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Another question, Looking for the rear axle seal


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Learning that half the voyage of owning an Avanti is finding the right parts.

Im looking for the right axle seal for my 1970 Avanti II. I was going to have my local shop purchase and press on the wheel bearings and seals but they are having a hard time sourcing the seals. Anyone have a parts number or experience they can share.


I put a call into Myer's Studebaker, they said they will look in their inventory to see what they have.

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I couldnt find a clear answer searching the interwebs. The shop I'm having press the bearings on ordered me some. They are tapered. The tapered end expands to make the seal so theres no pounding the seals in.

When I pick them up I'll post them up for archival purposes and keep the thread updated with how they hold up.  

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