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  1. Or the wire broke off the NSS. The wires are brittle with age and tenuously attached.
  2. Neat! Never heard of them, I'll look them up. I put two clamps on, got NAPA clamps, couldn't even find GATES, no coolant came out as before. Fingers crossed.
  3. I just bought two new clamps. I will do that. Do you put the hose on short of that lip...ridge... on the intake pipe? Because right after that the pipe is not really round, it has a build up of metal, or a portion of the radiator infringes on the pipe. If I put the hose on smooth pipe, short of the ridge, and two clamps? Will try this afternoon.
  4. 63 R1 Avanti. Has anyone installed a lower radiator hose recently? I know this sounds stupid but I cannot clamp it so it stops leaking. Anyone have any tips?
  5. In the second photo, #3, the PCV hose, goes to the #4 port by the brake booster, and the port on the rear of the carb is plugged. You are correct in saying that #2 goes to the vacuum gauge. At least that is how my car is.
  6. These are from the first photo.
  7. Number one is simply blocked off. Number 2 goes to the vacuum advance. I just put this carb in my car, works great.
  8. I got spark!! Replaced the coil, which was a new one. My fault, I think I burned it up with all the long start tries and wrong wires.
  9. I don't know why there is a line through most of it.
  10. Working on it. Yes, there was no power. There was no power coming out of the starter solenoid. I replaced it. Now, power on start, and, power with the key through the resistor. I put a multimeter on the negative terminal. Now there is 12 volts at start, but, it jumps around and never does pulse to zero. I had the breaker plate off, when the points were open there was no power to the base, no continuity. But now, with the breaker plate mounted in the distributor, I have continuity to the base with the points open or closed. That seems to be the problem. I don't know what else to do???
  11. Hi. Sorry for the delay. Yes, I got one from one of the members. Thanks so much.
  12. I'm working on my parts car. It has the original Prest dual point distributor. I cannot get power to go through the distributor. By that I mean there is 12 volts at the + terminal on the coil, 12 volts on negative terminal, then when I hook the wire up to the distributor the voltage drops to less than one volt, points open or closed. I took the breaker plate off to attach the points and condenser, both new. Points open and close, but not simultaneously, there is a time when both are open at once. New wire from coil to distributor. Wire that connects points has continuity. There is no grommet on the coil to distributor wire. There is no ground wire from points to breaker plate, it was broken off. However, if I run a ground while checking for voltage, I still get no voltage. I ran a ground cable from the distributor case to the battery negative terminal. Unhooked condenser, still no voltage. Looked at the picture in the shop manual, everything seems the same. EXCEPT, I am looking at wire #5 which connects the two points. Clearly that wire connects to the terminal screw at #6. But, on the other side, by the vacuum advance, it seems to drop down a hole. It doesn't seem to be connected to the terminal with the condenser ground and distributor wire. That's where i connected mine. I'm hoping lack of a ground wire to the base plate doesn't matter, it almost seems overkill. I'm sure this is clear as mud. HELP! I think I can overcome all this by just getting an electronic distributor. I got that in the other Avanti and had no problems.
  13. Love chrome. The orange one looks nice enough. You've found something that rhymes with orange. Bet it looks great!
  14. Installed second new pump. Works! Must've been the spring in the other one that was bad. Looked at a lot of old conversations here and Studebaker site. It is hard to install them incorrectly, and, if you do, you'll know it.
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