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Massagli Motors Los Gatos, CA

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My Avanti was shipped to Massagli motors in Los Gatos for initial sale.  I know its a long shot, but I like researching the paths my Avanti has taken as far as initial ownership all the way to me obtaining it.  I have the following names associated with it in this order.  Ruggles, Fields, then myself. If any of the expert here would know anything about Massagli Motors or be able to assist with research of my car it would be greatly appreciated!  My car is R-3890

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Unfortunately, i'm unable to locate Mr. Ruggles, and Mr. Fields passed away before i purchased the Avanti from him.  I have spoke to his son but he was too young at the time to remember any details at all.

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On 6/10/2022 at 5:24 PM, silverstude said:

All I could find on Massagli was that they were an International Harvester dealer in 1962

Thank you.  I have got the paperwork from Studebaker to the dealer, so my car did go to that dealer.  I'm supposedly the 3rd owner of the car and was just curious to close the gaps in its history for no more than my interest.  I was able to look up the address of the dealership and see some pictures on the Google Maps (up until it was torn down).  That's about all i can find about it.  Thanks for your help though!

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