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  1. Thank you. I have got the paperwork from Studebaker to the dealer, so my car did go to that dealer. I'm supposedly the 3rd owner of the car and was just curious to close the gaps in its history for no more than my interest. I was able to look up the address of the dealership and see some pictures on the Google Maps (up until it was torn down). That's about all i can find about it. Thanks for your help though!
  2. Unfortunately, i'm unable to locate Mr. Ruggles, and Mr. Fields passed away before i purchased the Avanti from him. I have spoke to his son but he was too young at the time to remember any details at all.
  3. My Avanti was shipped to Massagli motors in Los Gatos for initial sale. I know its a long shot, but I like researching the paths my Avanti has taken as far as initial ownership all the way to me obtaining it. I have the following names associated with it in this order. Ruggles, Fields, then myself. If any of the expert here would know anything about Massagli Motors or be able to assist with research of my car it would be greatly appreciated! My car is R-3890
  4. Everything helps! Thank you again, you've been a great help!
  5. Thank you! I appreciate all of the help! JB
  6. Thats very interesting. I did get a PPG code that I was told may need some small adjustments. Do you have any info to narrow down the complete mix or number? Thank you for the info!
  7. John, I'm just north of Louisville in Henry County. My 63 R2 has been in my family since 2008. My father purchased it then with the intention of restoring it but several things got him preoccupied and he eventually lost interest. I got it off of him last year before it got an LS swap by one of my brothers. Haha
  8. Haha. I understand that! And I do agree that black looks great. I'm going to run down this rabbit hole for a bit longer before I commit to a different color. Currently the car is red and it doesn't look too bad in red and is alot cheaper to leave it that way. But I'd like to get it back to original as possible so I dont lay awake at night knowing its not. Thank you!
  9. Thanks for the tip Dwight! I do plan on doing that, but i am just trying to get my bearings first. Overthink, etc. is what i'm doing maybe. Just want to make sure when i get there i'm pleased that i've done all that i'm able to make it right.
  10. I did reach out to TCP this morning and got no joy. They looked up what they had and said they would have to talk to the paint room and call me back later with an answer. So we are still looking for the answer.
  11. I have a 63 Avanti R2 that i am planning on repainting the original color (P 6335 Avanti Gray) rather than the red that it was repainted with in the past. I have searched and can't seem to find a match in modern paint suppliers? Would anyone know a cross reference for the P 6335 paint color for my car? Thank you!
  12. I appreciate that! But so far this has turned out to be a great thing for my father and myself!
  13. I have some info on a vendor that is planning a re-casting of the air boxes late this year. I am planning on keeping in touch with them until then and if they actually do it and they are correct. I am going to try to pick one up even if i have to live in the garage for awhile after.
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