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An Electric Avanti III ?!


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Cleaning out favorites list on my machine I clicked on an old site I thought was defunct...the site looks very basic, possibly a place holder. Does anyone know anything I don't?




Avanti Motors Coming soon with an all new concept



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Avanti Motors will reawaken the Avanti III as an all-electric, hand-built luxury car.

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An AOAI member in the San Francisco area also has an electric 1985 Avanti.  See past Avanti Magazines for several stores in the last 10 or so years.

The Avanti Motors website is pretty basic now, while a group of investors in Virginia are trying to get the needed backing to build a fully electric car, based on the original AVX. 

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I went and took a detailed look at his '85 Avanti, oh several years back. He did what I want to do, adapt a C4 Corvette's IRS to the Studebaker frame. I have all kinds of information about how the shop made his adaptation work. He needed a differential that was fixed in position to run a chain drive.


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