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1964 Avanti emblem upper console needed

1963 UFO

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1 hour ago, Nelson said:

Dwight. What’s the story on the Avanti in the photo? I notice it has a very early R3/4 tach.

Interesting details in some of these photos, aren't there.  I have searched & apparently didn't save (or didn't have) any more info on this car.  I have another pic of an early R3/R4 tach in an Avanti, plus a rough car with a late tach.  Have no more info on them.  It looks like Paxton had a bunch of them to sell (I bought one in the late '60s for ~$18 ppd).


1964 Avanti R3, tilt, AM-FM.jpg

1964 Avanti R5006 20221026 (7).jpg

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Well the pack rats sure seem to like that one. Looks like it could be southern Arizona or California? Air conditioning so maybe R4 or maybe just an R3 tach. The turquoise sure is nice. Must be somewhat of a refresh as the seat belt material looks too new. 

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The turquoise one is one I did around 2009. Serial 5590. Engine B-61. Now somewhere in Texas.

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