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  1. Interesting 😊 Has anybody used just 3EE covers for show or autheticity look and active battery in the trunk?
  2. Hi 64Studeavanti, Maybe I need better glasses (for eyes and bigger for beer). But check the king pins. Are they properly assembled? The boss on the pin should be to front. Dont see 100% from the photo, but I ask for certainty. Look like wrong to me but youll see better.
  3. Hmmm ... Those ones which were Black color and afterwards painted Orange, should there be black paint seen under orange? I suspect that such a big job would have been done that the old color would have been completely removed before new paint🤔
  4. Yes. The engines in the pictures are very early and do not show production engines. Interesting publications still. I have restored one Laverda 750S and one Motoguzzi 750S3 etc etc. It was very difficult to know what was right. I learned from the Italian and British motorcycles that everything was evolution, not a one-year model with one fact as it seems to be today.
  5. I have 1. Motor Trend July 1962; 1963 Road Test Studebaker Avanti R2 2. Motor Trend August; 1963 Granatelli's R3 and Standard Test. In both issues looks like both Avantis have Black Paxton. Photos are B/W but still very sure about color. Here you see photos. Note that R2 is very early one. You see this also from magazine cover. I think you know more about production ones.
  6. Ok. 610 mm 24” should be correct. Then in your photo, right rod is not assembled and without the stopper (in king pin) and the wheel turns more than should like in your photo. I just noticed... in my photo the dust shield is in the wrong side.😒
  7. Hi. Something is wrong. I will look more and closer. Check my photo on the drivers side of the same area. See the position of the joint. The steering wheel turned all to the right. After assembly and without tires, you should be able to turn the steering wheel with your little finger and without any play. 1. If you have outer 19 7/8 then inner 3 7/64 2. If you have outer 19 1/8 then inner 3 7/8 Total same lenght in both version. Part Catalogue shows version 2. Is after serial 4904. I think your combo is not correct.
  8. Is it possible to get photo?
  9. I want to check. Oil pump shaft end clearance approx. 0.12 "-0.14" Correct? IMG_3086.mov
  10. Here you se the result when bolts have been too tight and dirty. Thread is worn and you see also very, very fine crack. Use always correct torque, clean threads and bolts.
  11. 👍 If she needs any help with Volvo P1800, please contact me leo@belik.fi
  12. Yes😊 You see my Guzzi S3 (which I sold) and Volvo P1800E here https://masinagarage.com/
  13. Sorry. This should be in other topic. This topic seems to be only For Sale and Swapping. Sorry🤫
  14. Please help. I try to find. 1. Bracket and a clip 2. Clip on rocker cover 3. Filter cover.
  15. Hello, About: Quiet days in this forum. I like to use this forum because all the technology topics of interest are easy to find here. I also find good information and experience here. I am retired and a fine mechanic by training. I’ve restored a few motorcycles (like the Laverda, Moto Guzzi, BSA Gold Star, one Volvo P1800, and restored and raced a Rickman Matchless G50). I hope that I can give you also something. I wrote a few texts to AOAI Facebook, but I feel that’s not the place to write about technical issues. Facebook is a social flow, and nothing will be saved next week. Facebook is nice and great, but better just for social chat. Facebook and Forum can complement each other with different functions. I suggest AOAI to advise Facebook users (in the title) to use this forum for technical issues.
  16. Great! Nice result😎👍
  17. Thank you! Yes. They told me it is possible to get the exact color I want. They mix it up. So it is possible to get light red interior material and paint to Electric Red like vinyl was originally. Im not in hurry, but like to spare original ones to future and use new ones. The cushions needs to be replaced anyway. Interior is possible to do here by professional but right color seems to be the problem. Sem paint might solve this.👍 Here you see my Avanti interior. Just small tears and old cushion.
  18. Has anybody tested Sem product? Color/paint for vinyl and leather. I called to Finnish distributor and they gave me great promises. If works then possible use light tan vinyl material and paint to correct red etc. https://www.semproducts.com/
  19. Hi, I have installed new gaskets to pump. Didnt open big cap because it was very tight and no leak. After reassembly I noticed a small spring on my table. Where it belongs? I dont think its from pump. Not clean.
  20. I noticed a picture in Workshop Manual where the tube is without bracket. Maybe early version like I have. Also different than yours. I noticed also that without braket the tube will shake against manifold. Not good. Bracket is a must.
  21. 🤓Hi again. I found this from same article I wrote a link: Mr Mike M. Wrote a comment: Be sure to use a grommet and washer, in the lid, that allow the reservoir to vent. Most kits contain parts for Fords that vent from the fill stack. They do a nice job of sealing the Stude reservoir, until it gets hot and forces fluid out. Mr Rautio who wrote the article and added seals didnt red this comment well. I think🤔 Edit: Part Catalogue shows: 1553299 Reservoir Stud Washer + 1548198 Washer, plain (special) + Wing Nut. In Workshop Manual is written: Install the reservoir cover, a new cover gasket, a new wing nut rubber gasket, a flat steel washer and the wing nut. I belive parts catalogue and leave all gaskets/rubbers which covers the hole/valve and let the tank (reservoir) to breath. Lets see when I get gasket kit from SI.
  22. Hi Billsr2. I think that tank needs air and hole/vent like a breather. Oil level changes when oil flows thru the tank. Seals will close the hole/vent. This way there is a vacuum or overpressure in the tank and pump. Does not work well. I dont think this is correct https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/sbca96/stupspump/stupspumpreb.html Scroll bottom of the page. What do you think? Ford used Eaton Pump version which had separate filler cap which seems to have breather vent (stick also). No need to open the cover. Maybe seals are for that version. You see in the other photo from Ford which has the similar tank cover idea as Eaton in Stude without seals which seems to correct for me. Then the washer with holes is not an original one but a good idea.
  23. Please advice. Here you see cleaned cover before paint. You find small hole on the cover. Normally this kind of hole is for air and to avoid pressure. I have also a small plate with holes. No seals. I think the plate with three holes is not original. Should there be seals which close the small hole or…? I think the kit which SI sells includes seals to cover also.
  24. Hi again. I spend hour in my garage and found this way to be best and now works fine. Please check photos. Three outside and one as a shim.
  25. Hi, please help. I can't find direct alignment with the steering arm/rod. Should there be spacers or ...? I have 4 washers which was used. I think the wrong alignment was the reason why the plastic steering column lower brush was broken (partially).
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