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Red led lights for dash gauges


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Is there a good RED  led light that will fit the existing light sockets for the dash gauges? 

My 83 has white lights but red lights for the overhead switches. 

? and will these lights fit the overhead also? 

Is this something I can switch out myself? 

Thanks for your help. 

A83 Kevin 

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You can get red LED lights with the correct base and will fit fine and are quite bright.  The gel caps are thin skins that slide over the glass portion of standard bulbs.  They will work fine but the light won’t be as bright as they tend to diffuse the light.

I would prefer LED as they last longer, draw less power and put out less heat.  Something like these from Amazon should work but you might find them at an auto supply store…Red LED bulbs

When I had my ‘70 Avanti I installed LED lights through the interior and was very pleased with them.  

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You guys must have better eyes than I do. None of these have been bright enough to read the gauges easily at night. I figured it was something about how the gauges were made since I have changed other cars to LEDs with great success.

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On 11/24/2023 at 4:26 PM, Gunslinger said:

Those original gauges get full of dust over the years which makes it more difficult to illuminate as brightly as they once might have.

Agreed but i put a new 160 MPH speedo in to replace the 85 MPH that it came with and it is just as dim at night.

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