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New round and square headlight glass now available

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This just in- Studebaker International will have a limited supply of new production glass Avanti headlight lenses available at the AOAI Tacoma meet!
Identical to the original, both round and square glass lenses have not been available new for decades. They’re better than if NOS could even be found, since 60-year-old glass would probably have yellowed through the years. $99.95 each. 
Check out their reintroduction in Tacoma, Aug. 29-Sept. 1.  


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Excellent news!!

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This may be something I will look into when we get there. It would be really nice to find a rebuilt carb for my R2 while I am there but I won't hold my breath. I would be willing to swap it on the spot. We will have to see what kind of budget we are bringing across the border.

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Gunslinger, I too have 2 NOS pair of glass for the 64R2. I was hoping for a better return. At least those who need them can acquire at an affordable price. I still think NOS will draw a bigger return.

BTW, hope all is well at your home.


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