Avanti

    Magazine, they took my advice on the 03 Cobra wheels. Certainly spruced up

    the looks from the dumpy base Mustang wheels (are those horses on the hub

    caps?? :rolleyes: ). Overall I give them good points for this latest car, but I do

    really wish that "Studebaker" thing would go away. One thing the world DOESNT

    need is another SUV. :blink:

    I look forward to seeing what they do with the Mustang roof for the hardtop. B)


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