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  1. check with Dave Thibeault at studedave@aol.com he may have some used NOS is probably not available. mark
  2. I may have one still in storage, are you still looking for this item? Mark
  3. check with Dave thibeault, he may want it and pay for shipping Mark
  4. they look beautiful, I never heard of Zymol cream
  5. My take on the R2 4 speed. 1) proper replacement of hog troughs is $4-$5k, proper strip, body repair, replacing all rubber after removing all glass between $25K & $40K, redo transmission $3 to $4K do all guages work? what is the condition of the dash? The dash alone is a $5K expense Another words, to really do that car right, expect $50 to $70K . Chrome would be included as rebuilding supercharger. You have $90 to $110K into a car that is probably work $100 to $110K Mark
  6. R1lark, I bought a few non working alternators as I too had a broken "ear" I averaged $35 each, shipping was extra. Turned out that 2 of the 3 that I got, were working after a thorough cleaning and reassembly. Mark
  7. MARK


    Brad, I agree, an addition to my 64R2 also
  8. that is a strange question. I'm interested as to why you asked? Mark
  9. check with Studebaker International if not check with Dave Thibeault; studedave@aol.com
  10. Dunkin, if not mistaken, I ordered a pair years ago from Studebaker International, installed them and have not had a problem at all with the quality. If they do not have them, call Dave Thibeault 978-897-3158




    1. Dunkin


      Pardon me, but what subject? Thanks 

  11. Dave Thibeault 978 897 3158. Studedave@aol.com 13 Nick lane, Maynard, MA 01754. His wife is Janet. Best to call in the morning I have purchased parts from Dave for at least a decade. A wealth of information Mark
  12. Members, who is suggested to rebuild the calipers on my 64 R2? One caliper just started leaking and it is time to have both sides rebuilt. Please advise who is satisfied with whomever did work for them. thanks in advance Mark
  13. I just bought a 64 R2 that replace my damaged 73 RQB1913 during a Fl to NJ transport. Regarding the Paxton, where the dip stick pulls out, is that hole used to add fluid? Where do I acquire the proper fluid as the book calls for transmission type A? Also, is there a drain if I want to do a fluid change? thanks, Mark
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