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  1. For prosperity sake... TIMKEN LM67048/LM67010 & Timken (LM11949/LM11910) I also found some ford grease seals on ebay. Thanks @regnalbob The bearings from Napa said MFG in the USA on the box along side a "made in China"
  2. Thanks @Gunslinger and @wildfelr
  3. Will do. Thanks @Gunslinger
  4. Here’s a picture of the crack. Definitely could be into the fiberglass
  5. Thanks AD, luckily that’s what I ended up ordering along with some seals. The parts are expected at the local Napa next week. The previous owner installed the turner brake upgrade.
  6. I’m reading through all the “rake” threads and I think I’ll try cutting down new coils to lower the front a smidge but Silverstude’s last comment here, caught my eye. My 1970 Avanti II with a sbc350 came with stress cracks in the paint, not in the fiberglass that I can see, on the fenders near the firewall. Is this somewhat common in Avanti II’s. There’s no modifications to the spacers that I can tell and the previous owners weren’t the modification types.
  7. Slight grinding coming from front wheel so Im figuring its the wheel bearing. What bearing kits are recommended? Is Napa an option or is this going to be a specific Studebaker supplier part? The car in question is a 1970 I haven't seen any how to write ups so Im assuming its a pretty straight forward process. Ive only been into various 80/90's 4x4 front hubs. Ill peel ope the FSM in bit for a gander.
  8. I like sensible way of thinking.
  9. Thanks all. Another friend suggested checking to see if its a 4 or 2 bolt. He mentioned that the 4 bolts from 1970 are good for building.
  10. I have a 1970 Avanti II with the original sbc350 in it. 65,000 miles. A few months back I replaced a freeze plug that was leaking on the passenger side. That was easy to get to, just behind the starter. Today a freeze plug started leaking but this one is on the driver side just behind the motor mount. as far as I can tell, I’ll have to pull the motor to replace that plug. During the last plug removal I noticed a good amount of build up in the water jacket of the block. I back flushed the block but I know there’s more in there. Seeing that the driver side plug is now going, and considering the various oil leaks from the front and back of the engine… I’m considering a full rebuild as opposed to a simple reseal. I’d like to perform as much as possible of the rebuild myself, taking the block to the local machine shop for machining. while I’m at it upgrading the internals to run on modern gas and maybe give it few more HPs. this would be my first engine rebuild. What suggestions might you all have? Edit: about a year or so I installed an aluminum intake and had the Rochester 4 barrel rebuilt thanks, Jason
  11. I called Nostalgic Motors and one of the guys in the shop said they use Vintage air. Even gave me some of the parts numbers but I cant seem to locate the notes at the moment. Might want to give Nostalgic Motors a ring for some advice.
  12. Found this link. Putting it here for future reference if this turns out to be my issue.
  13. I remember seeing a post a while back on how to repair the locking mechanism on the door. My works search isn’t pulling anything up. Any how to’s on what needs to be done?
  14. @Zedman thanks. I was considering that. the squeal is from the power steering pump actually. The accessory brackets all need sorting really.
  15. I have a set of floor mats I’d like to find a home for. Beige or tan in color. $150 obo I can assist with shipping but it would be on the buyers dime dm or email jayredwood@gmail.com i don’t seem to get notified when messages are sent on this site so bare with me
  16. I am 100% the last digits are 8BQ, I just took a rubbing off the stamp to confirm.
  17. Thanks for the pictures everyone. Gives me food for thought. Im now considering a major overhaul on the engine compartment. Front and rear main seals need replacing and I'd like to make the engine unleaded friendly while adding some horse purrs...
  18. So last time I was changing the belts on my 1970 Avanti II I noticed the power steering pulley was not lined up well. I made up some spacers to help the alignment but things are still not cop-esthetic. The belt rubs and squeals a tad when rpm’s drop. The alternator sits high and indents the hood insulation. My goal is to utilize the space a bit more efficiently and clean up engine bay with some new bracketry and mechanics(ps/alt). The original ac has been removed from the engine compartment and eventually I’d like to add that back in eventually. Went out the car to look up the engine casting numbers. The casting on the front is V03128BQ. From a past thread I see that the engine was built in Flint on March 12th, but I’m curious what the 8BQ signifies. Also, do this alternator bracket look “factory”. Strange the valve cover was milled down. I’ll gain access to the casting number on the back of the engine this weekend.
  19. I got the Flomaster Super HP-2’s installed and I love the sound compared to before. The video doesn’t do it justice but here it is anyways. https://youtu.be/W_NuXHUpGSY
  20. It will stop at around 65/70mph. I'll check those out when I install the fresh coils and shocks. Good call. Will do! thanks all!
  21. If I get the 1970 Avanti up to about 80mph and decelerate there’s a vibration that seems to be in the general area of the firewall. Original Sbc350 w/65k, 700r4 installed while under previous ownership. Fresh tires. Any suggestions on where to start?
  22. I think I’ll keep the size of the exhaust tubing and replace the mufflers. I’m looking at the Super HP-2 mufflers at the moment. What I’m seeing is they aren’t raspy or droney in the cabin. Before looking at the exhaust really I thought I’d have to have to the shop install the mufflers but the kit is all bolt-together so I’m thinking I can simply install these mufflers? Unless I’m missing something. Picture of the passenger side muffler and clearance of the 700r4. Rotating the tubing should help.
  23. Currently running what I believe is the 2” nostalgic motors kit my 1970, sbc350/700r4. The passenger side muffler is rattling around from a speed bump or drive way game of tag. My wife says riding in the car is making her nauseous so I’m looking into potential causes. The muffler being one, but it could also be a good time and excuse for an upgrade. Anyone upgrade to a 3” exhaust? I’d love to get a bit more sound out of the car with out being annoying. I’ll have to double check but I believe the mufflers are Magnaflow.
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