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Need help identifying and selling 63-64 Avanti parts


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New member Adam here. I am selling my Father-In-law's 84 Avanti and could use some advice on parts and literature.

The 84 came with quite a few parts that fit 1963 and 1964 Avanti's as well as a ton of literature. The car and parts were purchased from the widow of the car's owner 20+ years ago.  

I assume the previous owner had older Avanti's other than the '84 and the garage got cleaned out when this car was purchased.

Any Michigan area members are welcome to come over and check it out.

I am a car guy, but do not know much about Avanti's. 

I am thinking about putting stuff on Ebay, but would be happy to sell to club members. Here are a few things we have.

Avanti carb tag# 3507S. I think this may be for a 63 supercharged model. Is this correct?

2 other carter carbs. Not sure of the usage. Tag 32665. One has no tag and a body number stamped E7 2448S (not positive of the 7).

Glass headlight cover for LH 1350399 (63?)

Chrome headlight bezels RH 135798 (64?)

Chrome headlight bezel LH 135799 (64?)

If these parts fit a different year than listed, please let me know.

There are about 100 lbs of literature. Mostly old Avanti and Studebaker owner news letters (Southern California, Texas, Erie, Chicago, Detroit). Some restoration books, parts books, brochures and a factory order package.

We have lot of misc stuff like brake parts, shock absorbers, nuts bolts, shims, etc. I really don't want to sell this stuff with the 84 because most of it fits the 60's vintage cars.

Any advice on the best way to sell this stuff would be appreciated.

Feel free to email me directly at adam.matlock@icta-us.com


Carb 3507S front.jpg

Carb 3507S Top.jpg

135798 RH bezel front.jpg

glass lens cover.jpg

135799 LH bezel front.jpg

steering wheel.jpg

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