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  1. I don’t see any pre drilled holes for rear seatbelts ? Any particular way to install them. Is drilling direct into the fiberglass correct? Thanks ,Steve
  2. How do I tell if my 63 Avanti is 240 hp. or 289 hp. ? It is a R-1 automatic 4 barrel. But I see that the non Supercharger engine can be 240 or 289 ? Is that correct ? How much hp does the Supercharger add ? Thanks,Steve
  3. Thanks so much. Big help. Now the search for someone who rebuilds in Florida. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. Thanks guys. 10 or 8 ? Maybe it says on the case ?
  5. Mine is completely frozen. Would love to buy one if you have it. 1963 R-1. But will use a R-2 if it will work ? Thanks ,Steve
  6. Taking my Avanti to have trans work. What type or name for the automatic transmission?
  7. Cannot locate a vendor that has a new one or a used one. Any suggestions?
  8. 1963 Avanti R-1 Speedometer. Mine is frozen solid. Or maybe a rebuild shop? Thanks, Richard
  9. I am trying to access the fuel sending unit on my 63 Avanti. How do I remove the seat back? Bolted ? Or just lift ? Thanks,Richard
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