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  1. Be aware that many wiper arms have a spring steel clip that latches under the spline of the shaft. You pull this clip back to release it. This can best be seen by using a small mirror under the arm. A 90 degree pick is helpful.
  2. If you go to Jim's web site, on page 4 of the instructions it lists the pads as GM #D154. http://www.turnerbrake.com/instructions.html These very common pads are readily available in many brands and compositions at your FLAPS.
  3. The mirrors appear to be from a '70-75 AMC Javelin/AMX. That's what the factory mirrors are on my '78. Left has inside cable adjust, right does not. There are some on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324342772264?hash=item4b8455f228:g:DjEAAOSwmDxfkCZa
  4. I'm not sure if they would be the same, but the rear cylinders on my '78 are W37782 and W37783 from '78 Fairmont w/ 10" brakes.
  5. If you were to replace the nose panel with a '63, you would probably want to modify the slots for the bumper back-bars. With the Avanti II body sitting higher on the frame than the '63, the slots are too tall. If you compare a '64 Avanti and a II side by side, you can see the difference in the slots by looking at the distance between the top of the slot and the headlight bezel.
  6. Paint information should be on a paper label affixed to the top of the vanity tray in the glove box.
  7. Many consider the add-on bumper very unattractive. As a result, many of these bumpers have been removed. My '78 was originally equipped with one, but it is now gone. Some choose to leave the frame extensions in place and use them to mount fog/driving lamps. I removed the extensions, as well, and went to a '63-64 grill.
  8. Jim78

    80 Avanti II

    If you think you need a steering dampener, you have other issues. The Avanti steering is an antiquated king pin set-up that has an unusual bellcrank design, but it will track well if it is in good condition and is properly adjusted. You need a shop manual and a knowledgeable mechanic. If you can share more detailed information about your problem here on the forum, there may be some folks who can get you started in the right direction.
  9. Jim,

    Is that your vehicle pictured with the Ls1 motor installed ?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 1963r2


      Thanks Jim 

      It does look a good install. I'm interested in the ls1 conversion.

      Where did you find the photo ?


    3. Jim78


      I really don't recall.  It's been a while ago.  Most likely from the AOA Facebook page.  I'll put it up there and ask if anyone claims ownership.

    4. 1963r2



      I think I figured it out, maybe it was Barlow Sopers car. His is red with an ls1.


  10. I also installed a pair of these struts on my '78. They were generously donated by sweetolbob when he went to a heavier spring . These do work well with the stock hood weight. I ran into a bit of a problem with mine. When the hood was closed, the force of the springs pushing the hood forward was enough to mess up the gaps on the front and back of the hood. The mounting points for the hinges on the core support were obviously not designed for a horizontal load, and they were actually bending. The movement was too much to make up in hood-to-hinge adjustment. So, I made up steel plates to
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