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  1. I'm looking for a brake booster, new or rebuildable for my 1963 Avanti. I think any from 1963 to 1971 fit. Mine came with a broken booster from who knows what car, not an Avanti. Live in central PA.
  2. No, starter bolts to bell housing. Perfect picture, thank you.
  3. Oh, and, should there be a magnet in there? There is a round indentation in the pan, like there should be a magnet in it.
  4. I took the filter out of the transmission. Got a new one. The new one has the screen on top, where the tubes go into it. The old one had the screen on the bottom. The parts manual shows it on top. Anyone know why the difference? Am I OK to put the new one in? Also, the parts manual shows an O ring on one of those tubes, there was no O ring when I took the filter off. Should I get an O ring???
  5. Wait, the one on the Avanti in the AACA museum is bare metal...
  6. Looks like everyone just sprays them gloss black.
  7. 1963 Avanti. Putting the engine together. Is the rotor on the distributor pointed to fire on cylinder number one? Should I point it dead straight ahead, or, slightly to the left as shown?
  8. Hey, what color is the automatic transmission in a 1963 Avanti. Cleaned mine, and, it looks like its gold, that can't be right?
  9. Check to see that all the wires are attached at the ignition switch. I had a parts car that had a severed wire right at the switch.
  10. Thanks for the description. No, my starter is not on the bell housing. I got the car in pieces, I am working on putting the engine together. Many bolts are missing.
  11. Looking for 2 starter bolts for my 63 Avanti. The parts manual just says special bolts. Look long, 1/4 in diameter? and have a straight screwdriver head? I will buy them from you plus pay shipping. None on my car.
  12. FWIW I thought all Avanti engines were black. < I'm going to paint my 1963 A/C engine before it goes in....black?
  13. I'm near done assembling the engine. Next I will attach the transmission to the engine. Should I do that? Or lower the transmission into the car, then hook the engine to it? Would it be easier to take the body off the frame? I tried 5 body bolts, and, each one of them broke free. Someone might have taken the body off previously. What would be the easiest way to get the engine in?
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