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  1. IIRC, there are screws buried in the carpet. Not easy to find.
  2. Yes. I'm running 134A in my '78.
  3. As you note, there is no binary pressure switch in the system. I added one in my system when I changed the compressor. The brown wire is direct from the thermostatic switch to the compressor clutch. The power to that switch comes via the black jumper from the fan switch. The yellow is the 12V supply to the fan switch. The black wire goes to the fan. The fan must be on for the clutch to engage. No relays. If the power is intermittent, there is probably an issue with one of the switches, or it's just the thermostat operating. A 12V test light would be an easy way to troubleshoot. Also, make sure that someone hasn't mixed up the wire locations on the switches. BTW if you ever need to replace your compressor, I highly recommend an aluminum replacement for the A6. Dimensionally identical, bolts right in, more efficient and about 20 lb. lighter!
  4. You may have blown a fuse. Check for 12V with the ignition in the ON position. If your wiring is the same as the Studebaker harness, the gas gauge would have wire 47C (white) to ground, 55A (gray w/black trace) to the fuse, and 6 (red w/black trace) to the sending unit.
  5. When you change over, you will need to add a coolant recovery bottle. These may still be available from Nostalgic, or a generic one will work if you're not concerned about authenticity.
  6. My records show that I got them from Studebaker International: "upper radiator hoses – SI #1700928, #1700929"
  7. Yes, that knob is identical to the one on my '78. There is a mate to it that is marked "AIR" that controls the fan speed.
  8. The metal line often has bends that are too tight to be done properly by a hand bender. Since this is basically a Chevy crate motor, these lines are readily available from many vendors. I have bought a number of engine parts like this from Corvette America.
  9. There is some information about its history on Bob Johnstone's site. https://www.studebaker-info.org/avantiRQBx2.html
  10. They aren't decals. They are plastic buttons about 3/32" thick, with an adhesive tape backing. I installed mine with silicone adhesive about 10 years ago, and they've held up really well. I do have a couple of spares, JIC. I recall getting them from Studebaker International at the York Swap meet many years ago. They had both "silver on black" and "black on silver" types. Personally, I prefer these.
  11. The logo buttons were also available with a silver background, which I prefer on my Magnum 500s. They fit perfectly in the recess of the center cone or spinner.
  12. I have what appears to be the original jack. But, the handle is missing. Since an Avanti needs to be jacked under the lower control arm or the axle, the screw of the jack is parallel to the car, rather than the typical "modern" jacks which are used at body jack points with the screw perpendicular to the vehicle. The newer jacks and replacement handles are short since the jack is out where it is accessible when in use. These short handles would require literally crawling under the Avanti during the jacking process. The jack that I used with my '63 Avanti was a Sears two-speed scissor that had an extendible handle that was short enough to stow properly, but extended long enough to reach the jack points without getting under the car. Best bet at this point looks to be to get out the torches and some steel rod and fabricate an extendable handle. My jack and spare have never been used in 44 years, but it would be my luck to get a flat now that I know that I don't have a jack handle. 😆
  13. Another spot to check is where the windshield wiper transmission goes through the cowl. A bad seal there will cause problems. Also, check for a crack in the fiberglass there, as that has been known to happen.
  14. I have looked at that route, and found the same issue of short handles, as "modern" scissor jacks are intended to go under the body jack points, with the screw perpendicular to the vehicle. Obviously, that doesn't work on an Avanti. It looks like my best bet may be to buy a length of 3/8 steel rod and bend my own handle.
  15. I recently discovered that the handle for the scissor jack in my '78 is missing. All of the replacement handles that I find on line are very short and would be pretty useless for jacking an Avanti. Is anyone aware of a source for a longer handle?
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