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  1. Uhh, I still need a core 1963 Avanti brake booster to send to Studebaker International to get a rebuilt one. I now have a 68 or 69 New Yorker brake booster, doesnt fit, and a Bendix 6945 which Ive installed with a fabricated mount which I am not happy with, I dont have the lines installed and that is holding up my engine installation. Does anyone have a core for sale???
  2. That kinda looks like the Bendix 6945 that is the source of all my problems. It was on the car running and driving. The next owner disassembled it and sold it to me. When I went to put it on the pushrod jams up against the firewall so tight that I didnt want to do that. There is a picture of it on Johnstones site, Avanti number 4788. You can see that the booster is attached with the bolts just catching the threaded studs.
  3. Hi, Still looking for an original rebuildable 1963 Avanti brake booster.
  4. Those are considerations. I just learned of the message center through you, and, Dwigt from the forum has a core. He messaged me Dec 11, I'm just getting back to him, awaiting his reply.
  5. That is a fair price! I do have Paypal, I will have to figure out how to put money into it, havent used it in a while. Paypal doesnt take a percentage do they? I think I can figure it out, if not I will send a check, you can wait for it to clear... Here is my phone number, I will give you my address, you can give me your Paypal Email. Thanks again. 570 898 1992
  6. Great!!! What do you want for it? Shipping it will be heavy. Maybe they still have those large, one price boxes at USPS. I live in PA 17866
  7. I am interested, here is a picture of mine, it fits, but, like I said, shorts out. If you have a working one, I am interested.
  8. Hey, you are giving me some hope. I have a starter, I think it is a MDU 7005 or 7006, fits 61 to 64 Studebaker, and indeed, it fits on there. It might have been the one that was on the car, the previous owner gave it to me in a hurry. It was a running driving car before... However, I bench tested it the other day, and, it shorts out. As soon as I hook up a negative cable, I get a shower of sparks. I put a multimeter on it, it shows continuity from the positive cable terminal to the case. It also showered sparks when I had it attached to the engine. Any comments on that? I took the two long screws out, it looks good in there. Brushes nice and full... As for the booster, yes hope, I got maybe the last booster in a NAPA store for a 68 New Yorker which I was told would fit, it didnt. Do you guys use a proportioning valve, and, the Avanti original brake junction box? Thank you 64 Stude, I am kinda at an impass, been working about a half hour a day since August.
  9. One shield is a straight strip of angle iron, the other is a bookend shaped piece, according to the parts manual.
  10. Thanks anyway. Studebaker International does show them, I ordered them, $12 and $10 or so a piece, the receipt showed up "out of stock." Phil Harris keeps saying he has them, but he doesn't. Like I said, hard to find. I am trying to put together Avanti #4788. I still need a starter and a brake booster. Impossible to get without cores.
  11. 64Stude, If you want to sell me those shields, I'll buy 'em and pay shipping. I live in central PA 17866. 570 898 1992
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