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  1. Glad to see an Avanti invited to a Concours,especially one the caliber of Amelia Island,and represented by such a special car as 63R 1002.There is a (highly recommended!) Concours in Boca Raton each February,and there has been an Avanti invited just about every year.

  2. Thank you for the response to my stalling problem.I decided to remove and clean the gas tank in my 63 R1,and it appears to be stuck in place.I have drained the tank,slid the filler neck hose up and away from the tank,removed the fuel lines,as well as loosened the 2 straps that hold the tank in place.All this done,seems like the tank should slide right out,but something appears to be holding it in place that I can't see-seems to be stuck in place. ..Is there anything else that needs to be removed,from the backside,underside,or anywhere where I'm not seeing it??..Any suggestions would be EXTREMELY appreciated!!!   thank you.... Jim

  3. Hi-wondering if anyone may have some thoughts that could help me solve my stalling issue-Driving my 63R1,the car will suddenly stall as if it's starving for gas.When I pull over,I can see that there is no gas showing in the fuel filter-the filter is completely empty of fuel. I have plenty of (non-ethanol) gas in the tank (and put 5 gallons more in,in the event of a faulty fuel guage) so I know there's plenty of gas. I replaced the fuel pump after this happened the first time,and this has happened twice since.The fuel lines under the hood to the pump,filter,and carb are new.I took the gas cap off,and there was no whooshing sound indicating a vaccum problem with a defective cap. Towed the car to a friend's to check it out and fix it after it stalled the second time ,and when he went to check out the problem,it started right up and ran fine .Have been using it for about a week with no problems, and it just stalled again today,and no fuel appears in the filter.Will run fine if I "feed" gas manually ,but stalls on it's own I tapped the carb at the needle/seat area.....Hopefully not a dirty tank,and looking to see if I'm missing any steps prior to tackling the tank.Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas how to remedy this?..Thank you!!!   

  4. The name of the company was The Stereo Tape Club of America, and it's products were the sales of 4-track tapes  (similar to 8-track tapes)  done in conjunction with the distribution of car and home tape players ,all done on a membership basis.Mr. Egbert was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Stereo Tape Club of America.

    The attached article describing the company's operations appeared in a 1968 Billboard magazine.Stereo cartridge tapes were in their infancy at that time,and were rapidly gaining in popularity. A huge market was opening,so forward thinking entrepreneurs came up with a marketing twist-the concept of membership tape sales. The Stereo Tape Club of America worked on this membership basis. In a similar fashion to the Book of the Month Club,members were required to buy a number of tapes initially to join ,and agree to buy one tape a month for the subsequent 12 months.A tape player was provided as part of their membership.

    This certainly helps explain Stan Brigg's description of the tape player that was in Mr. Egbert's car that he offered Briggs just before his passing!


    snip (1).PNG



  5. She's still active on Ebay-just saw this listing for an Avanti part (item number 112652686793),so I'm sure you could contact her through "contact seller" on that item should the email address that Gunslinger has no longer be valid.

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