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  1. Cannot locate a vendor that has a new one or a used one. Any suggestions?
  2. 1963 Avanti R-1 Speedometer. Mine is frozen solid. Or maybe a rebuild shop? Thanks, Richard
  3. I am trying to access the fuel sending unit on my 63 Avanti. How do I remove the seat back? Bolted ? Or just lift ? Thanks,Richard
  4. Why do you want to sell ? How much. Is this better than the shop Manuel for 1963Avanti?
  5. How do I access the cable connection to the speedometer ? Can the gauges be removed by unscrewing the bazels ?
  6. I have Titled 1964 Avanti. I have the build sheet. It doesn’t say what year my round headlight Avanti is. #R4387. How do I verify it’s a 1964 ?
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