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1974 Wiring diagram


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This is about as good as it gets.  


If you have specific issues, you might find some first-hand info here on the forum.  Try the search function.

The Studebaker 63-64vdiagram is sometimes helpful, but a number of changes were made by '74

Avanti wiring1.png

Avanti wiring2.png

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The schematics available are for the Studebaker Avanti as already said.  For Avanti II cars...every year changed some in many respects and Avanti Motors make their own wiring harnesses.  There years with separate alternator/voltage regulators...years with alternators with integral regulators...different a/c compressors and locations for them...alarm systems options, etc.  When flashers were required by law it was an add-on flasher unit wired by splicing it rather than part of the harness.  Some years there were options that required an additional harness pigtail and eventually the pigtail was included whether necessary or not to simplify harness making.

I've also seen different Avantis that have some options with activating switches mounted differently...sometimes under the left side of the dash and sometimes under the right side of the steering wheel.  My own theory is it depended on the various assembly persons...one guy would wire it one way and someone else wired it the other...very little standardization.  

Be very careful when working with Avanti II wiring...mark and tag wires as you work in there.  

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