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  1. I was able to get a bar from Studebaker International along with all new rubber. Thanks to all for the replies. Tom
  2. Looks great! Love the wheels. Tom
  3. Thanks for the replies. I figured I might have to make one but I think I will start with giving a call to Dave. Tom
  4. So as happens when disassembling a car something always breaks when you do not want it to. In this case one of the Rear Stabilizer bar supports snapped when I was taking off the nut. The PAL nut came off just fine but the shaft sheared right off when turning the regular 3/8 nut. Kinda glad it did it now instead of waiting until all was reassembled and I was going down the road. Does anyone make new supports (part number 1557477, labeled 1525-11 in the picture) or one that would be an improvement upon it? Thanks, Tom
  5. Thanks Leo, that makes sense. Tom
  6. Just got the aluminum fuel tank for Studebaker International and noticed a tab on it that is not on the original tank I took out of my 63. Anyone know what this tab is for? Thanks, Tom
  7. Thanks Leo. Looks like you have the same bolts in place where the seat belts attach. I am having a heck of a time getting them out! Persistence is needed... Tom
  8. Trying to identify some items behind the rear seat of my Avanti. In the picture I believe the 4 bolts labeled "SB" are seat belt anchor points. The two bolts in the circle have rubber bumpers on the other side and I have no idea what they are for. I also do not know what the hole next to the arrow is for. Thanks for any help identifying these items and if you see anything else in the photo that is odd please let me know. Tom
  9. I'll guess...number three cylinder.
  10. The way things went I would think it was Alfred E. Newman (what me worry?). But my actual guess is L.E. Minkel.
  11. Are there any mini starters out there for Automatics with R3 headers? I have seen ones for manual transmissions. Thanks for any information, Tom
  12. I am going to use an electronic speedometer with GPS. This mean I need to block off the transmission speedometer port on my automatic transmission. Has anyone found one that works? Here is an example of what I am looking for... https://www.amazon.com/BILLET-ALUMINUM-TAILHOUSING-SPEEDO-PLUG/dp/B013ZTGU2E Thanks, Tom
  13. Studebaker International has the motors and others may as well but I did see them at their site. I don't have power windows but I did find a link to some help. https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0001003a&uKeY=AAFWG I don't have power windows but I did find a link to some help. Good luck. https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Bhend/Powerwindowrep0313.pdf
  14. tanda62


    Thanks Ntenna. I found the Moog springs from Avanti.biz, Bob is a good guy to deal with. Also getting new regular rear springs from Eaton. My car came with a bent five leaf on the driver side and a six leaf on the passenger, who knows why someone did that. Also getting larger front and rear sway bars and all new bushings front and rear. For shocks from what I had read the Koni shocks seem like the way to go. When all is said and done this car will have all new components for it's daily drives to the golf course! 😁
  15. I agree about the tires. I am planning on running some Redlines. Coker has Bf Goodrich but I am leaning towards the Uniroyal ones Diamond Back tires sells.
  16. Should have posted an update. I talked with Turner and have orders front and rear brakes. Also got the Rocket Racing wheels and knock offs and think they look great. Getting ready to pull the transmission out and then the engine. Then the suspensions will come off and the frame stripped. Getting closer to turning the corner on the rebuild.
  17. Thank you for the information. Adding this task to my list...
  18. I am curious how you got the trim rings off to paint the needles. I need to clean mine up as well. Thanks, Tom
  19. Found these wheels as a possible, size 16 by 6: https://www.rocketracingwheels.com/rocket-igniter-gray/p38 With these tires maybe? https://www.cokertire.com/tires/p215-65r16-bf-goodrich-redline.html
  20. Thanks for the reply. I tried the number on the website - the address is in South Carolina but the area code is Indianapolis. Maybe an updated number will be coming to the website soon. I know moving can make things "interesting" having moved many times with the military.
  21. I have been trying to contact Turner Brakes and have had no luck. Are they still in business? Tried email and calling. Wondering if these wheels, 16 by 7 would fit either the stock brake setup on a 63 Avanti or the Turner brake setup (front and rear disc). If not, anyone know of a similar looking wheel that would fit? Thanks, Tom https://www.americanracing.com/product/wheels/vn470-salt-flat/?attribute_pa_finish=mag-gray-center-polished-barrel
  22. As for the first question, here are the instructions from the Shop Manual that I used to remove mine. Sorry I can't help with the other questions.
  23. The stock battery is a 3EE and can be had from NAPA - https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NBP7250?partTypeName=Battery+-+Automotive&impressionRank=3&keywordInput=battery Many people do run the battery in the trunk for weight distribution purposes.
  24. Looks like a nice project. Enjoy the rebuild!
  25. tanda62


    As part of my total restoration I will be getting new springs front and rear. The car build sheet shows heavy duty springs were put on originally. My question is what are the differences in ride between heavy duty and standard? I will be rebuilding the front and rear ends, putting new shocks (recommendations for these will also be appreciated) and am running a stock automatic transmission drivetrain. Thanks, Tom
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